Manufacturing Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Manufacturing Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He excels at managing the fine detail of the projects that others would ignore to the detriment of the project.
John is persuasive and energetic project manager, who will work against many odds to deliver projects.
His projects stayed within his budget and he managed the project schedule to keep things on track.
As head of project management, he organised regular project stand-ups.
John would be and asset on any manufacturing or project based organization.
A really good project manager who communicates well, he projects almost always meet the deadlines.
John was highly respected by his peers and by manufacturing management.
John came across as a great project manager who is able to keep projects on schedule and budget.
He is detail oriented and is able to manage multiple projects and meet all project deadlines.
John is a well-rounded project manager with over a decade of experience in toll manufacturing.
He was always very detail oriented and thorough as the project manager and managed to the timelines and budgets of the projects we worked on.
John is an excellent people manager and systems project manager.
I found him to be very delivery oriented in his approach to project management.
His management of projects and deliver to deadlines is exceptional.
He is used by manufacturers, channels, and end-users alike for all types of projects.
He shared several anecdotes and examples with me regarding past projects on which he had worked as either an individual contributor or as a project manager.
John excels in managing complex projects and balancing workloads to complete projects thoroughly, completely, and on or ahead of schedule.
He is also a very capable project manager, adept at maintaining project budgets and schedules.
He is tough, but fair when it comes to project management, and his detail orientation helped keep the project on-time and in scope.
He gets his project delivered on time by tracking the details and being flexible and managing the project issues and hindrances.
John is an accomplished and passionate project manager that cares about him teams and projects.
John illustrated his deep understanding of progressive manufacturing practices during two recent projects.
He needs very little supervision and can manage the projects/ programs on his own.
John is a 'real world' project manager who understands the needs and pressures involved in delivering projects.
John is a well-rounded project management professional who is extremely well-versed in project management methodology and delivery.
John demonstrated the ability to effectively manage multiple and complex projects for a large manufacturing company.
John is good at managing his projects and usually they are ahead of delivery and under budget.
He guided me through my internship and mentored me on how to manage projects & people.
John brings an unshakeable commitment to the delivery of any project he manages.
He is a dedicated project manager and takes full accountability of his projects.
As project manager, he worked directly with a very difficult customer and kept the project on track.
John has been highly successful with our trainings and managing different, often difficult projects.
He is good at stakeholder engagement, project management and delivery.
John is one of those well organized people who can very effectively manage both projects and people, be they indirect as part of his project or direct as their manager.
John is a very seasoned professional telecommunications manager, he is an expert in project management.
John invests himself in every project, putting in long hours to prove as needed in each phase of the project from feasibility to transfer-to-manufacturing.
John is a very attentive and conscientious manufacturing manager and leader.
He is adept at managing multiple programs and seeing projects to completion.
John has tremendous strength in managing large projects and programs.