Line Operator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Line Operator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John gets it from an online perspective and an off-line perspective.
From an operations perspective, the bottom line is he gets it done and nails his commitments.
He's always been focused on operational efficiencies and improving the bottom line.
He also knows how to deliver bottom-line results through operational excellence.
He operates efficiently, effectively, and always has the bottom line in mind.
If there was ever a need for someone to help out, he would be the first in line.
John always went well above and beyond to help him get his deals over the line.
Talk to him to get his take on what he could do for your bottom line.
The bottom line is that he gets the right things done, in the right ways.
Anything with his name on the by-line will likely get his attention.
He knows how to prioritize and keeps his eye on the bottom-line when suggesting operational improvements.
In addition, the triple bottom line philosophy is evident in his operation.
But be warned that if you are looking to steal him away you will have to get in line.
Bottom line, he is looking for results in what is best for the organization.
He always made it seem like he was there in the line of battle with you.
He knows your reputation is on the line and does not take that lightly.
If there is no option he does not make one up just to line his pockets.
John is very gifted at what he does and goes beyond the line of duty.
Furthermore, he knows where to be flexible and where to draw the line.
As one was coming to an end he'd already have the next one lined up.
Complementing that is his thorough understanding of the bottom line.
The candidates he has provided were always in line with our needs.
But it seems all him recommendations have already bagged that line.
Bottom line, he loves what he does and that is all that matters.
They have to be excellent otherwise his reputation is on the line.
Results with purpose is his by-line; and we should all take heed.
John is passionate and gives his all to help the bottom line.
Bottom line - he treats others, as he would want to be treated.
The bottom line is he is someone who knows how to get results.
Bottom line, if you're looking to grow, he's your go to girl.
Without his efforts we would not be nearly as visible on line.
His friends are now lining up to have him do the same for them.
John is also very good about looking out for your bottom line.
He also was the first in line to celebrate all our successes.
And he possesses an in-depth understanding of both the online and off-line worlds.
John would make an impact on any operations bottom line for a well established or start-up company.
At the same time, he operates from a foundation of mutual respect and knows where to draw the line.
He understands that if the company operates well, the finances will follow in line.