Marketing Account Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands how the market works and manages our account well.
John is an excellent account manager, who continuously strives to help us reach our marketing objectives.
John is not only an excellent accountant, but he also knows a great deal about marketing.
John was always fiscally responsible and managed his various geographical marketing accounts in impressive fashion.
John is an exemplary major account manager with significant expertise in building markets and taking complex solutions to market.
His marketing work included some accounts that were challenging and involved difficult marketing analyses.
John was my first mentor in circulation marketing and management.
He was an excellent account manager and marketer who always went above and beyond for both his team and clients.
He was in such a professional way to hand over some of his accounts to me, and helped me to understand the accountability and market.
John would also manage the national accounts in him market with professionalism and dedication.
He has successfully worked on several marketing accounts and for our company.
John is very skilled in marketing and managing marketing assets.
John has been a standout account manager and marketing lead since his arrival.
He is an extremely organized and talented marketing manager with a whole vision of the market.
John is a fantastic account manager, always putting the company first and presenting the best image to the market.
He has taught me a lot about not only digital marketing, but also accounts management.
He managed several top accounts in the capital markets customers segment.
John is a breath of fresh air in the world of accounting and marketing.
John is a dedicated account manager that has strong ability to sniff out a good deal in the market.
He served as an account manager in a very strategic marketing campaign for our company.
He continually comes to management with great ideas for marketing and account retention and ways to make things run smoother.
I would highly recommend him as a great account manager and digital marketer.
John's magical touch extends beyond his management capabilities, expressing itself into myriad areas like marketing, account management and fiscal prowess.
He is successful in his day to day marketing activities and very comfortable with account management.
John is very successful search marketing analyst and account manager.
He is an accountant and a professional marketing manager who also has an excellent analytical instinct.
He has good marketing instincts and is very quick to understand what the account wants, what management wants, and what works best.
I found him to be an extremely capable account manager with great contacts, market knowledge and enthusiasm.
He is great managing large, strategic accounts and missionary selling when breaking into new markets.
John is a focused, strategic, and charismatic online marketer and account manager.
Him ideas are fresh and helps us as accountants progress through our marketing goals.
I have seen him manager vendors and other marketing team members with respect, accountability and vision.
He is a salesman, account manager and relationship builder who knows the payment market.
John knows the ropes in sponsoring as well as strategic marketing management.
His vision to align us with the account based marketing movement was critical to our early success and market traction.
He initiated brainstorming sessions about new market opportunities and potential uplift in many of my accounts.
He has deep expertise in account-based marketing and he has gained the respect from many around him.
John is a true door opener for any company looking to break into new markets or accounts.
He always takes into account the marketing guidelines, and company budget constraints.
John is a very intuitive marketer and empathetic people manager.
He brings the value of relationship from the beginning, especially through his market knowledge and excellence in account management.
He was one of the few account managers who would read the market analysis reports to incorporate into the forecast.
His vision of the market is not limited just to the accounts he currently supports.
John impressed me on many levels: writer, account manager, and marketing guru among them.
John is the first person who introduced me with marketing, and he is the reason behind my passion for marketing.
He is a very capable manager, an excellent marketer and an asset to any global marketing team.
We count on him for all our accountants and market information, including forward-looking trends, and market data.
John has matured and advanced as an expert marketer, and a marketing leader.
His marketing management style is fresh and full of great ideas.
John is a very experienced account manager with a wealth of knowledge in the electronics market.
He goes further than most marketing managers would to ensure that this is the case, and contributes to the retention of some of our largest accountant clients.
I consider him a mentor in the areas where he over indexes: product management, account management & email marketing.
John has an outstanding vision of the market, people management and negotiation.
As such, this allowed him to be a successful account manager in this sometimes tough market, building great relationships with his partner accounts.
John is highly accountable, consistently delivering on the marketing plans that he established.
He holds you accountable without making you feel like you should have more of a 'marketing plan'.
John has been the project manager on several of my large digital marketing accounts.
John was my manager and head of the marketing department at webflakes.
John's accountability, dedication and deliverable volume were unprecedented in the company's marketing leadership history.
I'd recommend him, to those who seek an account manager who is experienced and knowledgeable in digital marketing.