Marketing Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is always on the pulse of innovation when it comes to search engine marketing.

He understands the market, the economics, the engineering and the marketing pieces; sometimes it is hard to find all these elements in one individual.

On top of that he can speak "engineer" and "marketing" seamlessly.

His ability to handle all aspects of the marketing mix and drive the marketing engine places him among the very best.

John's engineering background, and his marketing prowess make him someone to know and listen to.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone needing help with their search engine marketing needs.

John is an excellent search engine marketing expert and one of the best there is period.

John brings tremendous value for those in the market for search engine optimization.

He really knows how to deliver search engine rankings in some of the toughest markets.

John has an exceptional understanding of search engine optimization and marketing.

John is able to bridge the engineering and marketing universes with ease.

Although he has a background in engineering, he is a natural marketer.

John's expertise in search engine and affiliate marketing is astounding.

John brings fresh engineering approaches to our market requirements.

He has written many insightful articles on search engine marketing.

He collaborated with engineering and marketing to create a bridge.

John is at the absolute cutting-edge of search engine marketing.

He worked for me as he was making the transition from engineering to marketing.

He also communicates extremely well with everyone, from marketing to engineers.

He has the ability to take on new challenges and responsibilities, for instance, in his transition from engineering to marketing.

I have found him to be highly passionate about search marketing, in particular, search engine optimisation.

John is a dedicated individual who is extremely passionate about search engine marketing.

John is an extremely knowledgeable expert in online marketing, particularly in the search engine marketing space.

John was the fire in our engines in the e-marketing department.

Many of my engineers would say he was the best marketing person they had ever worked with, and for some it was the first time they understood the value of marketing.

He tries to work closely with both marketing and engineering departments.

From engineering to marketing he took on all challenges and completed them on time and with great results.

He takes marketing requirements and rapidly translates them into engineering deliverables.

He is an experienced marketer who is always ready to embrace new marketing technology and expand his marketing knowledge.

He bridged the communications between the engineering and market forces.

John is the kind of marketing guy engineers want to work with.

John was well liked and respected by both his peers in marketing and the engineering team.

And he engineered the shift in our market perception as we moved into ad serving.

He understands marketing inside and out, especially, in this context, what it means to market a start-up's technology in an immature market.

The kinds of results he is getting are too tough for most search engine marketing agencies, but he makes it look easy.

He has a very strong marketing intellect that uniquely combines with an engineering mindset.

He helped us to hire many good engineers from market overcoming challenges we had.

John is an engineer that has the uncanny ability to put on a marketing hat.

He keeps us informed of market trends and market intelligence.

John is very detailed oriented and efficient about his approach to search engine marketing.

John's attention to detail has made him a search engine marketing expert.

He helped me understand and learn new ways of search engine marketing.

He can spin marketing roles to detailed engineering roles with ease.

Finally, he has maintained cordial relationships with other departments, namely engineering and marketing.

This only came from his drive to understand his market locally.

He was able to deliver unique value insight back to marketing and engineering based on customer and market analyses.

He makes sure the client understands the why, how and when of search engine marketing and gets them measurable results.

John is the perfect example of a marketer with his roots in the science / engineering disciplines.

John should always be your "go-to-guy" to keep the marketing engines running at high efficiency.

John is a fearless champion for innovation as an engine for growth and market leadership.

I often look to him for new insights and techniques to apply to my own search engine marketing work.

His knowledge of search engine marketing and optimization is nothing short of amazing.

I have witnessed his works and achievements in all aspects of search engine marketing.

He has a great knowledge about marketing and search engine optimization.

He works equally well with engineers, finance, and marketing.

He was demanding and flexible at the same time, adapting to the market and engineering constrains with ease.

He always came up with the best marketing programs that always got results.

He knows exactly what he is doing, keeps up-to-date on current search engine marketing trends, and has the results to prove it.

He has a rare combination of engineering know-how and marketing expertise to span many different types of roles.

John's approach is refreshing, adapting Econometrics to search engine marketing with great results.