Management Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Management Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an outstanding managing consultant and program manager.
John does understand the value that management consultants bring to an organization.
He would be an asset to any organization as a manager or consultant.
As a prior consultant himself, he has the ability to mentor his consultants and help them align their goals with the consulting group as well as management objectives.
He also managed to keep his humour in the stressful world of consulting.
John without reservation for any management leadership or consulting role.
John managed several complex and challenging consulting engagements for him when we worked together at our company consulting.
John is not only a very successful consultant in his own right, he is also a manager who strives to help consultants achieve their potential, as he did with himself.
John's ability to switch between doer, manager and consultant is enviable.
He managed employees, consultants and vendors in an organized manner.
In his capacity overseeing consultants, he gets to know each consultant's needs, required "management" from him, and communication preferences.
John story short, you put him in management consulting or technical consulting, he always shines.
John sees this as a tool to allow his consultants to manage themselves.
Our company, John was instrumental in bringing him into the consulting realm and was his manager.
John is one of those consultant team members any manager needs.
In this procedure he managed his part as our company consultant perfect.
John is a consultant who stood amongst others as did the business he managed.
Highly recommend him and his expertise in consulting and managing businesses.
John consulted him about some business management and leadership issues.
He will make an excellent manager or consultant in the business world.
Throughout our company he instrumental to his success no only as a consultant but as a manager.
John has significant potential regardless of whether he chooses to continue as a management consultant or switches to a management role.
He would be good in a consulting role, in an interim management role or as a line manager.
John's management style are both hands on/hands off and he always made himself available for direct consultation on any subject.
John possesses the kinds of qualities that will see him become one of the worlds best management consultants.
Due to these features he was equally liked and respected by the consultants, power users and management from both sides.
His history as a manager, consultant and entrepreneur really allows him to understand the full picture.
His wealth of contacts and strategic management make him unique among search consultants.
He effectively balanced the role of internal manager and consultant simultaneously.
He always the one that we can come to consult when we have project management related questions.
He acted as both consultant and program manager and was quite effective at both.
He managed the various personalities at the company well and always provided exceptional consulting recommendations.
As his manager, he inspired him to grow and become a better person and consultant.