Life Insurance Agent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Life Insurance Agent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a fabulous insurance agent and very passionate about what he does.
John is an outstanding instructor as well as an experienced life insurance agent.
John life has definitely been enhanced by having him in my life.
John has been a helpful and dependable insurance agent for us - for years.
John has arranged several insurance products for me, most importantly life insurance.
He really went to bat for me to get me the lowest rate possible for my life insurance.
He was also instrumental in getting me much more life insurance coverage.
I would highly recommend him for any life insurance needs you may have.
John has recently helped me to sort out life insurance for myself.
John is the perfect example of what an insurance agent ought to be: courteous, prompt and most of all, competitive.
He works diligently with agents and is very competent in insurance.
He is someone everyone should know who wants to do something with their life.
I wish him all the very best for whatever he does in his life.
I believe that is the thing will help him to go ahead in life.
I wish him all the best in his life and that he succeeds in every walk of life.
John best wishes for him throughout this life and for next final life.
John is an insurance agent who is personable, responsive and efficient.
He has sorted out my pension and life insurance as well as given me fantastic advice.
John has helped me through my insurance needs during some very intense life changes.
He was able to help guide us to what we needed for life and disability insurance.
He was adamant in his recommendations for the proper amount of life insurance.
John is very knowledgeable on all aspects of life cover insurance.
I recommend him to anyone who wants insurance for their life or income protection.
I recommend his agency to all my friends and to anyone else seeking an insurance agent who will always have your best interest at heart.
John is the exception when it comes those "stuffy" insurance agents, we want to fall asleep while listening to.
As our insurance agent, he has done an outstanding job keeping us informed and making sure we had the best insurance for our needs.
John is the no nonsense voice of reason everyone needs to listen to if they want to be an agent in their own life.
John's passion for the things that he do will definitely take him far in life.
He does not only know what he wants in life, but also knows how to get there.
I entirely recommend him to you if you want to make the most out of your life.
He is willing to try most anything that will keep you moving forward in life.
I am still very much in touch with him and wish him all the best in life.
John is one of those individuals you want to know and have in your life.
He also makes one of the best espressos you will ever have in your life.
Talk to him once and you feel like you have known him your whole life.
I cannot thank him enough in that my whole life is now more balanced.
Plus, he is always available, even if it's just to talk about life.
He is very clear about what and how he want things in his life.
After all, he has been making websites/developmental all his life.
He is able to help you get where you really want to be in life.
Along with all that, he knows how to have fun in and with life.
I am sure that we would be seeing more achievements in his life.
And, of course, his passion for all the things he does in life.
John has the potential to go where ever he wants in the life.
I see him as somebody who has is going to go very far in life.
John inspires everyone to be the very best they can be in life.
People look to him to help them in many facets of their life.
I wish to be associated with him till my last moment of life.
I don't think he has disappointed anyone so far in his life.
John really knows life insurance and it is very evident from the moment you meet with him.
He has given me expert guidance in setting up life insurance and superannuation.
John has been my insurance agent for my professional and personal life for several years.
His outlook on life will always make you smile and bring positive into your life.
His creations were inspired by life, but also inspired others in his life.
Him look at life and achievements in life is refreshing and inspiring.
John and have known each other in many different areas of life.
You don't have to go far to see this in all areas of his life.
John is an excellent insurance agent, but more importantly, he's an excellent person.
I have used him in respect of both disability and life insurance and would highly recommend him.
John is always looking for ways to make my life easier by finding me insurance at a better value.