Loan Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Loan Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John loan officer looking for the best of the best to work with, he has no competition.
John is our loan officer during the purchase of our first home.
His application of this know-how gives him an edge over typical loan officers.
As far as loan officers go he is on his short list of preferred lenders.
His leadership provided great opportunities to him as a loan officer.
John consistently ranked among the top loan officers in our group.
John stands out from the pack as "not the normal loan officer".
He understands loan officer's expectations while balancing the back office, corporate requirements, better than anyone.
John comes highly recommended by him and his team of loan officers.
John knows what loan officers need to help take them to the next level in their business.
We have done multiple transactions together directly or indirectly thru his loan officers and closers.
John's advice and input have always motivated him to be a better loan officer.
When a loan officer comes to him with a difficult loan scenario, he says go head tell him about it.
He will almost always pick up the phone when you call him and if not, he will call back unlike other loan officers.
He knows the players and as a loan officer, if requested, he'll connect you.
He provides so much to him, his loan officers and the customers we service.
John is an outstanding loan officer and he works for an excellent company.
Not only that, he reached out to him and kept him up to date with the process which believe it or not, not many loan officers do.
He makes sure there are no blurred lines between what his office and he office specialize in for our clients.
He always invested the time with each of his loan officers to ensure success.
John did a stellar job as his loan officer and he comes highly recommended.
Not only is he an excellent loan officer, he's also a great human being.
This philosophy follows to his accomplishments as an excellent mortgage loan officer.
Not only was he able to do what no loan officer before he could, he did it with an ease and grace that separated him from normal lenders.
When he had an issue with our loan officer, he quickly stepped in and took care of the problem.
He is a no nonsense facilitator as he consistently led his office in loans closed.
He allowed his loan officers to thrive in a non-threatening, positive environment.
As a loan officer, the level of service he provides is second to none.
John is a proactive, responsible and professional loan officer.
He did not just benefit him, but was an asset to everyone in our office.
John goes above that, he stays in constant contact with his clients and himself, something that most loan officers do not do.
One of his clients was very unhappy with his loan officer and we were getting close to the settlement date.
Him loans have been always in perfect order when our office received them for closing.
Not only that, but he also was more knowledgeable about mortgages than our actual loan officer.
He fully supports the origination efforts of his loan officers.
He didn't pull punches, but was there to help & encourage not only his loan officers, but those in nearby branches like himself.
His only hesitation in recommending him to other loan officers is that he might have less time to work with him.
John is an expert in residential loans- he is a great branch Mgr/loan officer.
When you are a realtor, he is the type of loan officer you want to work with.
John is also a great trainer & mentor to other loan officers.
And when we had issues with the loan officer responding to us, he showed up with him at the bank to get answers.
You will want him to be working on getting your loans through.
He is knowledgeable and thorough in his approach to each loan.
He worked well with the team as well as an independent loan officer.
This is only one of the many great services available at his office.
John is a wonderful loan officer and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage.
If you are a realtor, have no reservation in recommending him as a loan officer to your clients.
He can also help you get your buyer's approved for more loans.
John officers feel like they have to keep track of a million things at once to get a single loan done.
He saved us thousands of dollars by correcting a mistake the loan officer had made.
Whether it was as a loan officer or closer he always presented the best image of both himself and his clients.
John would dig into the financials and raise any questions that a loan officer may have missed, which in turn would better prepare the officer to address any issues in loan committee.