Management Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Management Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I've learnt from him a lot on how to structure and organize the work, how to make a good plan and how to take into account all possible risks.
He is really good at his skills and provides strategic practices.
I recently had the pleasure of working with John and his team on a strategic management hire.
This was a critical hire to our management team, and it was treated as such.
John is responsible, goal oriented manager, self-organised and self-motivated person with strong analytical and communication skills.
John is a great relationship manager, as he listens and then makes things happen.
He engaged all the right resources and kept us informed at every step.
His management skills made our cooperation productive and very efficient.
John also has good project management skills and manages successful the number of different simultaneous projects.
He managed multiple social campaigns with a number of different teams across many different time zones.
Great person, skilled leader and motivator.
He is organised, creative and leads a team extremely well.
John managed a complex project coordinating across a globally distributed team.
John is qualified manager with deep management background.
I have never had John more supportive manager.
I only wish there were more managers like him.
I was lucky to have him as my manager.
In his role he manages multiple projects and has excellent delivery management skill.
You managed it so well that hardly anyone noticed.
Thanks for all you are doing to help others to power up their profits.
How he manages to get to so many places I don't know.
Great organizational and management skills.
In addition, he is well liked and produces powerful results.
Every discussion with him turns out to be very motivational discussion.
I really appreciated his management style.
I liked his management style.
I don't know how he manages to do everything he does.
Would be happy to recommend him to any company or organisation looking to up-skill their management or teams in the crucial art of business relationship building.
He continually exceeded management expectations in difficult cultural, economic and political situations.
John is a highly effective manager with a can-do approach and a strong team orientation.
Confirming John is a very democratic manager via taking staff views into account, while maintaining control.
In short, they are clear, well managed and most of all, highly effective at transferring some usable techniques that you can take back to work the very next day.
He has saved me a tremendous amount of time, so I can focus on managing my team and driving business.
As a client, I could not be happier with the people he provides and the seemingly effortless way he manages all aspects of this account.
He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other colleagues.
I have worked on several applications together with John, he as chief architect for the whole application and I as development manager of some of the components.
I admired the fact that he wasn't afraid to take on some of the harder to fill technical positions while working with tough to please managers.
John is a talented and versatile business professional with great sales management, coaching and business planning skills.
I personally learned a lot from working with John and would say he is a good manager and teacher.
He gives consistent and helpful advice, and has helped me better equip myself with the tools necessary for me to manage personal issues that may arise.
Very nice manager with very good management skills.
John also has excellent management skills.
Holding excellent people management skills, stakeholder management and leadership skills.
John is an excellent manager with solid technical and management skills.
His project management skills are second to none.
His superior management skills enable him to manage the channel efficiently.
He has very strong people management and program management skill-sets.
His technical skills are trumped only by his skills in sales and project management.
His skills in team management and estimates are impressive.
I was impressed with his technical and management skills combination.
I strongly admired his management skill and style.
John is approachable and has great leadership and management skills.
Additionally, John has excellent communication and managing skill.
He managed the many product initiatives very well with strong project management skills.
He possesses superior management skills, client relationship skills, and team building skills.
John demonstrated exemplary project management skills.
His professional skills in project management are very good.
I was impressed with him event and project management skills.
John is also an exemplary people manager.
One of the best managers I have ever worked.
Our company John's management skills, he's also a skilled technologist.
His management skills and insights are excellent, as are his communication skills.
Him organization skills, communication skills, management and programming skills are unsurpassed.
His leadership skills, organisational skills and team management skills will see him succeed in any venture he chooses to take up.
John's technical skills are superior, but he also has strong management skills.
His technical skills and management skills make him valuable to any company.
Apart from his strong technical skill, his management skill is immaculate.
His knowledge and management skills were an asset and he always helped others to advance their skills.
John combines good people management skills with strong influencing skills.
He has acute people management, time management, relationship management and negotiation skills.
John's abilities were not just about creative skills, but also schedule management skills.
He has both great people skills and great management skills and will see the job through.
His skills to manage & advise solutions for any task & leadership skills are commendable.
Our company his skill as a delivery manager is John' leadership skill and initiative.
His management skills are impeccable, including priority management and account management.
These skills transfer to his people skills in managing a team.
John's management skills are second to none as he can adapt his management style to suit each individual personality which is a skill only the most successful managers possess.
During our company his management and innovative skills were clearly evident.
His management style and interpersonal skills were exemplary.
His organisational skills, eye for detail, enthusiasm, and management skills have been superb.
He utilises creative design/art direction skills, digital media/technical skills with management skills.
He has excellent customer management skills and interpersonal skills with which he was able to manage many of our challenging customers.
Also, his management skills are second to none, driven by his great communication and organizational skills.
Over and above excellent management and leadership skills, he also has outstanding communication skills.
John is very skilled at problem identification and has excellent management and communication skills.
John's creative skills coupled with outsourced man management skills are extraordinary.
His strong management skills and communication skills guided him to the next level.
Relationship management is his key skills and he manages them with immense knowledge and confidence.
His leadership skills are unmatched and he possesses uncanny resource management skills.
He is very smart and knows that how to manage the work task as well as he has excellent managing skills to manage his team.
He taught him not only construction skills, but management skills as well.
Change management and other soft skills management area where his talent and expertise.
He has tremendous management and soft skills, and he knows how to get the most out of people.
Easy to get along with, his people management skills is an asset in any workplace.
John is very skilled in organizational and transformational change management.
John's management and people skills are definitely an asset to any organization.
His management skills have always motivated him to do things in innovative ways.
His people management and soft skills were always been the best of its kind.
He's willing to listen and change and grow in him management skills.
He is very good at managing skills, especially people management.
His management skills are paramount and are present at all times.
His "people skills" are the basis for his own management style.
Excellent management skills make working him very comfortable.
John has it all - technical expertise, management skills and outstanding interpersonal skills.
His benevolent management skills certainly do not supersede his robust technical skills.
His polite words, positive attitude, analytical skills, people management skills makes him great manager.
His skills to not only oversee the task at hand, but also be dealing with the need to manage up is one of his strongest skill sets.
John has excellent skills he is always able to use his knowledge and management skills to resolve overcome any issues.
His cognitive skills are making him very efficient in strengthening his management skills and leadership competencies
A fantastic people manager, his team has always been very positive about him and his management skills.
John's way of dealing with different people, communication skills and managing skills are excellent.
He possesses that combination of both creative skills and the soft skills of people management.
His communication management, integration, management and risk management skills are extraordinary.
As a people manager, him conflict management skills are awe-inspiring.
He consistently demonstrated the interpersonal skills, communication skills, and organizational skills necessary to make a great manager.
His attention to detail sets him apart from most managers and his management and leadership skills are also exceptional.
His experience and ability, focus, management skills, interpersonal skills are impeccable and to be admired.
John has team player skills, he can work perfectly well alone and he has management skills.
He gathered all these skills with strong management skill of business partners.
In the two years we worked together, he taught him coaching skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and management.
People skills, management skills, technical skills, and good business sense, he's got it.
One of his particular strength was his skills in the area of people management.
Perhaps his greatest skill is motivation and management of people.
His skills enable him to succeed in both program management and people/project management.
John, he is a skilled manager with excellent knowledge about the subject and motivational skills.
He has excellent managerial skills and is able to get along very well with both management above him as well as those he supervises.
John's organizational skills are second to none and his ability to manage not only his time, but mine as well was excellent.
Colleagues, subordinates and supervising managers were all very complimentary regarding his managerial skills.
John's management skills can be described as inclusions, charismatic, and forward thinking.
He is able to do this with him outstanding time management and organizational skills.
His skill for managing & closing opportunities are really innovative & attractive.
John has very effective time management, organizational, and multitasking skills.
John's interpersonal skills are part of what makes him an excellent manager.
John has very good management skills, but is also quite detail-oriented.
Here management skills are tops, his ideas are always forward-thinking.
He possesses excellent interpersonal, analysis and management skills.
Our company organizational and interpersonal skills made John one of his favourite managers.
John is one of those professionals who is constantly seeking ways to improve his skills and the skills of those he manages.
John displays innate skills for rational decision making as well as unparalleled time management skills.
Witnessing his leadership skills and management skills on a day to day basis was a pleasure.
John impressed him with his skills in product management and people management.
His management and coaching skills were recognized throughout the company by those he managed as exceptional.
His skills in human resources only pale in comparison to his skills as a manager.
His excellent technical skills, leadership skills, customer management and interaction skills make him one of the best in the profession.
He brings out creativity and skills you didn't even know you had, without micro-managing.
John has gone into management where he can pass on his skills to the next generation.
Him creativity does not get in the way of his management skills - a rare combination
One thing that sets him apart is his exceptional relationship management skills.
John has creative ideas with the management skills to get them accomplished.
His strengths were in his prospecting skills and relationship management.