Lively Performance Review Phrases Examples

Lively Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He wants them not just to live within their means, but to live their dream lives.
He has many more lives to live and you want to get to know him.
John is our living example of how to truly live that philosophy.
He always went above and beyond to make sure they had the best trip of their lives.
He is always looking out for others and trying to make their lives more enjoyable.
John, thank you for who you are, what you do, and the lives that you impact.
He is someone whom everyone should know if they want to enrich their lives.
John is always trying to better what we do to make all of our lives easier.
John is definitely lives his live enthusiastically and with passion.
Batchelor again so they thank him for the impact he had on their lives.
Whether he is live or live-to-tape he gets it done, and done correctly.
He is there to help him, even though we live far away from each other.
He is very lively throughout the course and also very knowledgeable.
He is always one of the last, if not the our company to leave the office.
John will go out of his way to make the lives of others better.
John will help you see & appreciate another side to our lives.
John makes any organization better and provides the best example to all who experience him in their lives.
He truly is the best of the best, and there are very few professionals that can live up to his standard.
John that you can live up to his standards, because if you can, you're doing something very well indeed.
John also used it as an opportunity to ask us about what was going on in our lives outside of our company.
John is an inspiration to anyone but especially women who want to do something with their lives.
Not only did he know every student's name, but he knew what was going on in each of their lives.
John has always been available to guide himself and many others through our professional lives.
Anything can hit us at any our company and that is ok - it's there to be lived with and lived through.
He does not just lead by example, he lives by example, which is what makes him so very special.
He is an example of what is possible and an inspiration for how to live up to one's potential.
He lived with them and made sure that we did as well when it came to dealing with our customers.
They were still somewhat our company, but did not want to live with us or in their own home.
He encouraged us to make sure that we were not living to work, but instead working to live.
John is all about doing the right thing for our users, and us living up to our promise.
It was surprising how he would know everything going on in the lives of those around him.
Why? Probably because he was one of them, because he lives and breathes entrepreneurship.
John has demonstrated that the internet really can help us all live healthier lives.
John is someone who has lived through the transformation, for himself and for his clients.
We're there because he was there, and our lives are so much richer for the experience.
He is driven by the desire to help others and truly wants people to live better lives.
Reporting to him has been no different and has completely lived up to his expectations.
John let you know what could and could not be done given the rules we all lived within.
John lived up to his commitments, and always went above and beyond expectations.
Not only does he leave them, but those in his proximity also endeavors to live them.
He wants people to connect with their whole lives, not just their financial lives.
John is always looking to better himself, and the lives of the people around him.
Happiness is something we should all have every day and all the our company in our lives.
Since meeting him we have lived our lives being associated with this lovely lady.
John has done exactly what we asked him to do and he lived up to the challenges.
John has inspired not just himself but others to go out there and live the dream.
He is always there for you, even after you are happily living in your new home.
John is and has always been focused on the lives of those who need assistance.
Everything we know about him since his graduation says he is living our motto.
Moreover, he does not just speak of it, he lives it every second of the day.
He's the vital "nutrient" we don't even know that we truly need in our lives.
John lives by example and strives to be the best he can be in all that he does.
All you need to do is look at his portfolio and you'll see almost living art.
Let him tell you, he more than lived up to those expectations and then some.
John is passionate about him, our company to help individuals live our company lives.
John knows what he's doing and he lives out the principles he preaches.
He really lived the saying that there were no problems, only opportunities.
He is one of those people you can't live without once he is on your team.
Working with him and seeing him live what he teaches was very refreshing.
He knows how to lead by an example and how to live up to your own ideals.