Managing Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Managing Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I joined him later to become his partner and his managing director.
John actually wrote the articles with input from the various directors and managers.
John is one of the best managing directors that a company could ask for.
The John company would be lucky to have him in any management, director role.
That made him highly trust by the director and upper management.
John was recognized as an excellent manager, director and senior director.
John was the kind of director who would not ask you to do something he would not do himself.
John is one of those directors that always wants the best and brings out the best in you.
He always was there for me, even being on the director level.
He is one of those rare directors who is able to manage up and down with equal effectiveness.
I would give him the highest recommendation for any management or director position.
He is that rare breed of director who provides oversight without micro-managing.
His leadership reminded me of what well rounded managers and directors can be.
John is strong as stakeholder management - particularly at director level.
It's my hope to have him as our director for quite some time.
He is a managing director who commands with authority and finesse.
John is an inspirational line manager and editorial director.
John is a dynamic outstanding motivator, director and manager.
John shows the way forward for other think-tank directors, who are not so proactive.
He can even make subjects such as the responsibilities of directors interesting.
Even though he was the director, he always introduced me as a colleague.
I would recommend him for any director positions he may be interested.
I believe he would make a terrific director if given the opportunity.
John is a very passionate director who knows exactly what he wants.
John is exactly the kind of director everyone wishes they had.
He is a director that we could always trust to get things done.
John has been a strong manager and director able to take on just about anything put on his plate.
He is respectful towards managing directors as to blue collars, leaving everyone in their dignity.
John adapted quickly in his new role and rapidly advanced himself to the manager and then director.
Not only is he a brilliant and astute managing director, he's also genuinely lovely.
John, thank you for recently delivering a workshop to our managing director group.
He was highly responsive and built instant rapport with his managers and directors.
He's a phenomenal director and manager, as well as an expert in managing things.
John proved to be a great director, and was an excellent manager.
John is a brilliant managing director with many years of experience.
John was an amazing director that brought out the best in his employees.
John is the kind of interactive director that you want in your corner.
John has been the best director we had in years from any providers we have.
John directors and copywriters were falling out of the trees.
He interacts well on many levels - with peers, managers, directors and above.
He's a great director who understands how to properly manage his partners.
John made swift contact with the company directly on my behalf, to which the director responded and drove down to see me that afternoon.
I am a director now and he showed me how to be a great woman director with grace and not force/attitude.
John is, hands down, one of my favorite directors of all time.
First time managers as well as more seasoned directors sought his help time and again.
He listens to exactly what the director is going for and comes back with options that surprise and delight.
He follows through until problems are solved to the satisfaction of all and to boards of directors.
He is definitely ready to be a director, which he is already that in the heart of our colleagues.
As a director he knows how to get the most out of every scene and make it an unforgettable one.
John was the one who saw potential in me; he became not only my director but also my mentor.
I know they can be accomplished with the confidence of the board of directors alongside him.
John is one of those gems that every company wishes they had on their board of directors.
I have the fortune to have him as the director and he has helped me solve many problems.
It is my pleasure to serve and be affiliated with him on the same board of directors.
And that's what makes him such a strong and inspiring director and cinematographer.
I believe the college and students are fortunate to have him as their new director.
He gave the director exactly what he asked for and then gave his anger.
John was an excellent director and was always happy to help out if needed.
As a director, he is very approachable and his "door is always open".
John has made the transition of becoming a director quick and smooth.
He started as his manager and moved up to director during that time.
He ended up replacing him as the manager, and then he became the director of the department.
It was only natural for him to move into the role of the manager and then the director of our organization.
Along the way, he constantly sought out feedback about how he was doing as a director and manager.
He is an outstanding director and manager but most of all he is loyal, ethical and fair.
John creates an image that all directors and managers should strive to attain.
He would be a great asset as an inside and outside management role or director.
John's role was that of a group director where he managed four different groups.
He clearly showed he would be able to manage at the director level and above.
John helped him turn around his company as interim managing director.
He is the core director / manager of our company's most profitable division.
To him personally, he is the best manager anyone could wish for, and a true example/model for other managers and directors.
John also has the depth to be a manager, director or senior level manager.
John communicates clearly with both management and boards of directors.
He stepped up and took on the role of director and managed it very well.
John's presentations to managing directors is entertaining and of great value.
The countless number of managers and directors have been ecstatic with his work.
His integrity in his role as managing director is indisputable.
Our company managers and directors who have worked with John all say the same thing.
He is a natural when it comes to transferring learning to managers and directors.
Not only did he manage his team like no other director, he also was well engaged with them at all levels.
Not only is he a clear headed manager, he's actually a manager (director) that can code.
It's really good to see him growing as managing director and am sure its just a beginning for him.
John's success story was widely noted by other managers and directors in the organization.
John began as our managing director during a time of turbulence and transition.
John performed at a manager or director level given the duties he had.
John as a manager is very result oriented and action driven director.
John as a manager and director was the right person in the right place.
He is his manager until he got promoted as our company to the lab director.
John is the type of manager and director who inspires as well as leads.
During our company his work was mainly in the background advising management and the directors.
In addition to insight this requires he is an outstanding risk management director.
Him experience in marketing and management made him a better director.
In addition to our company director role, he also wore many hats like release manager, escalations/patch management.
His extensive experience in various management roles, from project manager to director, was evident in the way he managed our team and interacted with upper management.
John's management style and approach have had a lasting positive impact on his approach as a manager and director.
As product manager and director, he proved himself again in other senses.
He is his direct counterpart on the product management side.
As director, he has very solid experience in managing people, driving for results.
John is managing director and he offered guidance, support and encouragement.
He groomed him to become a director and many of his leadership traits are adopted from his management philosophy.
His macro-management style has allowed him to grow into his director-level role.
From a management perspective, he performed at a director level.
As a director, he managed diverse our company groups and brought us under one umbrella.
He's been a very effective director and mentor for himself as well as other more junior managers.
He is equally engaging with company directors and junior managers.
John is one of those rare directors that knows how to communicate exactly what he wants without becoming a micro manager.
At any given client site, he's just as comfortable in front of a creative director as a managing director.
John is an outcome focused, motivated test manager / director.
At his going-away party, directors and senior management sung his praises.
As a managing director he always finds time for his entire team.