Management Style Performance Review Phrases Examples

Management Style Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's a great leader that has highly improved the team's performance by him excellent management style.
Any organization should feel extremely blessed to have him leading a team.
John manages his own team well, and they appreciate his management style.
John is very approachable as an executive.
His management style worked well for those he managed as well as his peers and managers.
His management style is one of an approachable nature.
John has an open and approachable management style.
I've admired and often look up to his management methods and style.
I look back and appreciate his management style.
John's management style is one of a kind.
I really appreciate his management style.
His authentic approach to management makes him stand apart as an executive.
His management style is one I wish more managers would use.
John's approach to management is very hands-off and he never micro-manages.
This is the same management style that he applies even when managing his team.
He has an excellent approach to both managing up and managing down.
John's managing style includes managing by walking around, being approachable and accessible.
His management style is unlike any other, but it is just that, that makes him successful in any management role.
John is an incredibly approachable manager with a focused and supportive management style.
There are many managers, but few of them have the management style I saw in John.
John's approach to project management is no less methodical.
John is the kind of product management executive you want for your company.
I found his style to be very thorough and methodical.
I really appreciate his style and approach.
I appreciate his approach and his methods.
John is very thorough and methodical in his approach.
His management style is refreshing in that he leads by example, allowing one to discover their own management style without being micro-managed.
John is methodical in approach and diligent in the execution.
He is a gotten it done now kind of executive.
I was impressed with his approach to the execution.
Senior management needs this kind of talent.
Also remarkable was his management style.
I miss him and his management style, each and every day.
One of the things I value about him the most is his management style.
John is the kind of manager that does just that.
John is approachable and always available for his managers and staff.
He has a very proactive and approachable management style.
His management style is very different and unique.
Learning from him management style has been an opportunity.
John is the kind of manager who never stops.
I'm really impressed with his management style.
To me, he is a manager of his own style.
His management style is very encouraging.
John and his positive management style.
John had an excellent management style.
John is a thorough and methodical manager.
John is strategic in his management approach.
John is the kind of manager you want to do well for.
Overall, he is an amiable manager and is very approachable.
John is also very thorough and organized in his management style.
He is approachable and has a very inclusive style of management.
There are so many great things to say about him management style.
He's the kind of manager who you'd always want on your team.
He provided guidance when need and was very thorough in his management style.
John is an approachable, down to earth manager.
I believe this had everything to do with John's management style.
What I like the most about his management style was that he was very patient and very approachable.
John approach to management is thorough and refreshing.
He has a very positive management style and is very approachable.
John's management style made it very easy for me to approach him for guidance.
John's management style and philosophies should be copied be all managers.
John's management style allows you to grow into the style of manager that you want to be - but knowing him guidance is right there when you need it.
John managed him in a down to earth way and let him get on with it - no micro management that wasn't his style.
John's management style is well balanced and very effective across all management arenas.
John's management style is highly appreciated by those he manage and his superiors.
Many of his management characteristics have helped to form his own management style.
His management style is exemplary and he's adept at managing both up and down.
His management style is flexible from miroc management to empowerment.
John managed many of his colleagues at our company and they always had fantastic things to say about him management style.
Additionally, his management style made you believe that he would have you back in any situation.
He tailored his management style to each of us, according to our preferred styles.
He uses the appropriate management style for the appropriate situation
He knows how to manage each individual according to their style.
John's style of management could best be described as fantastic.
His management style is direct while always being fair, his subordinates like him and most of all respected his management style.
His management style is one that reflects his understanding of those with whom he is interacting and managing.
His management style allows his employees to manage themselves and also allows them to bring their ideas to him.
He has a very nice management style and no wonder he keeps getting better manager rating in the division.
His management style was very appealing with the right balance between delegation and micro management.
The hallmark of Shantanu's management style is the way he always manages to see the big picture.
As a manager, he understands and has an open-minded management style.
John's management style is one that you do not find within many other organizations.
These same values are those of which made his management style refreshing.
His leadership style always managed to get the best out of his employees.
His leadership style is a style that every manager should try to possess.
His management style allows individuals to be just that, an individual.
His management style is not by trial, but through his experiences.
His leadership and management style is definitely one to emulate.
His style of managing things is quite uniquely and very effective.
What sets him apart is his authenticity and management style.
His style of management contains such passion and enthusiasm.
John knows what to do, when doing it, and then he does it with style.
John can vary his management style to accommodate individuals who need more or less hands-on management.
The personnel under him were well motivated by his management style.
John's direct style management made it all possible in weeks.
His leadership style is well liked by his peers and managers.
His style of management is one of being truly open door, offering encouragement and advice when needed and allowing his managers to manage.
His management style is as hands-off or hands-on as needed by the individual he manages.
His management style has always been hiring the best, and let them do their jobs.
John functions his best when given the freedom to manage in his own style.
His management style is one that is difficult to replicate and appeals to all levels of management hierarchy.
His management style is above all others; he treats his managers with respect and encourages them to succeed.
Using his great management style can manage successfully under the most difficult and complex circumstances.
His management style would include surrounding himself with very capable employees - not micro-managing.
He adapts his management style to the sophistication of his employees, maximizing effective management.
His management styled to allow him enough room to organize his workload and self-manage priorities.
John's management style never included adjectives such as micro-managed, pushy or controversial.
John's management style allowed him to grow in his position because he didn't micro-manage him.
His management style helped us keep focused, but never made us feel micromanaged in any way.
Paivi has a long experience as a manager and that can be seen in his daily management style.
His professionalism and management style should be observed and emulated by other managers.
His easy going management style makes him approachable and a good listening manager.
John's managing style strikes a rare balance between 'manager' and 'colleague'.
He reached management levels where he can easily adapt his management style to the person that he's managing.
His expertise makes everyone around him better, and his management style is always positive; always effective.
His management style is second to none and since he has influenced him, his deals have gone through the roof.
His management style is almost telepathic, he seems to have the answers before you ask the questions.
His no-nonsense management style and straightforwardness make him well liked among colleagues.
People under him supervision are willing to go the extra mile because of his management style.
John would certainly add value to many organisations with his approach and management style.
His management style is collaborative and empowering and you always know he's got your back.
His management style was one of understanding him charges and getting the best out of them.
These are the keys to his management style and why he is so successful and so respected.
His management style is participative which keeps everyone involved and own decisions.
His management style is very refreshing, as it is always positive and forward looking.
His style of management is all about freedom to think and do things "out of the box".
He knows how to adapt his style of management to each different culture he is facing.
His management style can be best described as democratic and empathetic in nature.
His unique management style will always make him successful in whatever he does.
His management style is second to none, he is accessible, welcoming and candid.
One of his greatest strengths is his management style with those he supervises.
He rose to each challenge that you face with different styles of management.
His styles of selling and managing can be described in one word: energized.
His two biggest contributions were him management style and his friendship.
John as his management style was one that was relaxed yet highly focused.
John's style of management is truly admirable and enabled him to succeed.
John's management style provided him the appropriate space to grow further.
Him fantastic style of management always inspires others to make our company.
The focussed, yet comfortable style of management makes him distinguished.
Perhaps his best trait is his congenial management style and disposition.
His style of management was fresh and invigorating that was most welcome.
Without his unique management style, these efforts would have floundered.
Our hiring managers and candidates all responded very well to his style.
His expectations were demanding, but his management style was relaxed.
He knows to adapt his management style to whoever is in front of him.
John picked up his aggressive management style in this environment.
His management style is non-confrontational, conciliatory and honest.
Supported and managed those under him with a fair and leveled style.
John's style of managing his colleagues brings out the best in them.
He brings that same level of thoughtfulness to his management style.