Managing Details Performance Review Phrases Examples

Managing Details Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was part project manager, part manager, part technical support.
He is part facilitator, part manager and part strategist.
The best part about being his manager was that he required very little managing.
He goes all out to make sure all details are executed.
He is extremely strategic while managing to execute to the last detail.
He has always come through for us and I consider him as part of my executive management team.
He managed both the development part and the testing part.
He is particularly on the detail and creative in the execution.
He is very detail oriented, thorough in execution.
John has always been very thorough and detailed in all of his media executions.
He was organized and very detailed in his execution.
He is great in technical and management part.
John is very detailed oriented manager.
He is thorough and detailed in the management of his teams.
John is a very structured and detail oriented manager.
He is well-rounded, and was an integral part of the executive management team.
John is what every product manager should be: part engineer, part business, and all executions.
He is very dedicated and makes sure every part is right to the last detail.
John is very detail oriented and follows up on every detail.
He's great with all details and details.
He is part coder, part designer, part artist, and part diplomat.
John is smart and structured manageable.
John was the project manager and very structured.
During that time he managed a team of new business executives and was part of my management team.
He was always very thorough and detailed.
John is thorough and gets down to the details.
John is detailed, structured and professional.
John always follows through with the details.
He knows whatever he does and knows in detail.
He's both very structured and strong with details.
I have really enjoyed being part of the same executive committee.
His approach to executive search is thorough and detailed.
He was an important part of our executive team.
John is incredibly detailed and executes without fail.
He has good focus for detail and execution.
He can think strategically, but get down into the details and execute as needed.
He is just as adept at executing programs down to the details.
John is meticulous with detail, and tenacious on execution.
He is always willing to go above and beyond and executes on everything that he is a part of.
John is energetic in his vision and detailed in his execution.
He is detail oriented and thorough in his execution of responsibilities.
He knows every last detail and oversees the execution himself.
He is detail oriented and executes with precision.
He makes certain every detail is understood and executed flawlessly.
I am very excited to be a part of that execution.
He is innovative in his approach and detailed in his execution.
He was a one-part client, one-part mentor, and one-part friend.
John hired and managed several product managers as part of his responsibilities.
He does this with detailed planning and execution.
He was very thorough and detailed in his planning and execution.
John is a very detailed and hands on manager.
John was a very efficient, detailed manager.
John is an efficient and detail oriented manager.
John is responsible for managing those events, down to every detail.
John is a very detail oriented manager.
John was my primary manager for the better part of the last year.
He has always been a detailed and professional manager.
He is very detail oriented about the business he manages.
John is an exceptional manager who is very detail orientated.
He's detailed oriented and an excellent manager.
Him detail is people centric creating value rather than just managing detail.
John' attention to detail and his management style really make him the great manager that he is.
His management style was respected by all his subordinates, neither micro-managing every detail.
All he needs is his assignment and off he goes, no need to manage because he handles everything to the last detail.
He knows the details, but knows enough to step back and manage them instead of actually doing things himself.
John has the ability to get into the details when necessary and yet can summerize for management.
His attention to detail is second to none, as is his candidate management.
He can go into the details and manage to get through issues with success.
John is a wonderful manager and is very detailed in anything he does.
He manages well, but gives you space to handle all the details.
Project management and attention to details are him strengths.
He is very detailed in managing complex/strategic initiatives.
He thoroughly & flawlessly manages detail, while bringing forth those salient details that really matter.
As a manager, although hands-on and details oriented, he does not micro-manage.
John is a detail oriented manager who is always in tune with his subordinate managers and employees.
He doesn't just manage the details; instead he manages the big picture with a fine tooth comb
He is detail-oriented manager who wants knew almost everything about company witch manage.
His thoroughness and making sure that every detail is managed well is something that is quite amazing.
He is thorough, detail oriented, an excellent manager, and knows what needs to be done and how.
He managed all of the details for us and made the whole effort so easy for everyone involved.
He is detail-oriented and very responsive to the needs of the organization that he manages.
John not only manages details like no other; he lifts those around him while he's doing it.
He manages every detail and makes sure all is done in the most efficient and failsafe way.
John is great at seeing the whole picture as well as managing details at the same time.
He gives attention to each and every minute detail which makes him a thorough manager.
His attention to detail and his ability to manage many things at once are exceptional.
John not only manages details very well, but does so with the "big picture" in mind.
He has the ability to tightly manage his opportunities and keep up with the details.
He always managed to impress him by his recommendations and his attention to details.
He managed every detail without us needing to know what happened behind the scenes.
John knows his stuff and is very good with managing the objectives to the detail.
He can manage things in detail through continuous involvement of other colleagues.
His very methodical and detailed in his approach and manages well at all levels.
The detail he provided and the way he managed the time allotted was outstanding.
He manages well the balance between pragmatism and having an eye for the detail.
John manages the details with excellence and follows up to ensure satisfaction.
John is a detailed manager with an eye on getting it right from the beginning.
His attention to detail without getting into micro- management is commendable.
He lets them make their own decisions instead of micro-managing every detail.
He is very detailed, delivers on time and does not need any micro-managing.
His smooth, detailed management style is one is one that many should follow.
He manages an organization with his vision without dictating the details.
You can always count on him he his detail oriented, but never micro manage.
John is always on top of the ball on getting assets and managing details.
While he is managing the big picture, he still never neglects any details.
Candidates respect him and hiring managers value his attention to detail.
He managed the details flawlessly (always doing whatever was required).
As a manager, he is detailed-oriented and makes sure your needs are met.
Siddharaj came across to him as a detail-oriented and decisive manager.
Due to his experience, he manages to figure out the details very quickly.
John provides detailed notes for the hiring manager to review.
John managed many details and deliverables with tight timelines.
John is an outstanding manager of details and are highly driven.
He just as easily manages the detailed tasks to get us there.
He manages the our company and makes sure the "details" don't get lost.
John's attention to detail and clarity in managing his respective parties are detailed and sharp.
He managed everything to the detail and then he meticulously followed-up with our customers.
Our company is detail and John was the best at taking care of the details
He is an extremely detailed oriented manager who provides clear and concise directions to those he manages.
As a our company manager, he is a detailed-oriented, thorough, and competent manager.
John recognized the right directions and still managed details well at the same time.
John is able to manage both people and details and make it seem effortless.
He gets things done, with good attention to details and risk management.
As a manager, he was very detail oriented as well as very motivating.
He manages every detail of multiple campaigns at the same time.
He manages every detail and is tenacious in driving progress.
His knowledge is very detailed and he even has an eye for details.
He stayed within our budget and managed all the details quite effectively.
He truly managed all the unseen details and did so on time and on budget.
He can be relied upon to focus on and manage the details of any task.
John is a great manager and his attention to detail allows him to manage multiple tasks at the same time.
He is an excellent, detail oriented manager who manages to problem solve his way out of tough situations.
As a manager he has a keen eye for detail yet he still manages to keep the big picture in perspective.
John is a detailed-oriented manager who helped manage our territories telemarketing efforts.
He is detailed oriented manager adept at managing large and complex deliverables efficiently.
He managed both to oversee the strategic picture and manage to solve detailed problems.
John is detailed focus manager, he's taking into consideration all details regarding resources that he's managing or helping him or dealing with the team.
John is really hard working and detail oriented manager, who would never like to miss out on the smallest of the details.
John is not into micro details, however, he manages to get the best out of you by encouragement and delegating responsibility.
We were given the freedom to manage ourselves and deliver, but he was also very intimately involved in all the details.
Aside from his much appreciated ability to see the big picture, he is one of the few who can also manage the details.
He is very detailed oriented, well known about what he is doing and able to manage so many requests at one time.
His management style and attention to detail is one that should set an example to many other managers/directors.
John puts great detail into doing what is right for the company and for those he is responsible for managing.
He's very detail-focused and is very disciplined in following the protocol, he's been charged with managing.
He is able to delegate and manage to the timeframe well, and got into the details when it was warranted.
He is extremely thorough, taking the time to understand all the details, but he does not micro-manage.
He does not micro manage unless and until it is highly critical for him to be involved in the details
His attention to time management and detail allows him to excel in anything that comes before him.
What was most impressive was his attention to detail and the way he would track, manage & measure.