Listening Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Listening Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is always my go-to person when I need some guidance, or just need someone to listen.
He is an exceptional listener.
His determination in his personal life and work life was unrivalled.
He is passionate about his work and is very friendly and personable.
He is intelligent, friendly and approachable.
He listened to feedback and revised his work accordingly.
His work is exemplary.
He listens colleagues very well.
He also listens well and responds constructively.
He listens to the wants and needs of the candidate and tries to accommodate.
He listens, responds, and then follows through.
He's up to anything you may call him.
He is the best there is at cold calling.
He's very personable and truly listens well.
He is an acute listener.
He knows when to push and when to listen.
He listens and takes what useful and makes it his own.
He always listened and took on board feedback.
He is authentic and really listens in conversations.
He really listened to my needs and wants and did the best he could attain those parameters.
He is very dedicated to anyone he works with and really stops at nothing to be the very best at what he does.
His story is extraordinary.
His stories were memorable.
His content is amazing and just has to be heard.
A person I would definitely like to work with again.
He is friendly and good listening.
He is an amazing person at work.
He works well with colleagues and is very personable.
He is highly intelligent and enthusiastic in both work and life.
He is the ultimate professional and always has an ear to listen.
He listens and is honest.
He listens with his ears and heart.
He really listened to my needs.
On top of that, he was friendly and very personable.
His works are some of my most prized examples of my work.
He is very intelligent.
His work has been exemplary.
His work is exceptional.
He is smart, personable and an engaged listener.
He is an intelligent person who listens to his direct reports.
He is a person with whom someone can work comfortably.
He is intelligent, hard-working and friendly and has always supported me in our work together.
His friendly persistence has made our clients comfortable when he comes calling.
A fantastic person to work with, and is an outstanding person.
A dedicated person who I am sure will make it really big in life.
He is also one of the best listeners I know.
He is personable, listens well and is eager to please.
John clearly has the speaking and listening skills to go far in his career.
Excellent listening skills and questioning skills, plus well honed social skills.
His speaking skills are exceptional as well as him listening skills.
John helps thanks to his listening skills.
One of his other assets is his listening skills.
His skills were second to none, and he is an excellent listener.
I especially appreciate his listening and partnering skills.
Those who listen to him would like to hear him again and again.
He listens, listens, listens, and then provides you with the tools that you need to succeed.
John is always there to help and there to listen.
Along with all above, he is one of the best listeners.
He was always someone that could listen.
Talented and skilled in listening and asking questions, he makes it look easy.
His listening skills make everyone feel that they've been listened to and understood.
He has strong listening skills and his matching skills are spot on.
John has one of the rarest of skills, he listens, really listens, to what others are saying and often can hear what they are not saying.
John possesses the lost skill of listening, especially listening to that which is not said.
Strives for excellence and is known for his patience and listening skills.
His listening skill is, most definitely, one of his greatest strengths.
For him listening skills are paramount if you want to be successful.
His persistence and listening skills will get him far in life.
Most of all, he always took the time to listen, to truly listen.
John not only listens, he listens thoroughly and thoughtfully.
His greatest skill is listening to what you say and then understanding what it is that you need him to solve.
He knows who to ask the right question because of his amazing listening skills.
John's listening skills and generosity make him more than just a colleague.
His capability to listen first gives him the skill to succeed in any situation.
He comes across as empathetic and professional with good listening skills.
And to help with all of this he has a great strength: his listening skills.
He's thoughtful and listens, which contribute to his troubleshooting skills.
His attitude is liked by many as he has patience and good listening skills.
His listening, assessing and organizationally skills are out of this world.
He has exceptional listening skills and has always provided awesome advice.
John's key skill that enables him to do this is listening, in his opinion.
John has the amazing skills of listening and connecting with individuals.
His listening skills set him apart and he will deliver what you want.
What is more, skilled speaker - one really enjoys listening to him.
John has exceptional listening skills that transform into action.
His skills in listening, reflecting and guiding are outstanding.
A very good listener and have been always keen to enhance his skills.
First and foremost, he listens, which is a skill unto itself.
John also has tremendous listening and problem-solving skills.
He helped him improve both his leadership and listening skills.
He possesses wonderful listening skills and off the charts "follow up / follow through" skills.
He has demonstrated to have listened and leadership skills and commitment.
He got an extensive listening skill, which made him different from other leaders.
Furthermore, he would be willing to listen, something that is a very important and often under emphasized skill.
He has excellent listening skills and when needed goes out of his way to listen and learn about his audience.
He listened to what was important to him and what suited his skill set.
He definitely knows what he is doing and will get you where you want to be as long as you're willing to listen.
He listened to our needs, was always willing to help, and followed through with expediency.
He's willing to help those that need it, and is willing to listen to others opinions.
But the thing which makes him different from others is, he is always ready to listen.
And more, he's somebody that listens and is always willing to help whoever needs it.
He's always willing to listen and not with just his ears, he listens with his heart.
While he is one of the first to listen, he does not tell you what you want to hear.
He listens well and by doing so he can better help you get where you want to be.
He is always available to listen and help out with anything you have on your mind.
He listens, he listens some more and then advises on the best course of action.
He makes all of us better listeners: relaxed listeners to ourselves and others.
John, listens to what you are saying and looks at it from the outside inside.
Working together, he was always willing to listen, regardless of the issue.
John listens to what others have to say and, always makes himself available.
He listened to what we had to say and would try to help us when he could.
There's something about him that makes you want to keep listening to him.
Besides that, he's always available to listen to all who need his advice.
He always goes above and beyond for others and will stop just to listen.
He listens well to our feelings and help us to listen to ourselves too.
He listens to your needs and then goes above and beyond your requests.
He listens to what you need and always does what he can to facilitate.
You could always tell he was really listening to what you had to say.
He listens to everything everyone has to say and he is very positive.
He listens to your needs once and gets it right from the very start.
He makes sure that he listens to you and gives you the right advice.
John really does believe in listening first rather than 'selling'.
He really is someone you want to listen to and be around all day.
He listens to you and then will come up with something to help.
He always does what he says he'll do, and he listens, genuinely.
If you are willing to listen to him, he will help you get there.
And, of course, his way of listening and considering every idea.
Whenever you talk to him, you always know he's really listening.
It's probably because he listens and really wants to understand.
John expresses himself well, and he also knows how to listen.
First, he truly listens to what you want out of your vacation.
He listens to exactly what you are looking for and he delivers.
He goes out of his way to listen to your needs and accommodate.
He may not like it, but he will always be respectful and listen.
Gaham is willing to go out of his way to listen and not judge.
He, however, is not someone who will just listen on being told.
However, listening isn't the only thing that makes him great.
Plus, he had also one important skill: he was listening customer.
He clearly is passionate about what he believes in but above all else has the skill to listen to others and accommodate their views.
His questioning and listening skills mean he has provided the right options for all of his needs on several occasions.
His real skill is in how well he listens and then gives you what you want rather than imposing his ideas on you.
Customers like him because he has good listening skills and really tries to understand how he can deliver value.
When he talks with you about your skills and what concept or what territory is right for you, listen carefully.
He knows how to listen, ask the right questions, and deliver the right candidate with the best skill set.
He has excellent listening skills and can ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.
He listens to everything with patience and gives suggestions which helps us in improving our skills.
Excellent listening skills and the ability to think outside the box, he is an asset to any company.
He uses his keen listening skills to ensure that he was understanding his needs and questions.
He has excellent follow up skills, listens and follows through on the commitments he makes.
He collaborates exceptionally well as he has excellent listening and interpersonal skills.