Management Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Management Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is definitely one of the best managers in the industry.

John is one of the best managers I have had in any industry.

He was my hiring manager and then several years later we reported to the same manager.

Aggregate knowledge in quality management of suppliers, through its management.

John was my direct manager for some time and was an expert manager.

He gets on with everyone around him and is dedicated to getting the best out of himself and of everyone he manages.

John is one of the most professional and buttoned up managers in the industry.

I am sure, you are the need of the hour for all managers in our industry today.

Experienced international manager within the industrial sector.

They are indeed industry leaders with exceptional management.

John, for any management role in the shipping industry.

John is one of the industry's most professional IT managers.

John was my first manager in the technology industry.

John was managing the offshore vendor management function for one of the strategic customers that I used to manage.

John is one of the best managers in the travel and hospitality industry.

John is supportive, yet allows his directs to manage their own directs without micro-managing.

John has been my direct manager twice already and he is more a mentor to me than a manager.

He's an outstanding project/program manager, operations manager and troubleshooter.

His knowledge of quality management and strategic management are quite impressive.

John was a quality manager who was very involved in the management of the team.

At first as a matrix manager and later on as a direct manager.

He has been an ever dependable 24x7 manager who manages his reports very well.

As a manager, John is willing to let his reports manage to the best of their abilities.

He was my indirect manager and I always hoped he'd become my direct manager.

When John managed me, he also managed the team that reported directly to me.

John was my direct manager in my first sales management position at our company.

He is from that category of managers who always keep their technical knowledge abreast with the industry along with the management of projects.

He is well-liked and trusted by those he reports to as well as those he manages.

Things seem to be always "well under control" in his operation and management.

John has very unique qualities that are not often found in management.

John cared about each client like they were the only one he managed.

He has all the qualities you can look for in an excellent manager.

John is one of our managers who knows how to achieve the goal.

John is one of those managers who really cares about his team.

He has been one of my most dedicated and supportive managers.

John is the manager you want to follow to the next company.

John has every quality you could ever want in a manager.

John has all the qualities of the best account managers.

Subsequently, we were peers reporting to the same manager.

He was very respected and liked by his managers as well.

John is very thorough, creative and versatile manager.

John was both my direct manager as well as an installer.

John was quite simply the best manager imaginable.

John also managed several reports very successfully.

John was my direct manager for much of this time.

John requires very little management and direction.

Professional, dedicated and loyal to his managers.

He was my mentor, then he became my direct manager.

John is very supportive and dedicated manager.

John was my direct manager for almost four years.

Diligent in managing his directives and delivers.

John is strategic in his management approach.

John is an engaging and motivational manager.

He takes direction well and is self managed.

This quality makes him an excellent manager.

I imagine he's the manager, he always wanted.

John is an energetic and dedicated manager.

John is one of those managers that goes directly to the goal.

He was one of the best managers, I have reported.

John was my direct manager at our company.