Marketing Data Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Data Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was strong in using market intelligence data effectively for marketing planning.
He knows what it takes doing great marketing, and makes data-driven decisions that maximize the impact of our marketing spend.
John's passion for data driven marketing methodologies is infectious.
John was one of them, sharing the market reality with no compromise on facts and data.
John is a true marketing visionary and is truly passionate about data.
He really understands how to apply data to maximize marketing results.
I truly admire him a deft understanding of sophisticated data and ability to translate that data into actionable marketing.
John and his team are true digital marketers, using data and best practices to drive marketing, not marketing.
He has an in-depth knowledge of data and data-driven marketing as well as an excellent insight into how companies should be keeping up with the times in their data-based marketing programs.
John injects fun into the often dry area of data and its use in marketing.
He knows his market well with data analysis and commentary spot on.
John would be an asset to any data driven marketing organization.
John is a gifted marketer who understands how to synthesize and interpret data along with more esoteric market trends.
What struck me what just how knowledgeable he is with data insights and marketing.
Beyond data and numbers, the truest merit of a marketer is his/his ability to paint the picture behind the data.
He brings years of successful experience with data driven marketing and online marketing.
He is definitely a reference when it comes to data views and his talk is absolutely necessary if you want to keep up with this specific market.
His insights into marketing and data use (and abuse) are nothing short of revolutionary.
He uses data to make broader insights, recommendations and introduce marketing ideas.
John is an expert on panel data and its relevance to loyalty & retention marketing.
John is highly driven, data oriented marketer who knows what it takes to get results.
John is both marketing savvy and data savvy, and that makes a big difference.
John has incredible depth of domain expertise in big data and marketing.
When it comes to data and marketing software, he is second to none.
John is a highly thoughtful and insightful data driven marketer.
He enables true data-driven marketing and ongoing optimization.
John has an excellent reputation and has provided me with valuable market data in the past.
He is an expert in market intelligence, specialising in market insight, segmentation and data modelling.
Brilliant data entrepreneur knows his way around the markets and offers unbiased first class views on how to help clients with their data challenges.
I could tell that he really understood data & analytics - he was one of the savviest marketers out there.
He provides insight supported by data on what he sees in the market.
John's analytical, data-driven view of marketing is second to none.
John isn't just the data guy who'll churn out data on request, he has a complete understanding of the marketing funnel and how to identify opportunities within that based on data he's pulled together.
John is an excellent marketeer with an in-depth understanding of digital, data and direct marketing.
John is an extremely talented digital marketer who focuses on data driven marketing.
Johnrthi has been very approachable, always ready with the market data and live up to the commitment given.
He is a sound marketer who understands the need for data and the reasons for going with your gut.
He also understands the value and power of data and insight and is a great marketeer.
He could think in client perspective to convert data to market value.
John, a visionary marketer is a strong believer in the power of data.
He always wants to know why the data are trending the way that it is.
I have found him to be knowledgeable about what he needs, with a good understanding of marketing data.
His immense knowledge of market data/reference data is something to look up to.
His knowledge and background in syndicated marketing data is exceptional.
John is an extremely talented data analyst with a unique ability to understand behavioral data from a marketer's perspective.
He is a unique marketer in that he is guided by data not by creative glitz.
He also spikes in marketing, and can invent/innovate while also being incredibly data-driven and quantitative.
John is truly adept at manipulating data to provide and ensure marketing success.
John has a unique ability to help marketers and agencies maximize their campaigns by combining terabytes of ad serving data with search data and conversion data.
He definitely knows what he's doing when it comes to user data.
He was very well-versed in online marketing strategy - with a keen eye for data and marketing analysis.
John is truly a data-driven marketer who embraces marketing technology to achieve measurable results.
He is both a tremendously creative marketing mind as well as a very disciplined, data driven analyst.
In addition to being an excellent investor, he always brings the most current market data on the topic.
John is a firm believer in data-driven marketing, yet he knows when to question insights.
His insight on data-driven conversion marketing and persuasive psychology is exceptional.
He impressed me with his clarity of vision and his grasp of the evolving big data market.
His ability to decipher and utilize raw market data was particularly impressive to me.
His common sense, data backed, approach to marketing is refreshing and effective.
John brought a new data-driven approach to our marketing that was long overdue.