Managerial Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Managerial Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was very proficient in his technical skills as well as managerial skills.
Along with these technical skills, his managerial skills and skills in grooming people are also noteworthy.
He is excellent in communication skills, managerial skills, and programming skills.
John has great managerial skills and knows how to get things done when they need to be done.
John's all around managerial skills, sales skills and presentation skills are impeccable, not to mention his skills for mentoring others.
He is really good not only managerial skills, but also motivational skills as well.
His people skills are superb, as are him organizational and managerial skills.
John has great managerial, relationshipship skills as well as process skills.
His managerial skills are in line with his sales skills which are excellent.
John's managerial skills and analytical skills are his greatest strengths.
John's technical skills and managerial skills are extremely impressive.
His organizational skills and office management skills were excellent.
With the managerial skills, he is equally sound in technical skills.
He is blessed with intellect, management skills and team skills.
His consulting skills and project management skills are excellent.
Excellent all round skills from technical to managerial, he's definitely an asset.
John has the right analytical and managerial skills to make things happen.
John is one amongst the few that possess both technical and managerial skills.
Anyone who comes across him would get a flavor of his managerial skills.
Excellent managerial skills, and very friendly with the resources.
John does not take no for an answer and has good managerial skills.
I have been impressed by his managerial and entrepreneurial skills.
He is exceptionally well in technical as well as managerial skills.
I have always appreciated his skills both managerial and technical.
I was thoroughly impressed by his technical and managerial skills.
I always look upon Bharat for his technical and managerial skills.
John also has very well-rounded technical and managerial skills.
I found both his technical and managerial skills to be excellent.
He is brilliant technically and even better at managerial skills.
I was impressed by his communication and other managerial skills.
I was really impressed by his cleverness and managerial skills.
John has strong managerial skills and is very well organized.
Talented individual, both in technical and managerial skills.
He is very proactive and his managerial skills are excellent.
Apart from technical skills he has very good management skills which he demonstrated here during his tenure.
John is well known as the company for his excellent technical skills, managerial skills and likability.
I had never come across a leader who has both excellent technical skills and the managerial skills.
I had never come across a leader who has both excellent technical skills and the managerial skills.
He is a thorough professional and his technical skills are as good as him managerial skills.
I will definitely recommend him for his management skills and as a highly skilled wordsmith.
He has great people's skills and managerial skills needed to get things done on time.
He has solid managerial skills and excellent customer interface skills.
John has good managerial skills with excellent communication skills.
I found John Hafeez with excellent technical skills and managerial skills.
I was impressed with his managerial skills encompassing along with IT Networking skills.
His managerial skills were also second to none as he always seemed to be on the ball and praised by his staff.
John has great managerial skills and always looks out for the best interests of his employees.
He is not only very good at technology, but he is also having very good managerial skills.
John, an inspiration for me, his technical as well as managerial skills is outstanding.
His managerial skills are well honed and he is well liked by both peers and subordinates.
John is one of the few people who has the right combination of technical and managerial skills.
John is very well organized and proved over and over his superior managerial skills.
He knows how to get things done and has excellent communication and managerial skills.
He has all the technical and managerial skills to handle the given responsibilities.
If nothing else, that it speaks volumes about his managerial & leadership skills.
His managerial skills and experience is always on display and cannot be questioned.
He is an asset for any organisation because of his technical and managerial skills.
John has clearly demonstrated strong managerial skills over the past several years.
He has got very good managerial skills as well, which given him an edge over others.
I have worked beside him and truly admire his managerial and organizational skills.
Simply superb would be an understatement for his managerial skills.
It was his managerial skills that made him popular all across.
His managerial skills brought out the best of each individual.
His ability to guide and mentor, regardless of skill level is also proof of his managerial skills.
Johns managerial and leadership skills are, although he will always be modest about them, to be admired.
John provided us with an excellent course on improving our leadership and managerial skills.
He always impresses everyone around him by his strong managerial and leadership skills.
With his managerial skills he ensures that all deliverables are available on time.
His managerial and organisional skills are, without question, first class.
He has his highest recommendations for his craft and his managerial skills.
He has shown his managerial and enterprising skill during that period.
Him dedication, managerial skills, and innovation are outstanding.
His superb managerial skills are and were something to strive for.
This is his true domain where he proves his managerial skills.
John strikes that fine balance of solid managerial skill and dynamic leadership skill.
He is known for his amazing managerial skills and the way he mentors the colleagues.
Over and over again, he has demonstrated his superb managerial and leadership skills.
John stands out from his peers with his incredible managerial skills.
Having great communication skills, he has demonstrated the best leadership and managerial skills.
Has managerial skills seem to come naturally to him with an entrepreneurial keenness in his demeanor.
His managerial skills help him to settle into the position very easily and he was always encouraging.
John has incomparable leadership and managerial skills that seem to come naturally for him.
John possesses solid managerial skills which have enabled him to what is been done now.
This is due to his managerial skills as well as his ability to jump in and get it done.
Apart from his good managerial skills he is very friendly, helpful & always dependable.
John's skills have since expanded and he also boasts strong managerial experience.
His attention to detail was second to none and his managerial skills were exemplary
John has also great leadership skills, which is essential at his managerial level.
John brings enthusiasm as well as great managerial skills to everything he does.
He possesses exceptional managerial skills and he has his highest recommendation.
Excellent managerial skills, he has all it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.
His ability to use his management skills to deliver results are also commendable.
He is constantly increasing his skills and expanding his managerial capabilities.
He has strong managerial skills and the ability to adapt to different conditions.
John is an incredible employee with value and managerial skills beyond his title.
John's managerial skills have been a tremendous help to his growth and success.
John is highly skilled at successfully handling managerial responsibilities.
His managerial skills have improved his own company's outcomes substantially.
His business experience combined with managerial skills would be valuable.
John's managerial skills are greatly complimented by his amiable nature.
John displayed highly effective managerial skills during our company.
John's managerial skills salvaged a very difficult situation.
He possesses an excellent combination of managerial skills with entrepreneurial skills which makes him stand out of a crowd.
Communication skills and logical skills are the strong points of his profile and these skills help him a lot in establishing that managerial outlook on the opportunities/projects he pursue.
He has broad skill and very hands on even he has quite high managerial position.
John has exceptional management and process improvement skills.
With his excellent priority balancing skills, he makes everyone around him look so far off their managerial goals.
His other outstanding qualities are management and interpersonal skill.
Two, him managerial style is best described as very collaborative.
Admiration not only for his managerial style, but his mentorship.