Lighting Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Lighting Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

You can't tell from his light mood that he's an awesome flash designer.
You have converted his mind and light up his interest in design.
His designs were very pragmatic yet there was certain lightness and elegance that those in the profession could always appreciate.
John's design style is playful and light, but refined and consistent.
John's designs use form, light and texture to enrich and inspire.
Oh, and he knows how to keep it light when things are getting too serious.
He does what he says he's going to do and he does it at light speed.
John can get on with anybody and is always up for some light banter.
He allows you to see yourself and others in a whole new light.
He would let him be himself and would always make him feel light.
However, unlike many design providers, he also follows through on the detail.
Without his help, some campaigns would never have seen the light.
His talent for lighting design is unmatched, and he represents one of our company's most renown lighting design firms.
It blew his mind away that some of these designs got a green light of approval.
His designs are pixel-perfect and they feel light, modern and bold.
Only then does he begin to ask more about what your objectives are and will get you to see things in a whole new light.
John has an inner light that attracts everyone around him, and he is very sharp.
He makes you look at things in a different light that you wouldn't normally do.
When you are sleeping, he is not and you know the lights are going to be green.
John shines the light on others which makes him someone even more interesting.
And somehow, even though he's fiercely competitive, he always keeps it light.
He gives his perspective and make him think about things in a different light.
John would help ease everyone through these times and kept things light.
He will make things come to light that you had no idea were in the dark.
Technically, he knows his lighting and camera inside out and backward.
He always saw things in the best of light even during rough times.
He always keeps the environment around him very lively and light.
Always there when you need him and reacting at the speed of light.
He always makes the environment light to make others comfortable.
Seriously, where others see the tunnel he can provide the light.
John is someone who just lights up the room when he gets there.
Serious when he needs to be and light-hearted all other times.
Generally the atmosphere around him is very light and fun filled
John has a lightness of being that makes all things possible.
John always made very detailed, clean, and thoughtful designs.
John's work was always top notch, him lighting and set design were particularly ingenious.