Marketing Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John provided great ideas for our association's membership outreach/convention marketing campaign that were well-suited to the association.
Always bringing something new to the marketing mix for his clients and associates.
John and his associates to anyone in the market to buy or sell real estate.
He makes it good fun too, which isn't something we'd always associate with marketing data.
Undoubtedly he among the best marketing analysis and brand marketers in the country.
He also knew his target market and realized that throwing marketing dollars in many different directions and getting the cheapest marketing available was not true marketing and branding.
Him and his associates enlightened him on what is needed, it today's job market.
He, as a solution driven marketeer, knows what the market needs and what is hot.
John and his associates have surfaced some really interesting, good opportunities for himself and his close associates.
Am sure he would rise to any marketing challenge put to him as have seen during his tenure of association with him.
John stays current through marketing associations and is an active participant.
John's expertise and passion for marketing and marketing best practices is contagious.
As one of out top notch marketing associates he does fantastic work.
He knows how to attend the needs of the market while mitigating the risks associated.
He knows his area and keeps up with what is selling and how it should be marketed.
We thank him for his association and providing directions in implementing new marketing techniques.
He knows the market very well and easily understand the market changes and comes with widely accepted solutions.
His insight into the association market, no matter the field, is priceless.
From our earliest association, he said that individuals with disability would always be considered in the marketing efforts he led.
He would be a great addition to any company or association that wants to expand their market visibility.
And he is awarded top marketing honors from associations on a regular basis.
His dedication was a key part of the marketing association's success.
He looks at your overall needs and the offers the best solutions that are on the market.
His experience in marketing was beneficial in connecting the marketing theory to practice.
John provides the level of marketing services necessary in today's competitive market.
Our association has enormous respect for him many pioneering abilities building this world-class, middle market association.
He always completed all his duties and in the best interest of the association.
His association with him thus far has been a complete blessing.
John's ability to get the job done and motivate associates to market is one to be emulated throughout any organization.
Similarly, his network of associates he masterminds with is a virtual who's who of marketing.
John not only knows all the best, most current practices for everything marketing.
He knows the upscale market and the needs of shoppers in that environment.
John has really helped us with the marketing of our practice.
John's feedback on marketing, associations and the nonprofit sector have served him well.
John's extensive knowledge of effective marketing is quite evident when he is at work - either in his ability to market his company or to help others market their own.
He would benefit any organization with which he is associated.
John and his associates forged a path for much of the work that followed in the ethnic markets.
John brought a renewed direction and increased the profile of marketing within the association.
John knows the market and is always looking for the best interest of the client.
Passionate to get the best candidate possible in the market for his clients.
He certainly knows marketing, and he knows how to serve his clients.
John knows how to market and get value for sponsors and clients.
He knows his market, him candidates and above all his clients.
Romania is a very difficult market, but he makes it easy for him to work in this market together with him.
He knows the market really well in the marketing space and is an asset to any company he works with.
His marketing vision is forward thinking while relating to existing market conditions.
His knowledge of marketing practices and market conditions is extensive.
He used all store associates to cover the entire market of customers.
As a result of that association, he hired him to help him increase his traffic through various marketing approaches.
John's fresh and innovative approach to marketing goes beyond the traditional marketing leader.
John makes every marketer think harder about their brand and what our customers deserve from us as marketers.
His marketing background has aligned us more closely with the function's global marketing arm.
There is much to learn from him to anyone or any organization that associates him.
As a marketing veteran, he has all the marketing tools in his belt, and a great resource for any marketing need.
He goes above and beyond to make sure his company, associations and vendors are taken care of, understand marketing and are extremely satisfied.
John's expertise and professionalism with regard to marketing at our association are much needed and are much appreciated.
John has always put full effort and detail into any marketing recommendations that he had brought to this association.
What impressed him most is not only his knowledge in almost every market channel, but also his capability in other areas beyond marketing.
John provides valuable information, especially for those interested in marketing to associations through writing articles.
What always surprised him is how much he knows about very different solutions and different market approaches.
Sooraj is someone who is very balanced in his approach to marketing solutions.
He is always looking for solutions despite a challenging market.
When it comes to ideas and marketing solutions he is the man.
John gave us a marketing review and provided us with some really useful and practical advice as to how we could improve our own marketing.
John handled our book marketing while juggling marketing of the many other services provided by our organization.
Keeping him up to date on marketing trends and practical nuts-bolts of effective marketing.
His expertise in marketing helped us find the right market to target with our service.
We began while he was in marketing working on an association-wide marketing data warehouse.
John is a deep resource of thinking and experience in marketing, especially for associations, but he could successfully help market almost anything.
Everybody knows him because of his long association in studying and creating programs for the mature market.
He knows the market and will test it to make sure you're getting the best possible deal.
Allows his associates to play to their strengths, be always there and had your back when you needed him.
Every task he was given by the association was completed promptly and completely.
John consistently displayed major strengths throughout our association.
John closely associates his success with the success of others around him.
His leadership allows him to have strong influence in associate groups.
He recognized the strengths of his associates and built on that.
John provided and still provides for this company practical, well thought out marketing.
Encouraging others to do the right marketing practices, he always ensures the same.
He knows marketing from both the practical and theoretical perspectives.
He not only knows the marketing theory, but also is very good in practice.
John really knew marketing, and he was practicing it in college.
John raised the level of the marketing department with great graphics and marketing ideas.
His stories sometimes move the market and are closely followed by financial market participants.
John definitely became our go-to resource for all things marketing automation.
His employment at our company was during his "junior years" as a marketing associate.
His ingenuity and knowledge of the marketing world made him essential to the association's successes throughout the year.
He goes above and beyond for his clients and doesn't quit regardless of market conditions.
John understands exactly what his clients want and need which makes him an amazing marketer.
When you consider his market of churches, this should be of value to any potential client.
His dedication to each of his clients comes through in all of his marketing deliverables.
Excellent feeling for the market and client needs, he is and has been very successful.
He created most of it from markets and clients, we didn't even know were out there.
He truly knows how to optimize the best marketing opportunities for his clients.
John knows his market inside out & totally understands the needs of his clients.
Thanks again for helping his clients get the most for their marketing dollars.
He understands his clients and how to help them with their marketing needs.
It would seem that he intuitively knows the market and his client's needs.
He knows his market well and is in tune with client needs and objectives.
John, he is not just all about marketing when it comes to helping clients.
The clients love him and he seems to know everyone in the market place.
He makes things happen and that is what any marketeer or client wants.
They have also helped him with marketing competitions to his clients.
John is great in marketing and knows the real needs of clients.
A must to help his clients be at the top in competitive markets.
And this is why he is able to market his clients so effectively.
John really understands how to flesh out his clients' markets.
He focusses on the effect that marketing has on your clients.