Managing Expenses Performance Review Phrases Examples

Managing Expenses Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He had the same or more amount of deliverables as us, but still managed to do it along with managing the team.
John is an inspiring manager with the zero attrition rate in his term of management.
Directing/leadership, expense management and managing change are all strengths for John.
John's abilities in cost management and project management are unparalleled.
He might not be the least expensive, but he is worth the cost.
We managed to lower our costs without any deficit in support.
He is excellent in time management, resource management and also cost management.
John provides the right amount of guidance and assistance without over managing.
If you think he's expensive, just wait to see how much it cost's you not to use his services.
John is someone who will go out of his way to help others no matter the cost.
The cost was also reasonable considering the amount of deliverables.
John is very energetic and always willing to help out at any cost.
He is very energetic and always willing to help out at any cost.
With John you will know what you are getting, why, and how much it will cost.
John was able to fulfill the customers' needs effectively while managing his costs and expenses.
John manages to do all this whilst understanding that costs and budgets are important.
He made sure changes were managed properly and was very detailed at tracking costs.
These make him to achieve not only cost effective, but also time management.
He is the manager who does things for his team and save his people at any cost.
John understands the need for us to manage costs and works well accordingly.
Not only did he manage this efficiently, he did it cost effective for me.
He knows how to create value while effectively managing costs and risk.
I never felt him as a manager who wants to get his stuffs at any cost.
John is extremely knowledgeable about mobiles and cost management.
He has also very good command in controlling and managing costs.
He is expertise at cost-management and organizing activities.
John especially excelled in the management of IT budgets and costing.
John's foresight and management of this initiative has seen improved cost management and consistent delivery.
He is thorough, precise and steady in his management style, yet manages to drive down the cost of delivery.
John gets so much out of you that looking back, you don't believe it took only that amount of time.
He will also tell you when what you're asking for is not feasible or too expensive.
He's done his best to look out for us under him, even at his own expense at times.
He always does what he says he's going to do, even if it gets expensive for him.
He often goes out of his way to help others even at expense to himself.
John is the most expensive, but he has the most and best reviews.
He does this sometimes for their benefit only at his own expense.
He is an asset having value expensive than any amount of money.
He knows how to keep his costs low, but not at the expense of his production levels.
He has always been willing to go to bat for what is right, even at the expense of getting reprimanded by upper management.
John worked with us as through he was an extension of our team for expense management.
John's participation in our management camp was first rate and very beneficial.
He knows how to manage an incredible amount of work and just get things done.
But it is his ability to manage relationships that must rate as the highest.
He manages his people and objectives, neither at the expense of the others.
I also find the amount of work that he manages to get through astounding.
He provided the right amount of hands off and hands on management style.
John was responsible for managing the expense forecast for his group.
I would rate him as one of the best managers I have ever worked with.
John is diligent in tracking (managing) his departmental expenses.
He empowers his managers while giving the right amount of guidance.
He can also manage expenses and work within budgetary guidelines.
He is methodical and he managed the company expenses very well.
Throughout that time, I have found him to be a first-rate manager.
His team at our company are first rate and he manages them very well.
I rate him as one of the best HR managers I have known so far.
John has always managed within the cost, scope, and schedule of his projects.
He was a first rate program manager and a great line manager.
His management approach was highly rated, and I consider him to be the best manager I have had so far.
This leads him into a very effective and cost managed style of the project management.
He remains focused and drives cost down, cost avoidance and cost savings with every project that he manages.
John is able to help him manage his costs with the our company.
The value he creates is beyond anything him day rate might cost.
He does that while watching on the speed of the delivery and managing the costs.
He also managed the confirmation of costing and budgeting modules.
John has always been up front and honest with him, managing his levels of expectation versus cost.
John provided him with a cost effective method of visitor management.
John approached us with thought provoking ideas on cost management.
His ability to manage scope, cost and vendors are commendable.
As well he was managing the cost base well implemented the cost discipline culture in his organization.
John's management style is one of his many strengths, with the right amount of leadership without micro managing personnel.
He offered him a rate to a specified amount for closing costs.
He's always an influencer and well-loved and highly-rated by those he manages.
John's approach to management has just the right amount of humility and trust.
The amount of things he is able to juggle and manage is something truly unique.
He manages the volunteer speakers with the right amount of forcefulness.
His forecasting and expense management abilities were always on point.
He manages resources and always looks for avenues for cost-cutting.
He manages to apply just the right amount of hand-on management to get the job done.
His approach toward cost optimization has always been admired by the managing members.
John is great at what he does and often goes out if his way to get the best rates.
He went above and beyond to help him get the best interest rate.
He does so directly and with the right amount of sensitivity.
Not only did he have a good in class management style, but he got the job done at all costs.
John understands his job is to find and hire the best while managing costs.
Moreover, he is very self-motivated and requires minimal amounts of management.
John is well respected amount his peers and management alike.
He managed even the smallest of costs, derived the maximum from his vendors, and kept everyone on their toes.
He understands the details of cost management and is smart enough to know when things are not right.
John managed this wonderfully - on time, accurate and cost effective for us.
Djamel is excellent manager having tremendous experience in costing, steel and our company.
His eye for details and sensitivity to people and cost has made him one of the most cost effective managers in the organization.
He understood the needs of the customer very well and balanced these with tight cost management.
He knows very well how to manage time, costs and people and he is also very proactive in his job.
He provided us with various rates and term options and even managed to get us to closing before expected.
Continually tackling more challenges, it's astounding the amount of responsibility he can manage.
He is rated consistently highly after each session he delivers by every manager.
He gave independence to the position with just the right amount of management.
He is conservative with his planning and excellent at expense management.
His management style combines the right amount of firmness and compassion.
John gets his highest rating for him clear management style and approach.
He is very insightful manager and provides a tremendous amount of value.
John also gave him expertise in cost effective ways in managing him a budget and cutting costs where necessary
John demonstrated an excellent eye for cost management when dealing with vendors.
He raised the discipline around cost management & reporting by several levels.
His people, cost, time and governance management techniques are solid.
John always goes above and beyond to help in any way he can and charges very reasonable rates.
His dedication is second to none and he strives to do what's right, even at his own expense.
It's why he makes himself available for as little as an hour at very reasonable rates.
His recommendations for them - try them, before they get too popular or too expensive.
He has so much potential and at the rate he is going he could be the best one day.
He also could get things done, sometimes at the expense of some very long hours.
But he just kept going at the same rate and really made the role in his own.
He found us exactly the deal we were looking for at the most competitive rate.
John also provided an appropriate amount of follow up without being pushy.
Someone with his amount of experience may be expensive, but he's worth it.
Certainly that's what he has given him, and all at a very reasonable rate.
However, the most value was facilitated by the amount of his preparation.
He can always get the same rate if not better than much bigger companies.
He even contacted him when he found out that we could get a lower rate.
He gives you the right amount of guidance to help you be successful.
Many of his ideas are things we can do ourselves to minimise expense.
If he cannot beat the rates you currently have he will let you know.
And the amount and breadth of things he can take on is phenomenal.
John wants others to succeed with him and not at others' expense.
Our experience with him, and his colleagues, has been first rate.
How he keeps going on the amount of sleep he gets is beyond him.
John's motto is to things done with the least amount of fuss.
His kindness does not come at the expense of his effectiveness.
His rates are very competitive, especially given his expertise.
The ratings that we got for his batches were always excellent.
He goes above-and-beyond and has extremely competitive rates.
Our company uses John before he becomes too famous and expensive.