Marketing Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

From a marketing standpoint, he has provided significant, insightful recommendations and assistance that have helped our marketing efforts.

John assisted us in marketing activities and gave us some good hints and tips for marketing our company.

John was also very helpful in referring us to a marketing strategy firm to assist us with our market base.

He is always there when you need assistance and has come up with some very clever marketing materials.

Creating great marketing activities together and whenever anything was needed from him, he's always there to assist.

I recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with new marketing concepts or brainstorming ideas.

He is always willing to bring his marketing mind to the table and assist you in any way he can.

John's assistance in keeping our marketing focused gives us an advantage over our competition.

I highly recommend him if you need assistance with any aspect of internet/social marketing.

I am grateful for his assistance and leadership in this new age of marketing and selling.

John has been a fantastic help in assisting our company with our marketing efforts.

John is great value and was instrumental in assisting me with all my marketing needs.

He's always willing to assist whenever needed and is a seasoned marketing veteran.

John's input and assistance with our marketing efforts has been invaluable to us.

He very quickly expressed an interest in assisting me in my marketing efforts.

Him the ability to encapsulate and assist in go to market messages is refreshing.

John assisted me with marketing and promotion - his advice was very helpful.

He has assisted me within my organization as well as externally in the open market.

I found his marketing expertise to be invaluable in opening new markets and assisting me in new customer creation.

John has assisted me on multiple marketing campaigns at two different organizations over the years.

John was my assistant for about eight years before we promoted him to the position of trainer and marketing assistant.

He assisted me with many marketing and trade show initiatives during the last four years.

John and his group have always provided me with the most innovative, yet sound marketing assistance.

I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of marketing assistance using the latest, most cost effective marketing techniques available today.

He is able to quickly see where there is value and identify and assist where there are gaps, especially from the market perspective.

He assisted us in crafting new approaches to our market that have paid off with rapid growth.

His enthusiasm and willingness to assist in my marketing strategies was second to none.

John has assisted me in running an innovation workshop as well as done marketing admin for me.

His assistance has greatly enhanced my understanding and use of marketing for my practice.

His background in marketing has proven invaluable to the clients that he has assisted.

John has worked long and hard in assisting me with different positions in the market.

He also contributes creative ideas to assist with the marketing of the newspaper.

I am confident he can assist many individuals in today's markets and help them to achieve their goals.

John listens with both ears and speaks the truth to assist your marketing efforts.

John has done an amazing job assisting us with our online presence and marketing.

I was pleased to assist with his request that resulted in a better market focus.

John has always provided assistance with marketing and advertising needs, even on a short notice.

John has assisted with and maintained an annual marketing plan for our company.

His knowledge of marketing and willingness to share his marketing strategies was very valuable to many of us who needed marketing assistance with projects.

His insightful feedback has assisted in bettering our offerings and making them more market friendly.

He has proved that he will be a valuable addition to assist any company with their marketing needs.

He is a great marketing asset to have on any team that needs to use marketing effectively.

John is exceptional with qualitative and quantitative market data, as he assisted us with our land and market analysis.

His evaluation of our marketing channels and assistance with the implementation was invaluable.

He is always available for advice and him assistance in other areas such as marketing and branding has been invaluable.

He understood the e-learning market and often assisted others with positioning against competition.

He understands these markets and through his innovativeness and drive he has assisted us to achieve success far beyond our expectations.

He always maintains a positive attitude and is always available to assist in any marketing opportunities that might exist.

John assisted me with my resume and self marketing techniques in my transition from the military to the civilian sector.

John has been able to help us target our marketing efforts to be able to assist more clients.

John created and keeps up-to-date our website, as well assist us with digital marketing.

He assisted me in marketing my law practice and totally re-vamped my website.

John has been a wonderful marketing mentor for us, assisting in creating a solid marketing strategy for the company.

I would highly recommend him to assist with your Foodservice marketing program.

John has been more than a colleague, he has assisted me in teaching me how to be successful in this shifting market.

Specifically, he assisted me with wording and editing my marketing material for my brochure and website.

I am extremely happy with his suggestions and his assistance in the marketing process.

John assisted me on many matters involving communication and marketing issues.

He assisted me to create buzz and awareness on our various online marketing channels.

His marketing skills assisted everyone in the organization to gain market share in each assigned vertical.