Marketing Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As a marketing director, he has given us opportunity to grow beyond our roles.
John's experience of market sectors as well as in marketing itself is very valuable.
He understands the market, and how he can use the market to better serve his clients.
I have no doubt that every marketing director would benefit from his expertise.
Not only is he successful, but he has the insight to know where marketing trends and opportunities are going before the market does.
John has an uncanny ability to sense trends of what markets want before the market even knows.
He has fundamentally changed how we go to market, but how the market views us.
I met him at a conference for marketing directors where his contributions were limitless.
John has tremendous marketing experience with a specialty in cause marketing.
John is a bright marketer whose passion for marketing ensures he always delivers engaging and effective marketing solutions.
He knows his area and keeps up with what is selling and how it should be marketed.
John is a marketer's marketer: intuitive, tenacious, thorough and an expert in all the tools of the craft.
John is a highly respected marketer who is always one step ahead of the trends in global marketing.
He is driven to achieve results in existing markets as well as open up opportunities in new markets.
John ability in marketing and understanding of the market has proven to great asset.
John is the kind of creative director that both agencies and marketers love.
He's not only been a tremendous marketing director, but he's also been a very successful salesperson.
Him perspective in marketing offers organizations new life in their marketing potential.
Hiring him for your marketing department might be the best thing you could do for your company.
John was very good at his job and was always willing to help out other markets.
John is a seasoned marketer with an array of marketing experience under his belt.
He effortlessly connected my firm's market analysis with both the overarching market narrative and with marketing tactics that were achievable and impactful.
Him depth, experience and focus as our marketing director were outstanding.
He continues to run various marketing ideas past me and through our discussion, we keep the marketing ball going forward.
His understanding of different vertical markets and trends which are shaping these markets is rare to meet.
I was also able to see him grow their own client base in this market, when previously there was no market.
John has provided great marketing ideas and insightful analysis of our company's position in the market.
He has a deep understanding of marketing and how to deliver marketing campaigns that get results.
Him ability of simplifying marketing messages and driving marketing efforts has been great.
John was creative, dependable - and effective - as a marketing director.
John is always open to new initiatives from the markets, many of them were achieved.
He is always out ahead of the market in his understanding of search trends.
I am sure he will do well in whatever marketing activity he undertakes.
Ask him about anything concerning your website or marketing activities.
John is a true all round marketer with an expansive understanding of integrated marketing.
John was always very eager to help and learn all that he could about marketing.
He knows the market inside and out and has the experience we were looking for.
I learned many things from him, especially how doing 'guerrilla marketing'.
John always amazed me how much he got done, while also somehow found time to know what was going on in the market and with competitors.
At the same time, though, he doesn't make you feel dumb for not doing what you should when it comes to marketing.
He keeps up with how the market is going so he'll steer you in the right direction.
This translates well, not only in marketing, but also in his leadership capabilities.
John has been results driven, always looking for the best way to market him campaigns.
He is always willing to help others, even during a very tough time in the market.
He knew the market, he was very considerate of our needs, he was always on time.
I look forward to collaborating with him again on future marketing campaigns.
He was always willing to hear new ideas and try new approaches to marketing.
By doing so he anticipates market movements, thus, being ahead of his time.
He knows his market and value of goods to get the best price for the heirs.
John is one of those marketers you wish you could put on all your clients.
I do not make any marketing decisions without checking in with him first.
John made us feel as though ours was the only house he had on the market.
He's also blessed with a marketing mind and contributed much in thought leadership and go-to-market approach.
He had a great sense of how to screen marketing ideas and evaluate market opportunities.
He's a true expert in database marketing and what it can do for consumer marketers.
John is a dynamic speaker and author who really knows marketing, especially trade show marketing.
John is always looking for new routes to market and does not shy trying out new ventures.
Definitely, he has the urge to get the best possible position in the job market.
He brought me in to help with marketing around licensing and associated issues.
He makes individuals around him do a better job and become better marketers.
John reported to him for three years as director of marketing.
Sales and marketing directors were impressed - several requested him again by name - that's why we continue to have him back.
John jumped in feet first and was in it with him and his marketing director every step of the way.
His title was marketing director, but he has much more, and always gone above the call of duty.
John is a marketing director who truly understands how to get the most out of creatives.
John worked for him as marketing director for our growing company.
We used his findings to explain our marketing results to the board of directors among other things.
As a new marketing director, he took him under his wing and helped him to quickly get up to speed.
John is a dedicated marketing director; he's never satisfied with the status quo.
He is a thorough, forward thinking marketing director who always delivers results.
He is, without question, his most successful role hires as a marketing director.
He later went to the dark side and served as the marketing director for one of our clients.
John would make an incredible creative director and is an asset to any marketing initiative.
Such his personality is suitable to the marketing director position
With his technological touch with marketing he's always up to date with the latest trends in marketing and especially online-marketing.
A creative director with his finger well and truly on the pulse of direct marketing.
In addition, he is well grounded in marketing, particularly new product marketing.
He is passionate about his market and the products he delivers to that market.
John excels at providing strategic advice regarding the marketing initiatives of the our company, firm at which he is employed as marketing director.
John has been his business partner as well as his marketing director.
John is a rare marketing director that has always understood the revenue-pipeline implications for any marketing initiative he undertook.
During his tenure as marketing director, he never failed to provide help and encouragement during the toughest times.
John brought great ideas to our organization while we were looking to hire a new marketing director.
He would make an excellent director on any board from middle market to public company.
He is a remarkable marketing director with a very effective leadership style.
John's easy-going humility is a lovely trait - no wonder he's so respected by marketing directors and creative directors alike.
He knows the technology market well, and is great at helping you market yourself.
If being the director of marketing wasn't enough, he also does our graphic design.
John shows just how customer centric a marketing director can be.
John, our senior marketing director, has been employed with our company for over five years.
John operated truly globally in his capacity as marketing director.
Met Varin when he was appointed as the director in charge of dell overlooking our market - John Lanka
John's effectiveness as a marketing director and breadth of knowledge are second to none.
John's varied work experience makes him an ideal, well-rounded marketing director.
He is one important reason we did not have to create an on-staff marketing director.
John's description of himself as a "data driven director of marketing" is quite accurate.
He's a director with an extensive knowledge of the market and the customers.
His knowledge of the property market, and particularly the lettings market is excellent.
He falls under a minority of online marketing directors that actually knows what they are talking about.
The success of the product in the market clearly certifies his market vision.
He understands marketing inside and out, especially, in this context, what it means to market a start-up's technology in an immature market.
His experience as an in-house marketing director allows him to relate with partners and marketing professionals alike.
He gave the campus directors exciting and innovative ways to reach out to our respective markets.
He is a consummate professional and a very capable director of marketing.
He is a passionate marketing director with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for what he does.
John is a passionate marketing director determined to make his mark, as well as a fine dancer.
John thrives at the intersection of marketing and technology and knows how to make marketing more effective and efficient.
He leverages every available technology to market his listings and is an innovator in the rural market.
His understanding of the technology and marketing potential made him key in the marketing group.
He is innovative and well versed in current trends in marketing and marketing technology.
As a marketing director, he always had the customer's needs first in line when orchestrating him initiatives.
He easily holds his own with any writer or art director in the market.
Mot only that, but he also actually understands the technologies that he's marketing.
John knows everything there is to know about the very latest in marketing technology.
He knows how to market using the best technology has to offer.
He always is ahead of the curve on the markets and technology.
He worked intimately with the marketing director and was clearly delighted with that aspect of his job.
That gives him the knowledge to drive marketing campaigns to the market with great results.