Managing Partner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Managing Partner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is also excellent at managing up, and getting his management briefed on any partner situation.
I've seen him go above and beyond what was required in his role to do the right thing for his managed partners.
John gets things done, and quickly - if only all partner managers were made the same way.
John is an exceptionally insightful and thorough manager and partner.
John is an accomplished actor when it comes to managing partners.
John only regret is that he is not our current partner manager.
John is very proficient with his style of partner management.
John is stellar in managing partners and forming an alliance with potential partners.
He has solid experience in managing partners and understands different aspects of global partner management.
John is much respected by not only by his peers but also by the partners that he has managed.
He is very much liked and appreciated by his peers, managers and partners.
He was not just a peer manager, he was a partner manager and that makes all the difference.
John's style of managing is really unique and fun: he manages like you are partners in trying to accomplish whatever your goal in rather than trying to over-manage you.
I look forward to having him as my partner in my next search.
John is an excellent partner manager, responsive and always more than willing to do whatever is needed.
John is fantastic at managing his partners, and ensuring that they get what they need to be successful.
John partnered with manager's to better understand their needs and ensured that they were met.
John tells it like it is and is really respected and valued by the partners he manages.
John manages partners effectively and ensures best value for his organisation.
He has the right mix of empathy & professionalism while managing the partners.
He was the kind of alliance manager that you dream of having as your partner.
He quickly shows value to the manager and becomes their trusted partner.
His management style is collaborative both with colleagues and partners.
John partnered with all levels of management throughout the company.
John is an expert in managing partners with diplomacy but clarity.
He is an effective individual contributor, partner, and manager.
That was what made him such a great partner manager and friend.
John was not only my manager, but a true partner in my success.
He is a very good manager, collaborates and partners friendly.
His ability to manage our partners' needs always impressed me.
John has been my our company partner manager for the past two years now.
He has really made a difference with this managed our company partner.
John had to split his time between managing our partners as well as managing the integration.
John has proven to be an energetic and organized manager who knows how to get the most from his partners.
John is, overall, the kind of partner, employee, manager you would want.
I really enjoyed managed him and having him as a partner at the same time.
John is everything you need in a manager of complex partners and vendors.
This helps his partner with the vendors and manage them effectively.
He manages our vendors and partners skillfully and ingeniously.
He's effective at managing his time and prioritizing partners.
Finally, a channel manager needs to know when and how to be firm with his partners.
He is an excellent people manager and we partnered very well together.
John impressed with his knowledge of how to 'partner' with partners.
I was always impressed with his management of employees, vendors, and partners.
He knows how to manage and motivate employees, partners and suppliers.
John has proven to be as the reliable partner, the competent manager.
He will always go above and beyond to help him partner companies be successful.
John understood our needs and collaborated well with our partners.
He really went above and beyond to be a collaborative partner.
He is a great partner with him managers and always went above and beyond to get the right candidates for the right roles.
John was a great manager, he had your back when you went on vacation and he was always available as a partner.
John is very proficient at partnering with managers to help them define the roles they need to have filled.
Him the ability to partner with hire managers makes it possible that we hire the best candidates.
He is always keenly aware of his partners and manages to bring out the best in all of us.
He is very quick to partner with managers and empowers us all to contribute our best.
John was an excellent partner manager with an authoritative yet professional style.
John was an outstanding success entrepreneur and a wonderful management partner.
By partnering with hiring managers he is always able to make the deals happen.
John is the type of managing partner any company would be fortunate to have.
John managed a number of partners in a way that they became 'loyal'.
John not only managed the reseller partner channel, but also managed integration partners.
He probably knows more about managing successful law firms than any managing partner currently doing so.
John partners well with inside and outside of his organization and up the management chain.
John among the ones who can be your best trusted partner, employee or manager.
He is so helpful in the organisation and also to him managed partners.
John asks the right questions and knows how to partner with his managers.
Most of the innovations in partner management came from his ideas.
His driving power for change management and partner management has always been amazing.
With as many partners as he and his team managed he always made us feel like his top partner.
He gained the trust of those around him, both inside the company and in the partners that he managed.
John certainly is an asset to any company that is lucky enough to have him as a partner or manager.
John also partnered well with employees and management at all levels within the organization.
He is an expert in channel management and what makes partners successful.
While he was his manager, he considered him one of his strategic partners.
He is balanced in his approach and effectively managed his partners.
This strength also helps him when he is managing channel partners.
His perseverance and tenacity make him an ideal partner manager.
He managed the our company backlog and he could not have been a better partner.
John is responsible for tele-managing over one hundred our company partners.
Many of our company top partners, were under his management at that time.
He collaborates well with our company partners and him hiring managers.
In other words everything you want in a our company or partner manager.
He goes all out to managing partner's grievances which has resulted in longstanding relations with partners.
But most importantly, he is passionate about our company partners and the people that manage those partners.
Him capability to manage a partner is unmatched and his partners see him not just someone constantly condensing them, but as someone to partner with.
He is diligent in following up with his customers and partners that he manages.
He's managed some of the most complex customers and partners.
He will get things done, get them done right and be your partner the whole time.
John will do what is right for the organization and its partners.
John came on as a people's man and could manage channel managers and partners effectively.
Additionally, he was great to partner with as a management peer.
He is also very well respected by his partners and always had a very high satisfaction level with any partners that he managed.
John did an excellent job of partnering with him as well as each of his hiring managers.
His management and sponsorship experience allows him to manage multiple partners and vendors simultaneously and fairly.
John really knows channels and partners, and the art of partnering.
He knows how to manage partners and motivate colleagues in the right direction.
We are grateful for the contributions he made to our organization and the help he gave him as managing partner.
In the same way he managed to balance the sometimes difficult and various interests of the groups and partners.
John managed the difficult scenario with finesse and made sure our partner went end to end without dilution.
His attention to the different perspectives in managing one of the our key partners was admirable.
Basically, he did the territory planing, the partner management and closed the deals.
As his manager, he was an excellent sparring partner whilst never losing objectivity.
Exchanging experiences and partner management tips with him was highly rewarding.
He became a partner in our enterprise, taking over many daily management tasks.
He partnered with the hiring managers and they respected his input and advice.
He partnered with him in hiring and managing our contractors for our company.
John came in with a very solid and mature approach to managing partners.
John is an invaluable partner in managing the numerous download pages.
During our company, we partnered on a variety of management initiatives.
He partnered well with line management while maintaining objectivity.
His ability to liaise and manage channel partners is commendable.
John is a great partner for all hiring and managing employees.
He is a good channel manager & approachable by the partners.
As a hiring manager, he is an effective and valuable partner.
Not only can he manage his prospect, but he can triangulate his efforts with our company partners.
Not only he managed to get the company in a normal shape and introduce western management style, he also managed the relations with the partners.
John gets it and ensures he's getting the most out of his partners and providers.
It's one of the many innovative things he does to help him partners get better.
You'll want to make sure you partner with him as his company is on the move.
John became his partner and confidant to him for all things around this role.
John goes out of his way to provide help to his partners and colleagues.
He always keeps up to date and he demands the same from his own partners.
Moreover, he considers everyone as partners and not only providers.
John provided an outstanding experience for us and our partners.
John exactly knows the partner needs as well as his company needs.
Don't take his word for it, partner with him and see for yourself.
He gets along extremely well with partners under his supervision.
As such he was sought out by partners across the organization.
John is one of the few partners who truly delivers on results.
He is the kind of partner you take with you to every company.
John is very available for him partners and he manages the vendor and his partner to find the best solution for them.
He manages his relations with the business partners very well.
John also partnered with him to manage through the areas of improvement where we could have the greatest impact.
John has demonstrated that he is top notch at partner and alliance management.
He manages partners and vendors so well they all wish he was working for them.
John is continually bringing innovation to partner management and motivation.
He taught him how to conduct partner negotiations and stakeholder management.
John has earned the respect of his reps, partners as his manager peers.
His partners were always pleased with his work and management style.
He knows how to deal with a partner and give solutions to partner.
An additional difficulty that he has managed brilliantly is to manage partners selling very different solution sets.
He is a goal oriented partner manager who focused on the success of the partnerships he manages.