Litigation Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Litigation Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He makes himself available at all times for questions or assistance.
We would have not completed it in time without his assistance.
John is one of those people that when you need help, he is the first one to offer his assistance.
John provided the type of assistance that was not otherwise available maybe at any price.
If he couldn't do it himself, he would connect us with the right people to assist.
He is always willing to go out of his way to assist people in any way he can.
Connecting him with people who would assist him on his journey.
In addition to assisting people in his group, he goes out of his way to assist other groups too.
He always made time to listen and assist where he could, and would go out of his way to help if it was within his capabilities.
But if you have any questions or face any problems, you can always go back to him for assistance.
He is always willing to assist others and go above and beyond to make key deliverable dates.
He went above and beyond each time to assist us with any and every problem we had.
He also assisted him with various issues during his time with the company.
He would politely listen to him and ask if he could assist in any manner.
Him friendliness radiates and is willing to assist in any way possible.
He uses his experiences to assist others in completing their duties.
John assisted our company with some recent layoffs we had to make.
He will always assist and take some time to understand his problems.
He always made time for his questions and request for assistance.
John's assistance in navigating the organization was invaluable.
He always took the time to assist him and answer his questions.
He also assists with analyzing your strengths and weaknesses.
John has been key to assisting us with our our company needs.
Amazing when you consider at any given moment he has hundreds of people asking for his assistance.
He does so much yet he is very approachable and genuinely tries to assist people.
He enjoys people and is always available to assist whenever and wherever needed.
John will go out of his way to assist the membership with any request they have.
John, thank you so much for all your assistance during his career search.
He understands that when people reach out to him, they need his assistance.
John frequently availed himself to many people in need of his assistance.
He never been hesitating to help people whenever his assistance needed.
John always took the initiative and assisted other people around him.
John truly has a passion for assisting people with their dreams.
He assisted in his firm getting the most out of our company membership.
He's definitely the guy you want on your side in litigation or to think through an idea.
These are a few of the reasons he makes an excellent litigator.
His ability to not only litigate, but mediate are outstanding.