Management Consulting Performance Review Phrases Examples

Management Consulting Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As a consulting manager, he was highly capable in managing both the clients and the consulting team.
As a consulting manager, he inspires him consultants to rise to meet new challenges.
He introduced him with one of the best management consulting company in the world.
John's management style is consultative and collaborative, yet also authoritative.
His well rounded experience in management consulting was very valuable.
John consults to our organisation as an expert in workforce management.
When it comes to management consulting, very few people can match him.
He manages consultants with clear direction and makes things happen.
John provided expert consulting in the area of complaint management.
John meets all of the requirements of a consultant to management.
John is a highly effective management and strategy consultant.
He understands that his managers need to do their thing without constant supervision, but it's always there for guidance and consultation.
At the same time he manages to keep it fun and interesting, so the consultation isn't boring.
One reason being is that his consultants have consistently raved about his management style.
John made him consultants better and he in turn made him a better manager as well.
Although a consultant, he should be at the heart of your management team.
He then took on the challenging role of managing this consulting team.
He also is an expert at managing and implementing our company consultants.
What really sets him apart is that he usually manages to achieve this through consultation and full engagement.
He knows how to manage consultant expectations very well and never messes people around.
As a consulting manager, he had built and managed his team very well.
John managed the processes to look after the consultants and their assignments effectively
And even more so - he will ensure that the company can manage on their own, without depending on an external consultant.
He empowered his managers to get on with the job and was always available for consultation and advice.
His integrity allows him to manage his team, as well as all of his consultants.
The same is true for consultants and project managers for whom he is a mentor or manager.
He manages to promote the best interests of his clients as well as consultants.
John understands how to manage hundreds of consultants while inspiring the very best from them in both innovation and excellence.
In his role as a management consultant, it is critical to judge others quickly and accurately.
He always went beyond the call of duty to take care of our consultants and manager needs.
John provides a lot of freedom for his managers and consults with them on key decisions.
In his experience this is a powerful combination to succeed in management and consulting.
John performed admirably from day one and managed other consultants who had just started.
John truly understands user experience as a discipline of management consultancy.
He is a consulting manager and can achieve whatever he sets his mind to.
He can fix the rate for a consultant what his management expects from him.
John is, quite simply, an outstanding consultant / services manager.
John has taught him a lot as both a consultant and a manager.
John our company is one of the country's most outstanding emergency management consultants of all time.
John always managed to find the right consultant to help us and made sure that the customer was satisfied with the results.
This is very proved by his amazing jobs in management consulting area.
John's management advice and financial consulting were second to none.
John would be an asset to any management team and would also compliment any organization very well as an outside consultant.
His management style is progressive, consultative and with this approach he gets the best out of his team.
John quickly established himself as one of the most capable managing consultants on our team.
John would be a great addition to any consulting or management team.
He is a fantastic management consultant and a great project manager.
As a people manager, he was more approachable and almost always seemed to have the right guidance to offer when consulted.
John's leadership and guidance helped mentor himself and another to become first class consultants and managers.
One of his most valuable characteristics as a manager and consultant is his ability to approach people.
The depth and breadth of his knowledge of management consulting are amazing.
As a manager, he is results-driven, consultative and hands on.
John is one of those consultants that regardless of the role management requested, he stepped up and achieved the goals.
He is consultative, team works well, and manages effectively.
John relates well to all levels of stakeholders - consultants, those he manages, his peers, and his superiors.
Lessons learnt from this gentleman, especially around time management and consulting, will take him a long way.
John's background uniquely qualifies him to manage, evaluate and then consult with fellow entrepreneurs.
His experience, leadership, and strong ethics make him exceptionally well qualified management consultant.
In consulting he is one of the best managers and his great experience adds a lot of value.
John started as a consultant managing candidate and then move on to account management.
He knows how to manage relationships between colleagues and consultants coming from different countries and cultures.
He would be an asset to any company, whether it be as a client, consultant, employee or manager.
He formed lasting relationships with hiring managers, consultants and coworkers.
He takes a consultative approach and is an excellent relationship manager.
John built strong relationships with consultants and management whilst at our company.
Of particular note was his exceptional ability in negotiating with, and managing external consultants.
He has deep expertise in both human capital and change management consulting.