Market Research Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Market Research Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows how to help you conduct meaningful market research and convert it into actionable consumer and marketing knowledge.
He is organized and very capable of managing complex, market research work.
He's also detailed oriented and an excellent market researcher.
John is the consummate professional when it comes to doing thorough market research.
He is capable of creating and managing shopper marketing organizations suited for different type of markets.
John provides expert market research participants for varied client research work.
John is what every researcher hopes for in marketing and communications.
His passion for market research clearly reflects in his work.
John's breadth of marketing, brand management, and marketing research experience gave us greater perspective than we would have had on our own.
He would make a fantastic addition to any research or marketing department.
John is both an extremely strong people manager and a highly experienced market researcher.
John is an extremely dedicated and passionate marketing research professional well versed in all types of primary and secondary marketing research techniques.
He in-depth market research is the foundation of those plans.
He combines market research and solid marketing insight to solve knotty client problems.
One of him great achievements was placing all emerging markets under him management as lucrative markets almost from scratch.
There is no doubt that him marketing research impacted our company's name change.
He would do well in a market research or strategic role in any company.
I would recommend him for any related forms of market research.
John is one of the stars of the market research world who manages to make an impact on a number of different levels.
Founder and manager of consumer behavior Portugal, he is the go-to-guy when it comes to market research and consumer behaviour.
John is a detail oriented manager who reacts to facts and solid market research.
He is always ahead of the latest technology trends in the market with thorough research.
John is an irrepressible innovator and champion of new thinking in market research.
John has exceptional abilities in the field of market research.
He managed to transform the unit from into a much more modern and competitive market research company.
He is thorough in his research and his following through is outstanding.
He has such a passion for marketing which shows in his thorough and well researched work.
John combines research and market intelligence with strategy.
He is very "plugged in" to research and the marketing community.
His research proved to be quite useful, and provided us with information about the attractiveness of different markets.
John consistently demonstrated a thorough approach to research and the analyzing of markets.
John is an excellent manager of marketing campaigns that are results oriented.
He has been wise manager of the research effort and also a good motivator.
I was amazed with his understanding of the market, research techniques and what information he exactly needs to unearth to make the right marketing strategies.
He definitely has the creativity, research and knowledge with all aspects of marketing.
He brings expertise in several areas: market research, management and sales.
John has helped us with strategic planning and marketing research.
His passion for marketing is obvious in everything he does, from keyword research to ad writing and everything in between.
He then analyzed and presented to me the results of his market research, as well as a marketing plan to capitalize on the research work he had performed.
I also love that he goes above & beyond when it comes to research and follow-through.
He understood how research could help him and how to use the results effectively.
His articles were always well researched, and clearly and engagingly written.
He shared with me the research throughout and allowed me to make suggestions.
He hit all him dates, was attentive to our needs, and did his research.
He was extremely thorough in researching the best deal for me.
He researches the items that he deals with before responding.
His knowledge on subjects, especially market research and consumer understanding were outstanding.
John has an intensive understanding of market research as applied to media.
However, his true area of expertise and love is a marketing and research analytics.
John is an extremely talented user researcher and research team manager.
John was very thorough when doing market research about the car business.
He has an outstanding grasp of the objectives of marketing and managed our company's marketing very effectively and professionally.
His ability to manage and draw the large marketing events and marketing road shows is quite noteworthy.
His marketing instincts were fantastic and he always backed up any decision with sound reasoning and thorough research.
He effortlessly moved between running research sessions himself, and managing large-scale, multi-market studies.
John was the market research project manager for a cutting edge piece of choice modelling research that was undertaken.
John added tremendous value through the marketing, research and analytic insights he provided.
He understands the market, excels in research, and has the perseverance to successfully complete difficult deals.
John puts tremendous effort into researching the market and gave us several strategies to consider.
He keeps us honest, by crafting strategies that are tied tightly to solid market research.