Marketing Communications Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Communications Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a very passionate marketer who opens up and comes up with new ideas and innovative approaches to the world of marketing communications.
With an entrepreneurial nature, he always seems to be well briefed about what's going on - with both the market and the investor community.
John provides regular communications and keeps in touch regarding the market and opportunities, but doesn't over do it.
His understanding of communications and marketing, and how the two intersect and complement one another, are invaluable.
A few years ago, he identified the need for marketers to become well-versed in this new realm of communication.
He is an expert communicator and understands the need of each individual looking for their target market.
John knows how to bring all facets of marketing communications together effectively and efficiently.
He fully understood the market and my expectations and communication between us was always very good.
I would not hesitate to recommend him for positions across the communications and marketing sectors.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent marketing and communications candidate.
He is always looking for new ways to market to and communicate with students and their parents.
I'd hire him again and again to help us move our marketing and communications efforts forward.
His input has always been very valuable from both a communications and marketing perspective.
He understands what makes communities tick, and is excellent at marketing to them.
John has created the ultimate community for entrepreneurs and new age marketers.
John has a terrific understanding of marketing communications and implementation.
He also communicated complicated marketing concepts, skills to undergraduates.
He has made a profound impact in professionalizing our marketing communications.
He is bright, energetic and dedicated to him marketing and communications role.
He is an expert in marketing and communications and has delivered excellent value.
He is consistently thinking outside of the box to help market my communities.
His excellent abilities to communicate and market ideas were already evident.
His efforts laid the groundwork for marketing communications worldwide.
John helped us significantly expand our market communications coverage.
John is a strong marketer with expertise in integrated marketing strategies and communication.
He communicates very clearly and tries very hard to understand his market well.
John has tremendous marketing experience, and he is an excellent communicator.
John is an excellent communicator and marketer with an eye for details.
John is the best communications and marketing professional you could hire.
He understands how to successfully communicate, market positioning via market influencers and how to effectively cut through the noise and stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Him value in communication and marketing are extremely valuable to the growth of the organization.
He was passionate and engaging about culture, communications and marketing, amongst other things.
I greatly value his guidance and input, as well as his expertise in marketing and communications.
He really gets marketing and how to communicate effectively with clients and prospects.
John has the drive and passion to excel in any communication or marketing challenge.
His marketing and communications expertise will grow any company or organization.
He gets marketing strategy and drives it into the communications he creates.
He embraces an entrepreneurial spirit and engages in community marketing.
John has instinctive insight into both audience and market so consequently has a clear understanding of the role marketing communications must play.
He is on target with his communication and expressing him needs when it comes to him marketing materials.
Him communication, creativity and passion for marketing keeps him and everyone around him on their toes.
He possesses the creativity in marketing and the clarity of communications.
John is well connected in the community and really understands the importance of getting value for your marketing dollars.
John understands the importance of community and thought leadership in marketing.
John has the capabilities and contacts necessary to drive marketing communication campaigns.
And since he has a marketing communications background, we were able to talk marketing, copy and strategy effortlessly.
One of his greatest strengths from my perspective is how he provides value to others through co-marketing and getting involved in various community endeavors.
He is someone that is passionate about the future of marketing and communications and inspires everyone to reach new heights.
John's smart, he understands how the market is evolving, and he's excellent at communicating that to an audience.
He is very good at what he does, understands the ins and outs of this market and is an excellent communicator.
He is an excellent communicator, a natural marketer and someone who is not afraid to think outside of the box.
What impressed me most was his market acumen and an eye for communication that is both good and effective.
He is an excellent listener and communicator and can take your marketing initiatives to the next level.
He's a clear, expert in the market and communicates clearly all the questions we've had along the way.
He has a deep understanding of the markets and is able to communicate the same very effectively.
He has consistently provided me with a good marketing perspective on our communications efforts.
He understands the dynamics and subtleties of communicating in today's very complicated market.
I could always count on him expert and wise advice in all aspects of marketing communication.
John is a true expert in marketing communications who is always responsive and attentive.
John is a connector and is very well connected in the online marketing community.
There was good communication throughout, liaising with himself and marketing colleagues, to keep us informed of all the various marketing initiatives.
John is really up-to-date concerning new innovations in the marketing and communication branch.
John can communicate marketing concepts clearly with people regardless of their background.
It goes without saying that his knowledge of marketing & communications is second to none.
Furthermore, he publishes in both marketing and mass communication journals.
His knowledge of communicating and marketing are second to none.
He knows how to communicate the needs of each of our company's many publishing markets.
Partnering with him on marketing communications strategy is both enjoyable and effective, and any marketing effort would be fortunate to have him.
He an extremely talented marketeer and driven individual who excels in marketing communications and product marketing.
He knows marketing and communicates that knowledge brilliantly and with such energy, you can't wait to market.
He knows his stuff when it comes to marketing, particularly web marketing.
He is a great help from community relates to marketing communications and fundraising
From a product marketing to marketing communications, his experience and insights can't be matched.
He knows how to communicate that vision to employees, partners, and our company.
John is an extremely responsive client and he understood the market, clearly communicating his marketing goals.
He leverages his past marketing and communications background in his job.
John's vast experience in the non-profit market makes him an excellent marketer because he truly understands how to effectively communicate with his audience.
John's passion for all aspects of marketing and marketing communications was abundantly clear during the time we dealt with him.
His experience in marketing and communication is remarkable and his guidance was a great help in creating marketing collateral.
This in turn is extremely valuable in being able to communicate that message in his marketing and refining his target market.
John has strong communication, marketing and community skills and experience.
He is a solid addition to any marketing, marketing communications or training organisation
His experience also includes marketing, corporate branding, and marketing communications.
He grasped communications concepts easily and is able to apply them to new situations and across other marketing communications disciplines.
John provided excellent service and communicated his ideas clearly on how best to maximize his marketing reach in our company.
John understands the new feature and their benefits to our market and he ensures each is communicated through our varied marketing channels.
John is completely thorough and looks at all aspects of an idea to make the best marketing and communication decision.
He understands modern communication methods and marketing and knows everything there is to know about experiential.
His communication is prompt and accurate, in that he always keeps you up-dated on what the market has to offer.
His ability to communicate and market both his own ideas as well as those of his organization are superior.
Hiring him to guide us through our marketing and communications revamp was the best decision we made.
His shots are beautiful and have been used in all of our major communications and marketing efforts.
He knows marketing and communications inside and out and brings great experience to the table.
He's not just another savvy marketer or communicator- he's the epitome of servant leadership.
There is no aspect of marketing communications that is too small or too big for him to tackle.
John, as we called him, was central to many ideas put forth in marketing and communications.
Simply put, our communication to the market exceeded that of our competition on our company.
It really hit him that he is going to be become a natural marketer and awesome communicator.
He is trustworthy and tremendously capable in marketing and interpersonal communications.
In this role he was ultimately responsible for all marketing communications while there.
It is amazing how clearly he is capable to communicate messages in marketing collateral.
His communication style is always excellent, with all involved stakeholders and markets.
John's total command of marketing communications was the primary cause of this success.
John is without doubt one of the best strategic minds in marketing and communications.
He stands above most in his ability to identify and communicate market requirements.
He's absolutely passionate about marketing, communications and the power of ideas.
He excels at marketing to targeted consumers and is an outstanding communicator.
He knows how to gather, communicate and prioritize complex market requirements.
He has taught him ways to market and sell by the brilliant way he communicates.
He stays up to date with the market and communicates new listings promptly.
John is a natural organizational, communication, and marketing mastermind.
He communicated the marketing messages effectively and to great effect.
He has been a great asset to the company and to our marketing community.
He is truly a dynamic and strategic communicator and marketer.
He is by far the best marketing communication employee we had at our company, missed him.
Our company had made a major commitment to the Mexican communications market.
John is fluid in digital marketing and has been involved in all aspects of marketing communications and strategy.
John has a grassroots approach to marketing and excels at relational marketing and communication strategies.
He would do well in any job given to him in advertising, marketing or communications.
John also has extensive experience in marketing and marketing communications (one of the reasons we wanted him on our team).
John is an asset to any organization looking for a community liaison in strategic communications or marketing.
John communicates well with all other disciplines, communicating to them why things are the way they are and fostering a better understanding.
He knows the value of communicating clearly and provides an environment to facilitate open and honest communications.
During this communication his visionary approach and the modest way of communication was so impressive.
John believes in community involvement and gives back to our company with his time and expertise.
He communicates especially well and values timely and frequent communication to all levels.
It is very convenient to communicate with him and he's a good listener and communicator.
John also exhibits great strengths in communication, especially in the user community.
He created a community before "community" became the buzz word of the decade.
As well as being an excellent communicator, he knows his market inside-out and will always do his best by both candidate and client.
His insight into customers, communications and marketing itself have been essential.
He always knows how and when to ask the questions to get at the best possible communications.
John always is willing to go above and beyond to be an asset to our community.
He communicated well with others above and below him in the organization.
John seems to commune directly with whomever, and whatever, he paints.
He clearly communicates his needs and the needs of his organization.
He will also communicate it in the best way to other parties.
It is no wonder he is seen as such an asset to his community.
He always kept him in communication and made it look so easy.
He clearly communicates the direction he is taking his new markets and the goals he setting.
He always comes up with solution for your company's related marketing communication.
He laid the foundation for the marketing department and was a great influence on each of our communication and marketing efforts.
He knows all aspects of marketing communications and is able to use that knowledge to create marketing that makes a difference.
His out of the box thinking and marketing communications expertise raises the bar for marketing excellence.
He provides a powerhouse of knowledge on applying marketing communications in e-marketing environments.
His expertise in marketing and especially integrated marketing are beyond guru.
John has unquestionably become a resource in the marketing community.
The John marketing communications team would be lucky to have him.
Great communicator and respected by clients and other clinicians in our company.
He's that rare marketer who knows what he wants, can communicate it well, and follows up with helpful feedback and direction.