Market Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Market Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows each analyst, their areas of expertise and thoughts on the market.
His market is now one of the top preforming markets in the company and has been for the last three years.
He markets his companies very well and is always inventing new ways to capture more of the market.
John helped us to evaluate the market and to prepare our home so that it was marketable.
He keeps himself aware of all changes in the market and those which will effect his customers and the market
John's marketing strength is founded on his deep experience as an analyst.
He knows his market; the players, the companies, the analysts and how they all work.
He definitely is the global expert of analyst relations and influencer marketing.
Would highly recommend him for any analyst, mentoring or marketing role.
His experience in marketing is second to none, and has truly elevated the marketing calendar in level shoes.
John knows where the market is and he is able to anticipate what the market needs before the customers can ask for it.
He knows the market inside and out and has the experience we were looking for.
John came into the company as we were just starting to go to market.
His experience also makes him someone respectable in the market.
You will never go wrong if he is in charge of your marketing.
John came to his attention because of his marketing experience.
His experience as an analyst really helped him think of marketing differently, because marketing, in itself, has also evolved to a more numbers oriented vocation.
He knows the marketing business and has always followed through on marketing plans.
He knows his market very well, and looks after his customers.
His insights into the market, analysts, and consumer behavior are unmatched.
John's past experience in marketing gives him the valuable insight into how to effectively go to market with partners.
John clearly knows his market well and will always steer you in the right direction.
He really helped us get our marketing going in the right direction.
In direct marketing, he's done it all, and keeps having success.
John knows anyone who's anyone in the direct marketing scene.
He knows the market and always try to get the right candidates in the right job.
John found employment for him when the market was very tight.
We discovered that he was enthusiastic when it came to marketing, so we thought to put him in charge with the email marketing.
His book will help others to market themselves well, something he is a natural at and he is excellent at on-line marketing.
Then he determined the best ways to enter that market and made the right connections to establish our company in that market.
It helped get our company off the ground and allowed us to get to market quickly so we could take on the market response.
His experience and market know-how is also commendable and he has a strong grip on the market pulse.
He has also got a wide market experience which empowers him on a market-basis.
He knew exactly which market and customers, we are aiming for and how the company is going to penetrate the market.
Over and above, he has established himself in the market quite well, which definitely makes him an asset to the company.
John always seeks out all opinions and has the experience to know what is truly of value in the market.
His depths and experience allows him to make immediate contributions across many markets.
If anyone is looking for effective marketing for their company he is the one to hire.
John has thorough marketing experience and has an immediate impact wherever he goes.
John challenged us all to think very differently about how we marketed our company.
John's passion for marketing and doing what is best for the company were unrivaled.
His ability to see opportunities in the market are second to none in his experience.
John also took responsibility for the company as a whole outside of marketing.
His marketing strategies were everything he and his company said they would be.
He would be an asset for any company looking for someone to crack new markets.
He can take your company to the next level and help you dominate your market.
He says what he means and has the market experience to back up his opinions.
John really knows how to market companies and increase their footprint.
Animation is his passion and experience in this market is unsurpassed.
John makes sure that marketing is completed from start to finish.
In his experience, most marketers promise what they can't deliver.
John contacted him previously regarding marketing for his company.
While other companies went out of the market, his company still grew.
It was his first marketing position after graduating from college.
He has end to end marketing experience and is deadline focused.
John and his company are all about fresh ideas for him markets.
Extremely responsive and with obvious experience of his market.
The John company would be lucky to have him at their marketing helm.
John has been in charge of his marketing for several years now.
We at our company haven't always had the strongest marketing, but this can't be said about you and what you do for the company.
The our company has given him so many valuable experiences, but none at all in marketing.
Excellence in his marketing comes from his passion for doing what's right for his customer.
He's always on top of what's going on in his market & with his customers.
John goes far to really understand the customer and their market.
He also fully understands the bigger marketing picture from traditional Marcom to partner marketing to customer marketing.
His knowledge of this special market is broad, and he keeps current on market trends.
His knowledge of marketing, particularly online marketing is amazing.
John's contributions enabled the marketers and analysts to optimize their programs.
John is a very good marketing analyst and he can help you find your customer target.
He wants what is best for the student so as to better prepare what is to come in the marketing world.
John can make anything happen and is an asset to any marketing campaign, .
His negotiating tactics are second to none and he's an excellent marketer.
He is thorough and understands the many avenues of marketing and press.
Of course, you know about his extensive background in direct marketing.
His direction and marketing contributions are always right on point.
He provided us with marketing ideas and direction when appropriate.
He never looked over his should or "suggested" marketing direction.
John wants you to feel comfortable with his marketing direction.
John is one of the better direct-to-consumer marketers out there.
He incorporated our experiences into their marketing campaigns.
He is for sure one of few true "marketers" in the wine trade.
John's work in "softening" both the market and the analysts that covered our selected markets made a huge difference in our overall success.
Definitely, he has the urge to get the best possible position in the job market.
He makes individuals around him do a better job and become better marketers.
If you want to learn anything on growth market he is definitely your guy.
Additionally, he provided encouragement to step back into the job market.
He provides best opportunities available in the job market to the candidates.
There are a few marketers that get the job done as gracefully as he does.
He went above and beyond during this incredibly competitive job market.
John walked him through every step of getting back into the job market.
John is someone you need in your corner in today's employment market.
John found him gigs even though the job market is beyond terrible.
His job in marketing would be much more difficult without him.
Our company is ever in hindsight with John -he gets the job done and better than anyone in the market.
John would be an outstanding addition to any company where new markets are being explored or established markets need constant attention.
His market insight and experience allowed us to take advantage of emerging market opportunities most didn't know where coming.
This in tandem with him marketing expertise makes him a great addition for any company looking for an experienced marketer
With his years of marketing experience, he has successfully provided marketing expertise to both small and large companies.
John helped the company streamline the marketing effort and get a lot of visibility in the market.
His ability to adapt and understand market opportunities help both our companies grow market share.
John's experience, vision and passion for consumer marketing make him a world-class marketer.
Our company the world's most challenging marketing leadership role at one of the best marketing companies in the world (Salesforce).
His access to the market data and his good contacts with analysts is remarkable.
He doesn't just look at marketing from the outside to customers, but how to influence analysts, the press and other influencing entities.
Most noteworthy is him marketing instincts which has allowed him to increase the marketing effectiveness of his customers.
His insights into the local market, his understanding of customer needs, and him marketing prowess were invaluable.
John's insight into marketing analytics has brought considerable growth to our marketing organization.
He's already given him several that are proving to be very promising for increasing the marketing of his company.
He knows what needs to be done for a company to effectively market itself, and to take it to the next level.
He goes above and beyond most to help and ensures that your company has the best exposure to market possible.
John went right through our website and marketing literature thoroughly while employed at the company.
In his experience he is always several years ahead of the markets he explores, and he's usually right.
His marketing expertise is second to none and will help any company be successful in their endeavors.
Overall, what makes him good at what he does is his incredible and rich experience within marketing.
John's marketing and leadership experience are unrivaled; he truly knows and can do it all.
He walked him through several steps to make himself marketable in all aspects of his experience.
John always has new ideas for marketing to make our company stand out from our competitors.
His brilliance in marketing is unparalleled and any company who doesn't see that is vanilla.
John's well suited for just about any marketing role that needs experience and leadership.
He would market the company where ever he was, whether it was out to dinner or in the mall.
An experience marketeer, which will definitely be an asset to any organisation he's with.
His marketing experience is as good as it gets, and again, he really seems to enjoy it.
John has heaps of experience in marketing and really knows what he is talking about.
He also has the experience to help you executing these marketing ideas successfully
His experience and perspective on marketing challenges has been very, very helpful.
In his experience, he is adept at looking at marketing holistically which is unique.
Hire him for your company, and you can stop the bleeding of your marketing dollars.
Hands down, he's one of the best (if not the best) marketers in our company today.
With his many years of experience, he has an in-depth understanding of marketing.
John's ability to market himself and his company is nothing short of remarkable.
His background in corporate marketing gives him the expertise for your company.
His marketing experience and insight has been helpful on more than one occasion.
He likes doing experiments with any new technology/framework launched in the market
Reliability, patience, and marketing insight, make him an asset at any company.
John provided our marketing company several outstanding workshops and seminars.
As marketeer of the year he was really the best choice to rebrand our company.
John helped our company with several of our marketing pieces over the years.
John's marketing expertise was key to getting his new company off the ground.
He's in touch with today's market and how to best sell in this environment.
He understands not only what marketing does for a company, but how and why.
He knows how to market your company in ways you haven't even heard of yet.
He will be a great marketer to contribute his very best to your company.
John brings both enthusiasm and experience to him marketing initiatives.
He understood his route to market and everything this entailed perfectly.
John recently helped him with invaluable advice on marketing his company.
John doesn't sell to the market, he evangelizes partnership and trust.
John brought his experience of corporate marketing into our company.
He made as significant contribution to the company's marketing success.
Tats' calm demeanour goes very well with his experience as a marketer.
His marketing experience also impressed you in dealing with emergencies.