Light-Hearted Performance Review Phrases Examples

Light-Hearted Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Serious when he needs to be and light-hearted all other times.
John can also be very light hearted and funny, especially when it comes to cigars.
John is always looking to have fun and make any conversation light-hearted.
He is light-hearted, and can make the best out of stressful situations.
He is upbeat and light hearted, but knows when to get down to business.
He provides an environment that is light-hearted and professional.
Thank you from the bottom of his our company for seeing the light in him.
He is appropriately light-hearted and serious when necessary.
John knows how to keep the office lighthearted and positive.
He is incredibly responsive, and is infamously light-hearted, big-hearted, and personable.
He always keeps things light-hearted and funny, but when it comes to his work, he is nothing but business.
John is light hearted yet very serious about being a professional and getting better at his craft.
John kept things light hearted but not at the expense of being professional towards our client.
He is always the light hearted person in the group that does not take himself so seriously.
He does his best to make sure the culture with his employees is positive and light hearted.
John is always very professional, light-hearted, and enthusiastic in his endeavors.
His light-hearted approach to getting our company done should be welcome in any boardroom.
His ability to keep things light-hearted at the right our company was always appreciated.
He's got a very light hearted and jovial personality that can light up any team.
John kept his teams focussed on their targets, but also kept things light-hearted.
He provides professional, light-hearted interaction with everyone in the room.
He has a way of keeping things light-hearted even when things got tough.
He is also very personable, light hearted and knows how to have a laugh.
He is passionate and well-informed, but also very fun and light-hearted.
His contribution was energetic and focused whilst being light hearted.
John is engaging, light hearted, and witty during the presentation.
He's very light hearted however, he takes his our company very seriously.
He will do anything for anybody out of the goodness of him our company.
John does all of this in a light hearted and approachable way.
John made his working experience with him fun and light-hearted.
He always had the best interests of the organization in our company.
He is passionate, committed and yet light-hearted and joyful.
He conducts himself professionally yet with a light our company.
His light hearted attitude always makes the our company simpler.
John is delightful to our company with, light-hearted and fun.
Oh, and he knows how to keep it light when things are getting too serious.
He does what he says he's going to do and he does it at light speed.
John can get on with anybody and is always up for some light banter.
John is one of the very first to help this project to see the light.
Without his help, some campaigns would never have seen the light.
He allows you to see yourself and others in a whole new light.
He would let him be himself and would always make him feel light.
Regardless of the type of communication, he always keeps his light-hearted professionalism.
He is light-hearted in life and is always looking for the humor in any situation.
His communication style is light hearted but always calculated.
John is personable, conscientious, light-hearted yet resolute.
He is very knowledgeable and serious when it was needed, but also knew how to keep things light-hearted so that you could do your best our company.
Although he had very few resources at his disposal, he never complained, he always kept things light hearted and fun.
He is serious when he needed to be and also had the ability to ad lib and be light hearted when necessary.
If you are looking for someone to our company your heart, inspire you, and light your inner fire, he is the one.
We've worked on many stories together, both light-hearted and serious, and every our company he gives it his all.
John is serious about delivering his our company, but can also be light hearted when the environment is correct.
He's also very light-hearted, even under pressure, which makes it so much easier when the crunch comes by.
And he does it in a way that's not only informative, but light-hearted and entertaining as well.
He comes across very pleasant and light hearted in which anybody can feel comfortable around him.
He has a way to help others shift their perspective by being compassionate and light hearted.
In addition to his can-do attitude, he is usually the most light-hearted person in the room.
He is able to keep things light hearted and fun, even under the most difficult circumstances.
Personally, he is a jovial fellow, who always keep the environment around him light-hearted.
John's course was light hearted, but very well structured & extremely informative and useful.