Managing Details Performance Review Phrases Examples

Managing Details Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John was part project manager, part manager, part technical support.

He is part facilitator, part manager and part strategist.

The best part about being his manager was that he required very little managing.

He goes all out to make sure all details are executed.

He is extremely strategic while managing to execute to the last detail.

He has always come through for us and I consider him as part of my executive management team.

He managed both the development part and the testing part.

He is particularly on the detail and creative in the execution.

He is very detail oriented, thorough in execution.

John has always been very thorough and detailed in all of his media executions.

He was organized and very detailed in his execution.

He is great in technical and management part.

John is very detailed oriented manager.

He is thorough and detailed in the management of his teams.

John is a very structured and detail oriented manager.

He is well-rounded, and was an integral part of the executive management team.

John is what every product manager should be: part engineer, part business, and all executions.

He is very dedicated and makes sure every part is right to the last detail.

John is very detail oriented and follows up on every detail.

He's great with all details and details.

He is part coder, part designer, part artist, and part diplomat.

John is smart and structured manageable.

John was the project manager and very structured.

During that time he managed a team of new business executives and was part of my management team.

He was always very thorough and detailed.

John is thorough and gets down to the details.

John is detailed, structured and professional.

John always follows through with the details.

He knows whatever he does and knows in detail.

He's both very structured and strong with details.

I have really enjoyed being part of the same executive committee.

His approach to executive search is thorough and detailed.

He was an important part of our executive team.

John is incredibly detailed and executes without fail.

He has good focus for detail and execution.

He can think strategically, but get down into the details and execute as needed.

He is just as adept at executing programs down to the details.

John is meticulous with detail, and tenacious on execution.

He is always willing to go above and beyond and executes on everything that he is a part of.

John is energetic in his vision and detailed in his execution.

He is detail oriented and thorough in his execution of responsibilities.

He knows every last detail and oversees the execution himself.

He is detail oriented and executes with precision.

He makes certain every detail is understood and executed flawlessly.

I am very excited to be a part of that execution.

He is innovative in his approach and detailed in his execution.

He was a one-part client, one-part mentor, and one-part friend.

John hired and managed several product managers as part of his responsibilities.

He does this with detailed planning and execution.

He was very thorough and detailed in his planning and execution.

John is a very detailed and hands on manager.

John was a very efficient, detailed manager.

John is an efficient and detail oriented manager.

John is responsible for managing those events, down to every detail.

John is a very detail oriented manager.

John was my primary manager for the better part of the last year.

He has always been a detailed and professional manager.

He is very detail oriented about the business he manages.

John is an exceptional manager who is very detail orientated.

He's detailed oriented and an excellent manager.