Machine Learning Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Machine Learning Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I came to know him as an engineer who is always eager to learn and broaden his horizon.
John is on of those strong engineer that can learn and adapt himself very quickly.
He is also very open to learning and continuing to grow as an engineer.
This was his first job out of the engineering college, but he was quick to learn.
He was always interested on the engineering problems and always sought to learn beyond his responsibility.
John is a very capable engineer who's keen to learn anything you throw at him.
He was fresh from collage and learning ropes of applied engineering.
He's fearless when it comes to tackling hairy problems via machine learning.
His understanding of machine learning and data engineering was top notch.
He was very encouraging and really helped me build my confidence as a machine learning engineer.
I've learned a lot from him when it comes to value engineering and deal crafting.
His ability to learn through analysis and reverse engineering is very impressive.
He is always helpful, follows up, value others time and is a learning machine.
He is extremely passionate about his work, especially machine learning.
He always looks at opportunities to share his learning's with others at the same time is willing to learn from others.
I learn something new from him everyday and his style of continual learning is infectious.
He's passionate about continual learning and sharing his learning with others.
He is an amazing probing engineer who is always learning better ways to do his job.
As a new engineer, he was very quick to learn on his own as well as from others on the team.
John is a machine: a machine filled with enthusiasm and excitement.
John provided me with the freedom to learn and the guidance to learn from those experiences.
He understands - and is excited by - deep engineering concepts, and learns quickly.
John is an excellent engineer and has a great interest in learning new things.
John is a very strong engineer, who learns quickly and contributes strongly.
John is a brilliant engineer, with extremely fast learning capabilities.
He learns from failures and continues to maintain his drive to keep learning.
Not only that, but he was learning the pipeline and the game engine at the same time.
He had taken it upon himself to learn as much as possible and was going to make the shift across.
Has been great partnering with him and so much to learn from him.
He had the up more patience to teach those who want to learn.
He came in and transformed our engineering structure into a well-oiled machine.
John is an absolute machine when it comes to ranking websites.
He was always willing to learn new tasks and help out other employees.
He is a proactive, questioning, innovative engineer and someone who is constantly learning.
He has an interest in learning and the ability to mentor and influence other engineers.
He is someone who is always willing to share what he knows, while also being open to learning new things.
He is dedicated to help women learn more about themselves by asking the right questions.
He is always keen to learn new things and is very dedicated in his efforts.
He was always open and willing to share what he's learned with everyone.
He is dedicated, open to new things, always looking to learn and evolve.
John's command of the disciplines of machine learning and search stands apart.
John took an entirely foreign engine, learned it, and made the score work beautifully.
I have learned and will continue to learn a great deal from him.
John learns the product better than anyone else, then authors, literature that helps others learn the same things he learned.
John looks out for his engineers best interests and will do whatever it takes to provide them with growth and learning opportunities.