Marketing Administrator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Administrator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His market drive stood out even amongst the marketeers in our company.
He's very knowledgeable on his market and the marketing principles.
He provided vision in ways we could increase market share - both by growing current market and by finding new markets.
He knows the market very well and he will guide you through the administrative process.
He never stopped looking at the market situation and came up with different and successful ways to market.
He has a good eye for what the market wants and foremost, he know how to get it out on the market.
He also seems to have a gift for anticipating market needs before the markets know they need it.
He truly understands what marketing methods are valuable and the need to adapt to the market.
In many ways he was ahead of most in terms of market analysis and market opportunities.
In multicultural marketing, indeed the entire marketing arena, he is one of the stars.
His perseverance in his overall marketing plan has always kept his marketing on track.
John understands the marketplace and how to get the maximum effect from the marketing
John succeeds in up markets and down markets and that is the true mark of success.
He knows his market and has a wide range of opportunities on and off the market.
John's market awareness comes through his total immersion in the market place.
He knew how to capture the market and well aware about the markets up-down.
John has a keen insight into marketing; he knows marketing like no other.
He makes sure he is a market expert in any market he chooses to take on.
He also served on the marketing committee updating marketing strategy
He understands marketing inside out across a wide number of markets.
John is an expert in his markets and a quick study in new markets.
Our company impressive marketing mind with expertise in Hispanic marketing.
He really knows his stuff in the marketing world, especially inbound marketing at our company.
He helped him rollout our company in two markets and even came to the markets to help him.
He gets things done more efficiently and effectively than most administrative employees on the market today.
He is truly someone that you can count on to do everything he can to help you with your marketing.
He is always so willing to help whenever he can, even though we cover different markets.
He knows his market well, he knows what he needs to get done and gets it done.
He is tireless looks at everything he comes across for its value in marketing.
He's very sharp and certainly knows what he's doing when it comes to marketing.
He really knows marketing, and knows how to think things through effectively.
He always seems to know what is going on in different corners of the market.
Hire him now if you can get him because he won't be on the market for long.
He's always got something new on his mind that he wants to take to market.
He knows how to get things done and how to make an impact in his market.
John does what he says he is going to and that is rare in this market.
John really knows how to get the best out of him marketing agencies.
He knows the market well and he is always available if you need him.
He knows what is going on in his markets, even before it happens.
John knows our market as well or better than anyone out there.
There is nothing this woman can't do - he was made for marketing.
He knows exactly what is necessary for the market at our company.
And, he always makes sure whatever is in the market is measurable.
What is way forward for us marketers is past for him already.
John knows the market very well and doesn't try to oversell
His help and marketing savvy was invaluable for us as we were launching our marketing campaign.
Being a marketer himself, it's exciting to see another student enthused about marketing.
John not only sets the bar high for marketing leadership, but for all marketers.
He knows how to maximise the hotel's market position and market penetration.
His marketing intuition is hard-wired - he is an instinctual marketer.
His knowledge of marketing and sweepstakes administration is truly impressive.
His strong understanding of marketing allows him to quickly assess any market and devise a winning marketing approach.
He comes with many years of marketing experience with global companies such as our company, on the local market but also international markets.
He knows marketing, but even better, he knows how to be human.
John's perspective on marketing makes you not only think differently, it has an everlasting impact on how you look at the domain of marketing.
Not only is he successful, but he has the insight to know where marketing trends and opportunities are going before the market does.
Johns understanding of the market, our position and leverage within that market, were always insightful and right on the money.
Practical approach to marketing and not afraid to tell you when you are wrong - he is the marketing expert - take the advice.
As the first official marketing hire, he showed us that marketing is much more than having some new ideas now and then.
John also has a very good understanding of different global markets and nuances associated with each of these markets.
He understands many different marketing techniques and the target market, which is crucial in his position.
John can really grasp marketing concepts and understands the value of what marketing can do for a company.
His contributions both expanded our market footprint, but also understanding of our market and competitors.
He gets marketed, whether from the demand gen side or when it comes to emerging marketing techniques.
He's especially strong finding experienced marketers with new media/digital marketing understanding.
John added significant value to our marketing plans and our understanding of all things marketing.
Additionally, he has a persistence that most internet marketers lack in his approach to marketing.
He helped clarify the markets and the size and value of those markets to our unique offerings.
While he's an email marketing guru, him view on marketing is in fact much more widespread.
He blends traditional marketing with the new marketing avenues many of us find cumbersome.
He knows common marketing rules very well and is able to adopt them to the local market.
He understands emerging markets and the marketing tactics to be successful in them.
He found success in a very difficult market and during difficult market conditions.
He brought ideas and marketing plans to class well before they came to the market.
John is a multi-faceted marketer who excels at many different marketing roles.
His ability to correctly analyze markets and market opportunities is superior.
He strives to find innovative marketing channels and new routes to market.
He helped to grow our market share in strong competitive markets.
John understood the consumer market well identifying exactly where our marketing had to be targeted.
John is a marketing our company, he knows where the market trends are going and he follows his true our company.
He performed many different duties in marketing while also filling many administrative duties.
But, more than that, he can also tell you what is happening and make sure anyone can understand, even if you know nothing about the market.
John you really do know your marketing and those of us who have been around for a while really value you much more than you know.
He has the connections you need to get things done in any market and he is very trustworthy.
He clearly articulates what he wants and what he wants is, well, dead-on right for his market.
He goes above and beyond to make sure it is just right and, is an excellent face to the market.
We are a little more than half way through and the changes in his marketing have been amazing.
They seem to know everyone in the market, and have the best reputation within his circles.
He will always keep you up to date with was going on the market and he is very honest.
He knows the market thoroughly and most importantly for him, we was very responsive.
He knows his market very well and he applies himself to the best of his ability.
The best thing about him was that things look very easy, even in the tough markets.
He is really professional, knows what he is talking about and knows the market.
He is very thorough with everything he does and loves marketing that's for sure.
He's someone you want along on your marketing journey, wherever the destination.
In the end, he helps us to get one of the best options we had from the market.
The ideas that he comes up with are extraordinary and are ahead of the market.
It is this passion for marketing that makes him one of the best in his opinion.
He is on targets and very often beyond those in the market he was covering.
If you are looking for someone to do internet marketing he is most helpful.
He is passionate about what he does and the product/service that he markets.
He knew what the market was doing and what it was going to do in the future.
It is that understanding that makes him stand out from others in the market.
John knows all things marketing inside and out, there is no doubt about it.
With his help and expertise, we have taken our marketing to the next level.
He is also one of the very few merchants that truly understands marketing.
John understands the market in which we were looking for the candidate.
His views on the market have been right more often than he has been wrong.
John could do almost anything well, but as a marketer, he is outstanding.
He always has clear insight with anything that has to do with marketing.
He often comes up with ideas way before they are being brought to market.
John knows the market and knows how to keep everything moving forward.
He's been here for many years and knows his market like no one else does.
He knows the market, knows everyone in it and really loves what he does.
John came to us from another market which we are glad to have him.
In marketing, even international, he's taking the right responsibility.
He truly knows the market and can help you if you are buying or selling.
He clearly understands where the market has been plus where it is going.
He seems to always be the first to market on the next "in" thing to do.
John always makes him responsibility on him best as the real marketeer.
Listen to what he has to say, the market is still very tough out there.
He does what he says he'll do, and he completely understands marketing.
He made us think big and reshaped the way we will forever go to market.
He knows his market, is always on top of things and is very organized.
John understood his market better than almost all of his contemporaries.
He is an excellent marketer and always does what he says he will do.
First, he understood our market and what we were trying to accomplish.
There is truly no limit to his imagination when it comes to marketing.
John knows what's hot in the market next-before any of his competition.
John knows marketing and its responsibility within an organization.
John's market analysis has always been very thorough and insightful.
His approach is completely different from anyone else on the market.
He knows his market inside-out and his dedication is second to none.
Nolley because of his thorough understanding of the marketing arena.
If he ever gets back out on the market, someone should snap him up.
He will tell you like it is which is refreshing in today's market.
He always does his homework and knows the issues and the markets.
John knows search market: see all the other recommendations.
John will always be his first and preferred contact in this market.
He can always be depended upon to be one step ahead of the market.
What he does not know about marketing really isn't worth knowing.
He knows his market well and was consistent in his representation.
John might just be the last marketing heroine you'll ever need.
Following him suggestions we are now marketing using the internet.
He understands the market thoroughly, and is ahead of the curve.
John is unique, in that he comes to marketing from journalism.
So clearly wherever he goes, he will still be a great marketer.
When it comes to marketing his listings, no one even comes close.
He knows and understands very well market and always goes further.
When it comes to marketing, he knows what he is talking about.