Marketing Communications Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Communications Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's passion for all aspects of marketing and marketing communications was abundantly clear during the time we dealt with him.
John continually proves himself to be a reliable marketing communicator and manager.
John was an excellent marketing communications manager who always made his customers look good.
He is passionate about marketing and communications and understands what is needed to get the best results.
In this role he was ultimately responsible for all marketing communications while there.
I would highly recommend him for any roles having to deal with marketing communications.
His communication style is always excellent, with all involved stakeholders and markets.
John has opened my eyes to the world of marketing-communications and cybersecurity.
John was a good communicator and was at the cutting edge of our marketing initiatives.
His understanding of marketing and consumer communication is apparent in past roles.
He excels at marketing to targeted consumers and is an outstanding communicator.
He has achieved great results in the communication and marketing domains.
John is a rare species indeed in the marketing communication land.
John has a great ability to be a very strong and effective marketer and communicator manager.
He also managed marketing communications and the logistics of every trade show.
John is an exceptional communications manager and would strongly recommend him for any communications, marketing or customer engagement role.
John is an excellent communicator and very analytical in his approach to marketing.
He values collaborative communication and improved our market-wide managerial communications far more than before he started.
I don't know how he managed it, but, he knew everything that was going on in all of our many communities and all of our many departments.
During this time, he showed him excellency at marketing, communication and brand management.
John is also a talented leader of people with the ability to communicate the story to both the marketing and non-marketing community alike.
John has been very successful at managing the various marketing activities.
John is an outstanding marketing professional with a marketing communications specialism.
John has extensive contacts in many areas of the communications market and is well known and liked.
He has an excellent knack for marketing and is well plugged-in to the local community.
John has an intuitive and practical understanding of marketing communications.
He is truly an innovative marketer and communications leader.
He manages to get various tasks done in a fast and efficient way while still guiding me through the world of marketing and communication.
John is an expert marketer, communicator and strategic thinker.
John is a very resourceful marketing manager and a strong communicator.
He has an excellent understanding of which marketing messages to communicate and how to communicate them so that they stick with customers.
He would do well in any job given to him in advertising, marketing or communications.
John leads by example and is well-respected in the marketing community.
I see him as a valuable contributor and task manager for any marketing or communications function.
John is not only creative, funny and fun but darn effective in community management and marketing.
I am pleased to have the opportunity to have him as a partner in marketing our communities.
John is a seasoned communications manager with broad experience in managing effective on- and offline marketing campaigns.
John has the ability to communicate both up and down the chains of management.
John managed all electronic communications for our corporate marketing department.
He was responsible for managing the communication between sales and marketing which is not easy.
It's more than his in-depth understanding of the market, his ability to structure and communicate long term success for markets.
John is fluid in digital marketing and has been involved in all aspects of marketing communications and strategy.
John is an enthusiastic, agile and dedicated marketing manager who has solid experience in end to end marketing.
John is one of those rare marketing managers who actually consistently played the game he was in charge of marketing.
He knows his market very well, is driven and can communicate his thoughts and ideas without being patronising or overbearing.
His enthusiasm for marketing and communications was obvious and his ability to make things happen just seemed effortless.
John was an insightful marketeer, dedicated to understanding his consumers & communicating with them.
John provides a first class marketing communications vehicle that really does deliver results.
John is very biased toward action and creates marketing communications results quickly.
He really understands very complex markets and helps companies communicate simply.
John is a wonderful communicator and marketeer, fused with passion and commitment.
He is a top notch communicator and marketer, very open to new ideas.
The way he manages and communicates with the clients is excellent.
He is also very good at communicating with clients and management.
John can communicate with all levels of employees and management.
He also used to manage client communication very effectively.
He understands intricate market dynamics which most over-look, and is an excellent communicator at multiple levels of management.
John thinks outside the box with tough requisitions and communicates well with hiring managers on market conditions.
He has a wealth of knowledge in search marketing and understands the broader marketing and communications mix.
His execution of management and marketing communications would be an asset of any company.