Managing Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Managing Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

One great consultant to have on the team, he is a fantastic managing consultant.
Chris' management style is direct, but very consultative and he is an excellent stakeholder manager.
He knows how to get the most out of both agencies and consultants while managing them to their fullest potential.
A great way for him to get indoctrinated in the realm of management consulting.
His liaison with the managers and the consultants is flawless and efficient
John adds value above and beyond his remit as a management consultant.
John is highly accomplished our company consultant and manager.
John can always be counted on to do what's best for the consultants he manages, and for his clients.
He also had responsibilities for managing other consulting resources.
When we worked together, he managed three consultants from his firm.
John worked for him in two different roles: consultant and manager.
He is very consultative with clients and the people he managed.
John has always excelled at whatever task he was given - consulting, teaching, managing.
John ably managed the multi-practice consulting engagement/sales management effort.
He always went above and beyond what was required to create an environment of success for him and the other consultants he managed.
John managed a number of his consultants and the feedback from them was always very positive.
His transformation from management consultant to the author has given us even richer rewards.
As an adviser and management consultant, he has provided invaluable insight and guidance.
He can provide consultancy and advice, as well as management, roles in such capacity.
He brought in and managed other consultants and experts as needed on various efforts.
His input and consultation was extremely helpful in him becoming a better manager.
This has been the cornerstone of his success as a manager and as a consultant.
This makes that he performs both as a consultant as in management positions.
His consultative approach has won over even the toughest hiring managers.
John's expertise in performance consulting and management is well known.
He manages agencies and consultants effectively as force multipliers.
John performed at the excellent level in management consulting.
His assignments were clear and he is a good consultative manager.
He manages his consultant's expectations with professionalism.
He will be an asset in any management consulting or operations management role.
He is well respected by not only the client, but the other consulting firm that he had to manage.
Our consultants who worked for him all had glowing things to say about him management style.
John also managed any consultants that were temporarily unassigned ('on the bench').
Senior management should consult him for his vast experiences on stage and off.
He worked effectively and collaboratively with management and consultants.
John's approach to contact center management consulting is revolutionary.
We met with him as his manager and he now works for him as a consultant.
A great consultant and now manager who is forging ahead in his career.
He works very closely with consultants at our company and the management.
Clients and consultants are lucky to have him managing their projects.
He is consulted by both management and staff for input and guidance.
He manages his own time well and can manage others in a calm, professional and consultative manner.
John is so good at what he does, that he is asked for and consulted with managers outside him current division/group assignment.
He managed other consultants and placed everyone in a position to achieve not only what was expected but exceeded in all aspects.
For this, along with his expert consultations he provides to management, has earned him our greatest respect and appreciation.
He looks out for the consultants that he places and follows up regularly to obtain feedback from the hiring manager.
He goes beyond the management consultant archetype to deliver insights and recommendations that are truly relevant.
John allowed him to manage his group with minimal interference but was always available for consultation and advice.
To call him a "management consultant" doesn't do him justice because the value he has brought to us is tremendous.
Organized, thorough and progressive, he is highly recommended as a manager, consultant or employee.
He organised and managed several consultants and was responsible for pulling many streams together.
John personifies his firm's name, in that he is everything a management consultant 'ought to be'.
At the time he was there as a consultant, because the previous management company up and left.
Him intuition, empathy and flexibility make him an extremely effective manager and consultant.
John's strongest points are his candidate management and his highly consultative nature.
John came to our college for a session on the nitty gritties of management consulting.
John insists on simplicity and clarity which is refreshing for a management consultant.
The site he has created is an excellent portal into the management consulting world.
He and his colleagues place him into a management consulting role almost immediately.
John's approach was consultative and strategic while also managing the details.
He is a quick learner and has managed consulting assignments with ease.
Renzie was recommended to him by a professional management consultant.
Because of these attributes, his capability as a management consultant made him very successful in our company.
He provided leadership to other consultants and thought partnership to his managers and clients.
John is an extremely talented consultant who is excellent at stakeholder management.
John possesses the rare combination of talents for both consulting and managing.
He also has the rare capability of being both a consultant and in client management.
His management style is very communicative, collaborative and consultative.
Hielko is a people manager and at the same time he has the standards of an internal consultant.
His leadership style extends to how he manages his agency and consulting partners.
This made him very effective as both a consultant and project manager.
John is an outstanding investment and management strategy consultant.
As his project manager, he brought out the best in him as a consultant.
His goodness is wider than just consulting in project management.
As a manager, he mentored, motivated and provided opportunities to the junior consultants like himself to grow into better consultants.
The other was as his manager at our company, providing information management consulting expertise to our clients.
At crunch time he has involved and managed other consultants, and has always done an excellent job.
Anyone who teaches management and gets to consult on the side is in a league of his own.
He managed a diverse team, but his understanding of the management consulting process, mean he put the right consultant in the most effective placement.
In management consulting, he supports with remarkable and feasible methods.
As a manager, he was thoughtful, consultative, fair and supportive.
John's role also involved managing consultants from an external supply.
Many times we have consulted him with several problems at once and he has always managed to divide his time and attention accordingly.
In a world in which many are happy to manage and consult, he is an enthusiastic "doer"; we need more of that nowadays.
John - now the management consultant brings to the table insights which are so basic that one would tend to miss them.
John epitomised the value that ought to be added by top drawer management consulting (but all too often isn't).
Hence now seeing him establishing his own management consulting firm is a great milestone which is well deserved.
As a consultant, he managed us extremely well, balancing what we thought we wanted with what we actually needed.
He will go the extra mile to satisfy upper management and will also make him potential consultants happy.
John's friendly and consultative approach positions him as a very effective salesperson/account manager.
John moved from his consulting role, in which he was managed by him directly a little over a year ago.
John's professionalism and refreshing approach are transparent in the way he manages his consultants.
He consulted well with managers and brought the group to a shared understanding of what we needed.
His humanistic approach to managing his consultants was a breath of fresh air.
John provided both consulting and managed service expertise to our company companies.
Our company liked by everyone and well connected, John is very noticeable in the our company's management consulting practice.
He showed amazing potential while he was managing auditors and consultant.
John successfully leverages his management consulting background by taking a consultative approach towards serving him clients and candidates.
He believes in taking decisions with consultation and successfully manages to bridge the gap between his team and higher management.
Within days he managed to become a trusted consultant for his team there, as well as for the our company top management.
He consults well with his clients and is particularly focused on achieving the best outcome possible for hiring managers.
His ability to listen and understand his clients' needs allows him to manage and consult effectively.
His ability to manage expectations correctly with clients and consultants is truly amazing.
He is able to get great results from one of our high-end management consulting clients.
His consultative approach to management and his ability to grow revenue are unmatched.
An exceptional management consultant committed to achieving success for his clients.
He felt like more of a friend and consultant than a "client manager".
He took the approach of a consultant rather than just managing our account.
He is an honest, thoughtful and consultative account manager.
John first got him into consulting at our company and was his account manager for several sites.
He received nothing but praise from the consultants he worked with as well as their respective managers.