Marketing Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John provided marketing consulting and was able to create an effective low cost marketing campaign that targeted our specific market segment.
If you want to market your business, he is the one to consult.
Anyone looking for biotech marketing consultancy will do well to engage his expert consultancy services.
John consulted with us for one of our marketing campaigns and we have been very impressed with everything he has delivered.
John knows his market well and was highly consultative during the final negotiations.
If you want to change the perception of your marketing you need to consult with him.
He's one of those special people out there in the marketing consulting world.
John consulted our web agency on internet marketing, helping us break into new markets.
John consulted with us regarding product marketing in a relatively noisy and crowded market.
He knew the market really well and consulted us through the process.
He consulted with him to help package his expertise in new markets.
John provided consultancy on marketing strategy for his company.
Everything he told us was so on point, and you can tell that he really understands the market that he consults in.
He does so, whilst always having consultative approach - which is not only refreshing, but vital in today's market.
More so he is on the pulse of emerging markets, which gives him an advantage to any consulting he does for you.
Working with him on our website redesign and marketing consulting has been both inspiring and refreshing.
John taught him to think outside of the box and not do what every off the shelf marketing consultant does.
Ultimately, he redesigned his profile to reflect this and strengthen the marketing of his consulting.
His consultants stay with him, and he is the first they call when they return to the market again.
His indepth analysis and insights are a must for someone who follows the consulting market.
During that time he established himself and an extremely gifted marketing consultant.
John's consulting on almost any internet marketing venture is extremely valuable.
He provides an incredible consultative service that is next to none on the market.
With his determination, we achieved the target of our consulting market share.
John visited his company on two occasions to provide marketing consultancy.
His level of consultation absolutely exceeds market expectations.
He "owns" our company consultancy and is a superior marketer.
He supported many of our marketing teams with great consultancy and marketing capability.
John, marketing consultant, qualifying marketing coach and frequent speaker.
He's a marketing consultant's consultant; he understands what it takes to truly differentiate and connect with clients.
We continued our relationship when he formed his own marketing consultancy.
John is a truly talented consultant in the multicultural market.
John knows that markets are different - he is a marketing consultant who makes the effort to research and understand the market in which one operates.
His marketing knowledge is among the finest in today`s global internet marketing and consultancy place.
He is the consultant for your marketing and coaching needs, period.
Anyone looking for an expert consultant in home shopping / marketing would do well to consider him.
If you want to juice up your marketing campaign, contact him for a consultation.
It is almost an obsession for him, which is very important in any kind of consulting offer for the market.
John recently provided us with some web marketing consultancy that has been incredibly helpful.
He really made marketing function meaningful for a consulting company.
John came to our company as a marketing consultant to help with strategy and initiatives.
John added instant value to our marketing organization during his tenure as a strategic marketing consultant from day one.
Our company as a marketing consultant, John again proved himself extremely valuable through his insightful viewpoint and marketing expertise.
John and his company for market review, market data analysis as well as engagements for image consulting.
John's experience in the marketing of technology added considerable value to the our company beyond what other marketing consultants can offer.
John's approach was consultative, thorough and certainly has strong networks within the market.
He comes highly recommended in the marketing/ consulting field.
John's insightful marketing consultations have been of immense value to him and has helped him successfully market his company and increase revenues.
His consulting expertise will not only help you clearly identify your target market, but also how to capture it.
He gets our highest recommendation for anyone who wants to be a more effective marketer, salesman or consultant.
John is one of the few independent deliverability/reputation consultants out there in the email marketing space.
John provided to our firm an exceptional marketing blueprint to which we regularly reference and consult.
We keep referring to his slides or consult him whenever we discuss new-age marketing strategies/tactics.
John's marketing expertise and telemarketing insight, make him invaluable as a consultant.
He consistently was delivering a consultative approach to the market and was well respected.
His expertise and experience in marketing made consultative selling easy for him.
He remains persistently relevant in a way many "marketing" consultants do not.
As an independent consultant, it's easy to take his eye off the marketing ball.
As a professional he is hugely consultative and clearly knows his market.
As a marketing consultant, he thinks outside the box and gets it done.
He is a "go-getter" and an upbeat and positive marketing consultant.
John took a consultancy to set the strategic direction of marketing.
John consulted and shared insight about emerging markets and its challenges.
He would be his first choice for online marketing consultant or four heads of online marketing in any company.
John with his team used to survey the market and analyse the requirements in the market.
His clients love what he does for them through his exposure as a marketing consultant.
He has gone on to be a successful, talented marketing consultant and no surprise.
He always got us into houses as soon as they came on the market.
John's thirst for knowledge and mastery of the marketing arena has positioned him in the upper echelon of marketing consultants.
John taught us market strategies and tools used by companies and consulting firms to penetrate and create markets.
John would make a great addition to any marketing or consulting team.
John approached him to rebrand and help market his consulting business.
He knows his stuff when it comes to inbound marketing, events and email marketing.
John has become much more than just a consultant - he has become a dedicated partner in all marketing endeavors.
His contribution in the digital marketing consulting has always been highly appreciated.
John consulted with him on new game marketing and gave him invaluable advice.
John worked with his law firm for several years as our marketing consultant.
Simply put, he was one of his favorite marketing consultants to work with.
John is a savvy marketer and a competent consultant, and he's also fun.
As an executive-level marketing consultant, he is without equal.
His experience in all aspects of event marketing makes him the perfect consultant.
He is hired by his company as e-marketing consultant where he helped the company to market our products.
John headed all of the marketing for this large our company and consulting firm.
He is an accomplished marketing consultant who has great insights and knowledge in the world of digital marketing.
John understands the relevance of consulting within the go to market strategy and is very inclusive in his approach.
His passion for his job, his knowledge of the market could allow him to be a consultant for different companies.
His company used him as an external marketing consultant and the results that he delivered were great.
John is equally excited to learn everything about direct marketing as he was about teaching him (the outside consultant) all there was to know about resort marketing.
This makes him an ideal consultant or member of any dynamic marketing team.
He thinks in terms of building market presence addressing key niche markets, growth potential markets, and established markets.
He not only grew the market, but marketed within the area to grow the brand.
John also consulted with our organization's marketing team, both before and after the event.
His clients came to rely on him for his excellent marketing and portfolio consultation.
After an initial consultation he will already have an idea of where your marketing efforts would be better spent and will explain exactly why.
He introduced him to many others and was very helpful in helping to navigate the consulting world of the local market.
John takes him well rounded insights and applies them to him marketing consultant and in him collateral development
To say he provides marketing consulting services does not begin to describe the value he has brought to our company.
When we had our initial consultation, he took notes and has delivered, on time, all marketing vehicles as promised.
His honesty and depth of insight into the challenges of the consulting market have been refreshing and inspiring.
In our first consult, he provided him with a lot of valuable recommendations for improving his marketing approach.
He's a no-nonsense marketing consultant who cuts through the clutter to get things done on time and on target.
He himself is both a terrific consultant, a wonderful marketeer, and an "algae entrepreneur".
His insightful paid social and search consultancy has taken his marketing to the next level.
John led the marketing efforts for several consulting practices with outstanding results.
It was a pity he left our organisation after two years to become a marketing consultant.
He values & pursues self-awareness and is much more than a social marketing consultant.
John on several occasions, hiring him for marketing analysis and consulting services.
He is a marketer's dream consultant, able to be both strategic and tactical.
He is a teammate, marketing consultant, social guru, and much more.
He just started as an independent consultant in e-mail marketing.
He would be an asset to any consulting firm or vendor who focuses on the requirements of the our company market.
John's breadth of experience in consulting and marketing has been leveraged time and time again at our company.
John is his type of marketer; one that could consult any organization to success because he has proven his marketing proficiency driving traffic to his own sites.
John would also be a valuable consultant in the marketing discipline or as a business strategy consultant.
In addition, he is an outstanding marketing consultant on behalf of the interests of his customers.
As a consultant, he was focused on customer needs and on the way to achieve marketing objectives.
He takes his role seriously as a marketing consultant and is truly committed to his customers.
He offered his excellent consulting not only on the shows, but in marketing in general.
John made us feel as though ours was the only house he had on the market.
He will only introduce them after extensive market research, and consultation with his colleagues
John brought him in as a consultant to help restructure and refocus the marketing team.
You will do well to get him on board with your marketing team.
John has a unique blend of consulting and marketing expertise that he incorporates into his presentations.
John is an exceptional consultant, he knows his market and it is always a pleasure to work with him.
John worked for him as a marketing search consultant, and he was absolutely terrific.
His open honesty and integrity are refreshing in the consulting marketplace
John's work as a marketing consultant for photographers is top-notch.
John represents the future of marketing planning and consultancy.
His consultancy role was effectively as "marketing executive" for our company.
Whilst working for himself, he provided useful insight into the construction consultancy market.
John has a very clear understanding of marketing principles and with his pragmatic and consultative style he was very successful at achieving marketing goals.
His vision was to enable and empower the markets to help the markets by providing them with common tool kits and with regular consulting.
He shares information and becomes a consultant for more than just a marketing level.
He helped innovate new concepts in marketing that are now being taught by top-shelf product marketing consultants.
John provided the marketing function of our go to market of a new service offering.
John is one of the most knowledgeable consultants you could find - he knows his market inside out and is well liked by both his clients and candidates.
That enables him to really partner his clients and provide them consulting advice on the market.
His insight on organizing your marketing has shaped his consulting process immensely.
His knowledge on all things related to marketing, strategy, and consulting is extensive.
His advice and consulting on strategies to use for vertical market entry where also critical to our success.
His guidance and consulting on how helping promote, market, and monetize his podcast has proven invaluable.
His consultation was instrumental in ensuring the concepts were market ready and valid.
A conceptualist and resourceful marketing consultant, he is, but the depth of his commitment, to any project, is worth more than most marketing consultants offer their customers.
Our company, very few marketers can lay claim to the many marketing successes John has achieved.
Additionally, he is an insightful consultant to the business needs of direct marketing executives
John is not only our marketing consultant; he is also a tremendous business partner.
He provided great value to us as a consultant for our direct marketing business.
John comes across as a marketing consultant who is aggressively driven towards quality and consistency.
Him an extremely good knowledge of the market and the people made him one of the most successful consultants.
Currently he works as a consultant in his own company covering several areas and markets.