Market Research Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Market Research Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has a wide ranging background in research which gives him the ability to shift from data mining to market research.
He was always responsive to market needs and implementing initiatives in his market.
John's understanding of the marketplace provided value beyond the primary market research results.
John has a deep understanding of just about every area of market research.
John was an enormous help in guiding our market research for an important new initiative.
He is very thorough in his research, testing and pilot marketing.
John is an extremely talented market researcher and innovator.
He knows the difference better market research makes and is totally committed to getting you that result.
The books he has written are well-researched, well-written and he understands how to market them.
He's also quite adept in doing his market research prior to publication.
John not only as an audaciously bright and seasoned marketing researcher and analyst, but also as a good, genuine man.
His understanding of global markets and market structures is excellent.
He is an exceptional marketing research expert who is an asset to any organization.
He would be a great asset to any market research organization.
I find that he's a very strong marketing researcher that is always focused on the big picture and who looks for ways to make research as active as possible.
His research rigor coupled with a marketing mindset puts him on my short list of qualitative researchers for complex issues.
John is a creative, resourceful, and a capable market research analyst.
John is a smart and connected analyst with great market sense.
He makes effective use of marketing research and gives appropriate attention to all distribution channels.
He is thorough in his market research and knowledge of the competitive landscape.
John has exuded thorough research capabilities in numerous marketing reports.
His mentoring helped me understand the finer points of market research.
He is very methodical and has a penchant for details of his market research as well as new product research.
He was good at market research and him analytical sense was accomplished for someone so young.
He delivers strong quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as market research.
He always did an excellent job of research, and utilizing his research to market our services.
His brilliant understanding of the market, his effort, market research and willingness to learn has earned him a lot of accolades.
I learned a lot from him and would recommend him to be a welcomed addition in any marketing or market research role.
John worked for me conducting research for publishers and marketing companies.
John is professional, hardworking, friendly and passionate about market research.
In addition, his deep knowledge of mobile marketing and market research provides him with a unique advantage.
Him fee structure is different than other marketing companies which make him stand out above all other marketing companies.
John is one of the world's foremost thinkers in applied statistics, particularly in the universe of marketing research.
He is very passionate in the area of market research, easily approachable and above all ready to help you.
He is purely a marketing research expert with well familiar with statistical techniques.
John's helpful attitude and expert perspective were a boon for my market research.
John is a talented researcher and always on top of current trends in the market.
His insights into marketing research and web/email data are invaluable.
Gaffes case, he can balance both marketing and research functions with ease.
And his "marketing breakfasts" discussing research and new media are legendary.
He is very sharp and him market research works always win others' respect.
Him knowledge, tools and tips in market research are impressive.
John is a diligent market analyst who deeply understands the interplay between technology and market needs.
John proved to be a fast learner and a very astute research analyst in the area of online marketing.
John is a great researcher and collaborator in retailing and marketing.
I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for impactful marketing research, both qualitative and quantitative in nature.
He employs progressive marketing tactics that are advancing the science of how we market.
John is one of the sharpest marketers in the music and youth marketing space.
He helped me a lot for a long time, especially during our market research phase.
Through his in-depth research, he provides solid market analysis, predicts the market conditions takes into consideration all kinds of variables and insights.
John is an expert at marketing and tracking results from a marketing investment.
He has strong insights on market strategy & market investment.
I'd recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone that needs help doing customer, and/or marketing research.
Additionally, he has done a series of small favors for me in the marketing research, showing his sincerity and generosity.
John is a recognized expert and leader in the marketing research profession.
He is also an insightful communicator with the press and with market analysts, .
He also provided a very useful feedback on the secondary market research report that was being prepared.
John was very instrumental in completing the market analysis and in shaping the marketing strategy.
I found his analysis to be impeccable and also containing thoughts and ideas that extended well beyond what would be considered to be normal "market research".
He has taught me various marketing research techniques and explained the interest behind each task he assigned to me.