Management Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Management Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He managed to complete his given task, and assist others when needed.
He manages by example and is always there to assist in anything his team needs.
John enough, he was made the assistant manager for the project.
John went above and beyond to assist the managers with our processes and procedures.
John is different as reps and managers called him for assistance because he helped get things done.
As a manager, he prioritizes issues well and always step in and help when you need assistance.
John strives to resolve problems with minimal assistance from management.
This makes him an excellent spa manager, assistant or otherwise.
He managed by mentoring - teaching, encouraging and assisting.
John has been his manager for many years and he is always there to assist his team to get the best possible outcome.
John assisted our management team in ways that are quite profound.
His team currently consist of an assistant manager and himself.
John has been an excellent relationship manager who has been able to assist us in all aspects of fund management.
He assisted leadership in understanding the value of talent management and visionary change management.
He assisted each of the managers with topics/ issues concerning their individual departments.
He can manage many different projects, whilst assisting others with theirs.
John assisted him with several projects as well as managing his own while we were at our company.
He provides the right support and assistance to managers and employees within the organisation.
He supported many managers, who did not have assistants, and gave everyone him time.
As a manager, he was there for support and assisting in any way he could.
He assisted others in completing priorities and deadlines while effectively managing his own workload.
He also was always available to assist in dealing with personnel performance and management issues.
He rarely needs a manager to assist because he knows how to get the problem resolved himself.
John's 'can-do' attitude and his assistance made managing his own territory much easier.
John is an extremely detail oriented manager that is always willing to assist others.
Our company when another rep has been in contact to assist, John can be counted on to make sure everything is covered and well managed.
Without his immense assistance it is difficult to see how we could manage our finances.
Not only does he manage and assist his team, but he jumps in on the action himself to make things happen.
He managed his team with enthusiasm, but always had empathy and the willingness to assist.
He assisted the team whenever he was needed and managed his priorities excellently.
He managed to keep the team's needs a priority and assisted whenever he could.
He always assisted the management team and was impeccable in his follow up.
He managed his tasks fluidly and assisted to his team without conditions.
John has recently assisted him to secure a new management role.
John goes beyond the call of duty to assist the management team.
He went from assisting with client relationships to managing them.
He manages to overcome obstacles we put in his way as they are presented and always willing to help and provide assistance.
When requested, he is also very hands on assisting with situations that require management intervention.
He knew how to manage, assist, and steer him in the right direction without micromanaging him.
He effectively managed his own projects with little need for guidance or assistance.
John assisted us with an overhaul of our project management methodology.
He understood the objective, and assisted with project management.
He juggled his own schedule as well as delegating tasks to him as his assistant manager.
Him ability to manage and provide information or assistance is unmatched.
He also had to present and sell proposals and then manage them - all with limited assistance.
He is a resource the management team goes to for help and assistance.
He assisted him with a very difficult deal and made the process more manageable
He not only provided executive assistance to him, but to the whole management team.
Not only does he successfully manage two newsletters, but he also assists the other editors with duties.
John manages the network and is readily available to assist when issues arise.
He is supportive of management and its objectives, he was always willing to assist and provides excellent advice.
When he requires assistance he is always clear about what he needs and how his manager can support him.