Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is not his manager, but was more of a manager to him than his own manager.
John is one of those very few managers who actually know how to manage.
A manager of managers, he also manages the career aspirations of other managers in the center.
He knows how to manage and manage well and is always there to help when you're in need.
First and foremost, every manager should know what it is that he or he is managing.
He doesn't just manage up, but manages down and across the organization.
His managers are ones most satisfied of all, he knows how to manage.
Subramaniam manages to get the best out of the people he manages.
John is his manager's manager and had been very approachable.
And his favorite manager because he was the manager who really didn't want to be a manager, which made him one of the best.
This is more than most managers could handle and after he left his role was managed by several managers.
He is one of those managers who you do everything you can for because you never want to let him down.
John gets on with everybody and always managed to get the best out of everybody and every situation.
He understands the complexities of management and knows how to manage up as well as manage down.
It was a pleasure to be his manager, mostly because did not have to really do any management.
He manages by example, never asking anyone to do something he is not willing to do himself.
John is very organised and managed several different managers' needs as they were required.
John is his direct manager and what stands out most in his management is human management.
Though he is capable of managing himself, he is very willing to be managed by superiors.
There are managers who supervise and there are managers who get things done, he is both.
He has taught him more about management than any other manager has ever done in the past.
His management style worked well for those he managed as well as his peers and managers.
He can manage people, he can manage clients, and he manages to make it all look easy.
Come to think of it, he probably should have been managing him, not the other way round.
Sometimes, you do not know how great the manager is until he is no longer your manager.
John manages himself, and when he comes to you it is because he needs to strategize.
He is interested in not only improving what he manages but also those whom he manages.
John is one of those managers who makes you want to do more without ever being asked.
Projects under his management are well managed and executed according to expectations.
If you want something done, you better have someone like him in your management team.
He is one of the best managers when it comes to outsourcing and managing deliveries.
If he continues to manage himself the way, he has managed, so far, he would go places.
He manages very well up with management and down with individuals in his department.
He knows indeed how to get the best from everyone by managing but also challenging.
What makes him the best manager is that he's always there for you when you need him.
He is the manager we look forward to and is always available for help and support.
John is one of those managers that knows exactly what is possible and what is not.
He adjusts his way to manage people by the way he knows they need to be managed.
He is someone that you should try to have in any and every team that you manage.
John makes everyone else better around him, especially in the people he manages.
The best part about being his manager was that he required very little managing.
He made management easy for him because he was self-managed and self-motivated.
John is the first manager who made it possible for him to get out of his cocoon
John is an excellent manager and one who integrates well with those he manages.
John has been someone that we can look up to when it comes to being a manager.
John managed other managers, in addition to managing engineers directly.
Somehow, he manages to gracefully do this while managing many other priorities.
He manages according to the appropriate priorities and does not micromanage
He is always willing to help himself and the other managers whenever possible.
Personally, his management style provided an example on how to manage his team.
He is the manager who can get you the best out of yourself and the whole team.
He has done this not only for those that he has managed, but also for himself.
John is the dream employee for any manager as he needs very little management.
This has led him to be managed, many many managers of very different qualities.
He's someone who really manages to get things done-and to get them done well.
He knows what needs to be done and will always manage to get things sorted.
Unlike any other managers, he has gone out of his way to help him in any way
John is just as comfortable managing upwards and he is managing downwards.
He has been always at least one step ahead of the needs of those he manages.
John manages his own team well, and they appreciate his management style.