Market Research Interviewer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Market Research Interviewer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John got me my interview and made sure everything went smoothly before and after my interview.
John has an unfailing eye for research and marketing business opportunities well beyond being just another researcher.
John's company has creative thinkers that go beyond the normal research methods and truly enjoy market research.
His understanding of research and marketing is comprehensive and detailed.
On the market research side, he followed many tactics outside his comfort zone.
John's methods in market segmentation research are engaging and meaningful.
His deep understanding of marketing and market research allow him to move swiftly and have a tremendous impact very quickly.
John's singular ability to understand the marketing problem instead of the market-research problem is his biggest asset.
He thoroughly researched the market and provided detailed analytics.
I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for market intelligence and research.
He also provides well researched and intelligent insights into markets and sectors.
He researches deep to provide exactly what the market needs and what the audience wants.
John inspired people like myself about marketing research that opened many minds.
He is excellent with market research and finding the best solutions for success.
John is one of those rare market researchers that anyone would dream to have on their team.
He implements effective marketing campaigns because he does his research.
His tasks included marketing, enterprise and competitive research.
John was very proactive in doing vertical market research to get a better grasp of new opportunities.
John's an amazing marketer who does the necessary research to determine his target audience.
He not only researches ideas for me, but he comes up with options for my website to market myself.
He carries himself well and helped me out in my research of the market tohelpus diversify.
John is a highly experienced and passionate market researcher who can do it all.
His expertise in market research and consumer insights is extremely credible.
He has a passion for market research and is always ready for a challenge.
He is a well-connected researcher and a superlative search marketer.
John has a keen interest in consumer insights and marketing research.
He really is a breath of fresh air in the market research world.
John knows what you need to say, when best to say it, and how you should come across in an interview.
He was very enthusiastic which really helps when you are going from interview to interview.
After interviewing, he followed up with interviewers' feedback very quickly.
He had clearly done his research on us and our market to ensure he could contextualise the content.
He is one of the few market researchers who not only understands research, but has a solid business understanding.
His research has been published and cited in various marketing experiments.
John has been very helpful in researching consumer electronics markets for us.
He always had a solution for everything and could answer any question about the marketplace and consumers, a true market researcher.
Not only did he schedule several interviews, he also gave me pointers on how to market myself and what to expect from each interview.
His experience in market research and his understanding of market trends point us in new and exciting directions.
He has researched and studied what it takes to get your brand marketed.
He has extensive market research experience, and knows the best approach for what you are trying to achieve.
I recommend him, not only for his research experience, but also for his strong marketing abilities.
He has done his research thoroughly before making recommendations and understands the market very well.
He not only brought practical marketing guidance, but researched our market and got to know our customers.
John had been there only a short time, but already initiated needed market research which established us as the market authority.
He is also versatile, pragmatic and entrepreneurial in his decision making and market research.
John is a gifted researcher, with profound insight into markets and motivations.
He is incredibly talented, smart and an expert in market research.
Through interviews he discusses issues and tips on global marketing.
He promptly did his research and provided me with his assessment.
I don't recall doing any interviews for him candidates where there were surprises because the necessary research had not been conducted.
I recommend him without reservations to anyone needing market research solutions.
His ability to think strategically is what makes him invaluable as a market researcher.
John's knowledge of marketing and sensory research is in depth and extensive.
John would undoubtedly be an asset to any marketing department that is in need of professional market research insight.
He pushed for market research, and we now have several ongoing research tools inform all of our decisions.
John was always clear on what the research should focus-on, despite the complexity of segments and market heterogeneity.
We brought him in to teach us how journalism approaches can be applied to marketing research.
He does the research and ensures that the resume is relevant in the current job market.
He used research effectively to both determine the market needs, but also to calibrate his plans.
He is an exceptional market researcher that would be an excellent addition to any team.
He always had a well thought out and researched plan for attacking the market.