Marketing Account Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a passionate and creative marketing executive who knows how to balance strategy with execution.
He's a consumer-first marketer that has been a key contributor to some world class marketing executions.
John has excellent direct marketing savvy along with a strong understanding of marketing data and how to use it for marketing campaign execution.
John has provided strategic guidance to our marketing efforts as well as tactical execution of marketing collateral and success stories.
He has a keen eye for seeing and executing cutting edge marketing opportunities that other executives fail to.
John is a gentleman, an excellent marketing executive and that rare bird-an ideas guy who executes too.
He can make the difference in creating and executing successful marketing campaigns.
He is an asset to any organization in need of an outstanding marketing executive.
He comes up with great concepts and ideas for executing our marketing objectives.
John is an extremely talented and driven marketing executive.
John's a pro at engagement, marketing, messaging, and execution.
John is one of the most well-liked executives in the company.
John is a good team player and the ideal account executive to help any marketing agency.
John is great at strategizing any account or market, go to market, then executing on the plan based on his easy going relationship selling style.
He has the ability to analyze a market, define a market plan, produce effective marketing and account strategies and is superb in execution.
John has an enormous amount of marketing experience and he excelled in executing marketing plans.
John truly runs many of our most important accounts, not simply from a marketing, but also from a total account perspective.
John is an effective marketer who can solve problems and execute against goals.
John is a distinguished marketing executive who has set himself above his peers.
John is a skillfull marketing and merchandising executive that fosters a culture of accountability.
He understands both broad marketing strategies as well as detailed execution in online marketing.
He was always available if we had questions, and made sure we knew exactly what we had to do to execute the marketing plan.
He understands that once the marketing planning is done we have to move into execution.
It would have taken us much longer to execute our marketing plan without him.
He has successfully executed several marketing plans for our company.
John's responsibilities included planning and execution of marketing.
He is a very strong marketer that understands his target market and does fantastic results oriented executions of campaigns.
John is an unusual executive who is equally proficient in both strategy and execution.
He embraces the selling executive role and delights in executing it with bravado.
He's a seasoned marketing executive who understands the wireless, mobile and semiconductor markets.
John is a highly experienced entrepreneurial executive who knows micro cap markets.
The value he provided to me in terms of strategy, marketing, positioning, and execution has been priceless.
John is an experienced executive with a passion for the entrepreneurial scene & all things marketing.
His approach to marketing and strategy was very comprehensive as well as progressive in its execution.
John is dedicated, passionate and tenacious when it comes to executing against marketing strategies.
John has a thorough understanding of this component of marketing, going from strategy to execution.
John has been pivotal in raising the standard of our overall marketing strategy and execution.
He accomplished this while still executing his marketing responsibilities at the highest level.
He is extremely effective at creating marketing strategies and see them through to execution.
John is able to think through marketing from strategy to execution and deliver results.
John is very capable marketing executive with great commitment to deliver results.
I would bring him in anytime to help with paid marketing strategy and execution.
He is very passionate on marketing strategy and able to execute very well too.
John is an inspirational executive with a laser sharp market sense.
John was an outstanding marketer with strong business sense and also very good at marketing execution.
He is an expert in search marketing and syndication, and is brilliant at executing and integrating them into overall marketing strategies.
I wholeheartedly recommend him to accountants and their marketing teams.
He has cultivated close friendships with dozens of executive-level clients in several market accounts.
He is an execution-focused, results-oriented marketing executive with a tireless commitment to achieving goals.
He combines this with execution across all marketing channels to drive overall results.
John is that rare executive marketers who cuts across all channels at an organization.
He has a remarkable ability to break into some of the biggest and the best accounts in any market.
He excels at breaking new accounts and identifying untapped markets and opportunities.
He was instrumental in increasing our market share and opportunities in new accounts.
John is a a rare marketer who has experience from strategy through to all executional aspects of marketing.
John is a great marketing executive whose holistic approach creates very effective marketing and powerful campaigns.
I highly recommend him to anyone in the market for great talent and thorough execution.
He also opens top executives' eyes to market opportunities for the organization.
He brings fresh ideas and meticulous execution of marketing campaigns.
John is an exceptional marketing executive - huge brain and talent.