Management Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Management Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John managed many of the large, important accounts with sophisticated users and managers.
This course opened his eyes to the level of responsibility account managers should be accountable for and of course then how go forwards with this responsibility.
He soon proved to him, he was an excellent, trustworthy account manager, winning numerous accounts from cold.
He's unrelenting at helping account managers break into new accounts and expand further into existing ones.
John took over an account from a very respected and well liked account manager so had a lot to live up to.
John directly managed the accounts receivable for our enterprise.
Our company one does the job of account management, better than John.
Dealing with both local and foreign accounting practices he has managed accounts flawlessly whilst reporting to all levels of management.
He really did well, against tight deadlines and with management who didn't really understand anything about accounts.
Clients have only positive things to say about him, and are very happy to have him serve them as account manager.
John is in account management, so it goes without saying that he has the chops on all the usual things.
There were never any surprises and no one fell through the cracks while he managed their account.
Arn was always hard working and always knew what was occurring at the different accounts he managed.
He always makes his expectations clear and holds everyone accountable, but does not over-manage.
According to his opinion, he was the best account manager and respected by all of our employees.
Him instincts help him get the most out of the accounts he manages, and he delivers results.
John is dedicated to giving the accounts he manages exactly what they need to be successful.
His dedication to his position and the accounts he managed was nothing less than outstanding.
John will always make every effort to ensure your satisfactions as he manages your account.
He effectively did both these things consistently across the period he managed the account.
He inspects what he expects and accepts nothing less than accountability from his managers.
In addition, you will be delighted with the follow-up he provides as an account manager.
He also provided us with the necessary leadership to grow as successful account managers.
Aside from his leadership would have to be his ability to manage accounts effectively.
He recently managed to get a whole account come up with just his concentrated effort.
His approach is exactly what is needed from an account manager and he will be missed.
Whenever an account is given to him to manage leadership knows it will be a success.
It is easy to see why his clientele will never accept changes in account management.
Zafir is very promising account manager, he is proactive and willing to take advice
As our account manager, he was responsive to our requests and always over-delivered.
Postings were timely and accurate and management of his account has been always flawless.
Working together the past couple of years he has managed some very large accounts.
He manages our biggest account and makes it look easy, which it is definitely not.
He deserves the best and you can account for him as a best friend and best manager.
Ash managed our account seamlessly and there was never an issue he couldn't solve.
He went above and beyond his call of duty to manage his accounts and help others.
He always takes ownership and accountability for all issues under his management.
He also deals directly with the other management accountants to resolve queries.
John takes his account management very seriously and is extremely enthusiastic.
His advice has always been spot on and he now manages several accounts for him.
John brought new insight into how an account should be managed from all levels.
He managed several accounts, yet knew what was happening in each and anytime.
In that short time he has proven to be among the very best account managers.
He manages and has grown our largest accounts and one of our most critical.
John understands the value of creating partnerships and managing accounts.
John's organization and management of the global account was second to none.
John manages to do this through a balance of freedom and accountability.
John manages many different accounts with varying degrees of complexity.
He is articulate and tenacious in the manor in which he managed accounts.
John is consistent, focused and smart about how he manages his accounts.
John managed the pressure very well and steered the account to stability.
John managed his account very professionally, with exceptional results.
Clients love him and he is good at selling as well as account management.
John's diligent management of our account extended beyond expectations.
He embraced each and every account plan as if it was his own to manage.
He's enthusiastic and an absolute delight to have as an account manager.
Creativity and account management are two of his multiple strong points.
John's approach to partnership and account management is best in class.
He truly defined our "attitude and commitment" to account management.
He proved himself instantly on the account and managed it with ease.
He managed our account with a can do attitude and always delivered.
His accounts are well managed and taken care of even under pressure.
His dedication to him account managers, and teammates is fearless.
John's attention to properly managing the account was impeccable.
He helped him and countless others become a better account manager.
Recently, he has opted for a different role as an account manager.
Initially, he was managing one of our pan-European global accounts.
He took complete ownership to him account as the on-site manager.
John helped him to bring his account management to the next level.
Him managing style commands excellence as well as accountability.
He goes about with a very scientific vigor in account management.
In addition, he transacted and managed several national accounts.
John prided himself with his ability to manage multiple accounts.
He is a cut above the account managers from all of his rivals.
He manages several accounts and is able to delegate effectively.
He would make a strong addition to any account management role.
John struck him an impressive account manager from the outset.
He took off very fast and became a successful account manager.
He manages his accounts with finesse and fiscal responsibility.
His innovative approach makes him the ultimate account manager.
He is very dedicated and has great account management ability.
His group was picky about who we wanted to manage our account.
John is the best account manager we had and truthfully, it wasn't the same when he left our company.
Senior managers rely upon him for any data/reports for the whole our company account.
This makes him one of the top, if not the top, account managers at our company.
John gives all its value to the management of a our company's key account.
John manages five different our company accounts and posts frequently.
John epitomizes what someone who manages our company accounts should be.
He excelled at managing our most significant account, our company.
Practiced by the majority of account managers out there; our company.
Our company account management, John's expertise knows no bounds.
He is at first his colleague, and then he was a manager of our our company account.
During his time at our company, he managed multiple accounts.
He understands complex account management and how expand business within these accounts.
His commitment to managing his accounts and finding net new accounts has been the reason for his continued success.
John managed our account and was the account representative we talked with when we needed anything.
John provides an outstanding one on one relationship with the accounts that he manages.
He also impresses as relationship manager who gets the most out of an account.
He even managed to qualify himself as a certified accountant while managing his department successfully.
With the great management potential, he is definitely raising the bar for all account managers at our company.
He is able to manage many different accounts and people at the same time.
We have worked together several times in different accounts he managed.
John accounts he worked with were always well managed and well organized.
His account of the management - and leadership of change was superb.
John managed several key accounts successfully during the crisis.
John knows how to hold people accountable without micro-managing.
He has a necessary competence for the account manager position.
He demonstrated excellent leadership in managing the account.
Clients love him and account management people want to be him.
Him account leadership with him teams and direction given in all aspects of account management are amazing.
His ability to effectively teach and manage to the fundamentals of account management is what makes him successful.
He allows you to manage as you see fit, but also clearly holds you accountable.
He is a well liked leader within each account that he has managed.
His performance as a professional accountant and account manager is outstanding.
John understands the art and science of account management and personnel management.
Most important of it all, he was always accountable and managed expectations realistically.
He did so well we ended up promoting him very quickly into actually managing the account.
He makes his job as account manager much easier and that is most appreciated.
He recognizes the importance of accountability, yet is an inspiring manager.
All his accounts were very well managed which in turn made his job easier.
His penchant learning and managing the account was very well appreciated.
John does an outstanding job and will manage your account perfectly.
He always manages up, connects to purpose, and promotes accountability.
He efficaciously managed his account with very simplistic tools.
He managed our account and helped us get to our mutual goals.
As an account manager/project manager, he makes his job easy.
John is by far one of the best account managers at our company unlike most he goes out of his way to help you achieve your goals.
His management style is something he should be proud of in terms of managing his own deliverables and those that he is ultimately accountable for.
John is a truly genuine and diligent account manager, his style of management suited him very well, always did what he said he would do.
A great colleague that has taught him a lot about perception management and account management.
He is a conscientious manager and a critical player in successful account management.
He proved his accountability to management by managing several different accounts and ensuring the contracted deliverables were met on time even if issues arose.
John managed reseller accounts where he held great relationships with all levels of management.
From the get go, he has been fantastic at "managing" our account, but he also understands where we are coming from and how to get us to where we need to be.
John is put under pressure when he started with us - managing several accounts at once - and he did really well considering.
John has, on several occasions, stepped in and taken over the management of accounts that were getting ready to derail.
John is a top account manager, he knows his stuff and is always willing to go above and beyond any expectations.
He may be having all sorts of pressure, managing those accounts, but he has never shown that to his sub-ordinates.
To his colleagues, he was always available to help them out with his broad experience as key account manager.
As our account manager, he was always on top of things, kept us in the loop at every step and never said no.
We knew that we could always count on him to proactively manage our account beyond even our own expectations.
John with him very presence and example makes management and employees more accountable, aware, and better.
He is reliable and always ready to help others, even when he is managing multiple accounts of his own.
He demanded accountability from those around him (including management) and willed his way to success.
John is a godsend in an account manager and went above and beyond for him on more than one occasion.
John's account management has been second to none, ensuring the transfer of our assets was flawless.
John effectively collaborated with the accounts we were both responsible to manage in our territory.
His style of management is empowering, rather than stifling, while still maintaining accountability.
He knows his way around an account backwards and forwards - so what that offers a manager is trust.
John then took over sole responsibility for the account and continued to manage it successfully.