Marketing Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a seasoned marketing executive who demonstrates an impressive balance between strategy and execution.
A brilliant strategic marketer that is always ahead of his peers in executing upon the most advanced marketing tactics.
John is a very knowledgeable, and well spoken technology marketing executive who really understands how to create and execute an effective marketing strategy.
I am most impressed with his ability to execute against meaningful marketing objectives.
He would be an asset to any organization in need of marketing leadership or execution.
He is an experienced, competent and highly effective marketing executive.
John is one of the finest marketing executives with whom it has been my privilege to work.
I can honestly say that his knowledge and execution in the market is exceptional.
He wants to achieve his goals and beyond using his sharp market vision and execution.
He is both strategic in defining/identifying marketing opportunities and exceptional at executing marketing plans.
John is an enthusiastic marketer and he drafts and executes integrated marketing plans excellent.
John is a smart, purpose-driven marketing executive who knows how to get things done.
John is an extremely forward-thinking and open-minded marketing executive.
And he's a true marketing guru - while others think in addition, he's already executing in multiplication.
John is an exceptional executive and marketer who excels through his passion and dedication to excellence.
Every week, he impressed me with phenomenal new marketing ideas that we could execute immediately.
He had an immediate positive impact on our ability to execute and measure the marketing effort.
He truly understands marketing principles and has the ability to execute to achieve the results.
John is an extremely bright and energetic executive with incredible insight into the market.
His marketing ideas are revolutionary, his dedicated execution of those ideas is flawless.
He is very open minded and extremely well-known in the market as being a top executive.
He is an extremely effective marketing executive who instills trust in all around him.
He has had the vision to match a market need with the ability to execute his mission.
John is a tireless and passionate marketing executive with that unique perspective.
If our firm had an opening for a marketing executive - we would hire him today.
His concepts and execution of ideas is on point with current marketing trends.
He was instrumental in keeping our marketing executions aligned and on track.
And he also has the ability to execute on his ideas in a market-beating way.
He tackles his roles as a marketing executive and mom with vigor and grace.
John has tremendous vision in marketing and a proven ability to execute.
His marketing chops and executive maturity make for a killer combination.
What distinguishes him from other marketing executives is his combination of marketing savvy and business acumen.
John is an excellent marketing executive who can think strategically as well as tactically.
He is a professional marketing executive with innovative ideas, and deep market understanding.
He not only was great at bringing an entire marketing plan together and executing it, but he was an early pioneer in nurturing marketing and content marketing.
He knows how to successfully position and execute in today's marketing landscape.
John focuses on the details of marketing execution, which get great results.
However, beyond his knowledge and execution of cause marketing, is his ability to teach.
John supervised marketing and helped create and execute several successful campaigns.
He is able to execute effectively and has a very sound understanding of marketing.
John creates sound market strategies and then executes them precisely.
John is a seasoned and diligent marketing executive with a firm and confident grasp of all the major marketing disciplines.
John is a passionate marketing person, not only he has expertise in marketing, he does execute well.
He is a veteran marketer with a keen understanding of how to execute on integrated marketing campaigns.
The special thing about him is his understanding and ability to execute on the right marketing needs.
John is visionary in his strategic approach to marketing and in the execution of that vision.
John was instrumental in conceptualizing and executing on marketing materials.
He is strategic while able to execute marketing initiatives effectively.
John has been our marketing "brains" on several key initiatives and has given us superlative concepts and execution.
John truly knows what he wants to present in marketing and executes so in a very effective and efficient way.
John made excellent recommendations, and inspired me to execute on the most important marketing levers.
He is an asset to any company looking for an experienced licensing and marketing executive.
The details matter to him, because he cares, and the marketing efforts, he took to market were always executed with precision.
His illustrations of the good, mediocre, bad and terrible in marketing are vital for every marketing executive to learn from.
John understands getting the core idea for the brand and executing it across all marketing.
John is a bright, talented and gifted executive with strong leadership, market sense and execution capabilities.
John is a highly intelligent, self-motivated and innovative marketing executive.
He has a deep understanding of the healthcare market which allows him to effectively execute the most complex marketing strategy.
John is an accomplished marketing executive and has an excellent understanding of marketing as it relates to technology.
He created the initial proposition, executed the first go to the market, and did basically everything what was needed to grow.
John also makes himself available to help other executive as well while executing his work with excellence.
He can multitask and his execution of marketing campaigns was flawless.
He researches the market, then uses his broad based marketing experience to create and execute successful go to market strategies.
By the way, if you haven't read his new book, you should as it is a must for any marketer or executive.
He's not only someone who gets marketing strategy, he also knows a ton about execution.
John's marketing experience and the execution of his strategies are outstanding.
His marketing is brilliant and most importantly, he executes on his strategies.
Second: we truly admire his marketing concepts, from strategy to execution.
John's input into our marketing strategy & execution has been invaluable.
As an online marketing executive, he is well served by these assets.
His understanding of various marketing techniques makes him the right choice when you need to select, execute, and measure the right marketing approach for the given task.
His thorough approach to marketing ensures all aspects of marketing are perfectly executed an appealing to most target audience.
John is a passionate, dedicated and committed marketing executive who understands the idiosyncrasies of global marketing.
John's marketing acumen, his dedication and his natural leadership style make him a tremendous marketing executive.
He's a consumer-first marketer that has been a key contributor to some world class marketing executions.
John's ability to develop and execute innovative marketing campaigns has enabled him to become a better marketing executive.
He is also a very talented marketing executive with excellent vision and sensitivity to what the market needs.
John executes very well and provides specific recommendations on immediate market challenges.
He accomplished this while still executing his marketing responsibilities at the highest level.
Typically everyone assumes that he is primarily a marketing executive, given his background.
He really is the 'tip of the spear' when it comes to forward thinking marketing executives.
John has been a fountainhead to him when it comes to marketing planning and execution.
John would be his first choice if given to the opportunity to hire a marketing executive.
John can be trusted to execute the most daunting of marketing challenges to perfection.
He understands that once the marketing planning is done we have to move into execution.
During our company he fulfilled many marketing and executive roles very successfully.
He knows is marketed like no other and is a 'high value' and 'stellar' executive.
It would have taken us much longer to execute our marketing plan without him.
He provides well thought-out marketing plans and executes on them flawless
John is clearly an insightful, results driven and market sensitive executive.
He understands how to execute at the current market and remains innovative.
His expertise in marketing and executive search is unparalleled to anyone.
A strategic marketer who also can oversee execution because he gets it.
John is an executive level marketer not afraid to roll up his sleeves.
John's marketing and executional acumen are in a league all its own.
He is a top notch marketing executive with get-it-done attitude.
John understands the our company's of marketing as much as he is driven to execute on them.
His approach to the our company market place was logical and well-executed.
John is a very resourceful marketing executive who is passionate about delivering superior marketing results.
Couple that with creativity and he is a tremendous marketing executive.
He executed ideas and expanded him markets with new customers.
John is a unique balance of marketing creativity and execution.
Seeing him in action was impressive before the summit and the execution of the marketing was second to none whilst also capitalising on the pre-event marketing.
He knows his market and he understands the needs of business executives.
He combines this with execution across all marketing channels to drive overall results.
He succeeds at every marketing campaign, he executes with precision and style.
John is a sophisticated digital marketer who knows how to execute.
For over two years we collaborated on partner marketing execution at our company.
John reported to him during his time as marketing executive for our company.
John is a highly capable marketing executive with experience that spans all aspects of the marketing function.
His ability to understand the market had helped the organization to plan and execute successful market strategy.
In this case he once more proved to be a professional marketing executive rarely found in this market.
He found people no one else could, and got him to the right executives.
Not only that he has strategies to go with marketing campaigns, he is very hands-on, when it comes to execution.
John is an exceptional marketing executive with specific knowledge of internet, direct and traditional marketing.
The value he provided to him in terms of strategy, marketing, positioning, and execution has been priceless.
John is very thoughtful and thorough in everything he did - his go to market strategy and execution plan.
His approach to marketing and strategy was very comprehensive as well as progressive in its execution.
John has been pivotal in raising the standard of our overall marketing strategy and execution.
His extensive marketing experience is apparent, from strategy all the way through execution.
John is an effective marketer who can solve problems and execute against goals.
He analyzes the market, establishes the strategy and executes with alacrity.
He strategies before he jumps into execution & has great marketing insights.
Him go-to-market strategy is meticulously planned and executed.
Our company the back end, John is incredible at executing complex online marketing.
John led strategy and executed our go to market around collaboration, while at our company.
He's a proven marketing executive with deep experience in innovative marketing techniques that push the boundaries.
He is also a top notch marketing guru and executes a marketing plan like no other.
He understood different market requirements and create an excellent field marketing plan and execution to meet each market demand
John delivers on all fronts, including the execution and follow through on many of our marketing partnerships.
He's passionate about marketing, and consistently executes with finesse, efficiency and effectiveness.
John is very capable and well seasoned executive, with significant market experience and acumen.
Not only him marketing plans were thought through, but the execution was efficient and successful
He has the perfect blend of experience and know-how for both marketing planning and execution.
John's understanding of the wireless market and ability to execute within it is second to none.
John's thought leadership as a marketing executive have been invaluable to him over the years.
John has an eye for detail and has been excellent in execution of marketing initiatives.
His execution of marketing plans is faultless- he shines in doing whatever it takes.
His resume and the results he achieved as a marketing executive are beyond reproach.
He impressed him immediately with him marketing intelligence and executive presence.
He is a very pleasant individual first and an outstanding marketing executive later.
As a freelance marketing pro, he has been flawless in his execution of assignments.
He also opens top executives' eyes to market opportunities for the organization.
John exemplifies what the modern ' growth-hacking' marketing executive should be.
He's been awesome with marketing ideas, as well as execution of action plans.
John brings strong execution capabilities and marketing insight to the table.
We recommend him highly to anyone who wants a top-notch marketing executive.
He truly understands how to adapt a concept into a marketable execution.
John is a world class marketer, committed to innovation and execution.
His vision and rapid market execution made it happen at lightning speed.