Marketing Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has done more for the search marketing industry than most others in the industry.
Timing can be everything - especially in this market.
This makes him different from others around the market.
He is probably already the best in his marketing.
John knows what he does the best in the market.
John is just the best when it comes to marketing.
John will always be one of my go-to market.
John is certainly one of those marketers.
He is also very knowledgeable about the marketing industry, especially internet marketing.
John has trained with some of the best marketers in the industry.
He knows everyone who is anyone in the direct marketing industry.
John knows his market and industry like the back of his hand.
He knows the industry and the market like no one else.
His marketing drive is second to none in the industry.
I consider John as one of the best marketer in our industry.
John knows the search marketing industry and the industry leaders.
He knows the market, knows the industry, and knows people.
John took the time to get to know our market and how it differed from many markets.
John knows it all when it comes to online marketing and marketing in general.
You will do well to try him out for any need in marketing or self-improvement.
He knows his stuff when it comes to marketing, particularly web marketing.
John is an expert in marketing and especially marketing for authors.
John has shown the way where it comes to getting value from marketing.
He knows the market well, and knows the best way to market a property.
I believe that there aren't very many products that he can't market.
He is clearly one of the few that knows both sales and marketing.
I have used him on several occasions to help with my marketing.
I am very new to marketing and am looking for some guidance.
John knows everything you need to about the graduate market.
He is someone you definitely want on your marketing team.
Searching for new things we can use in online marketing.
John has an incredible marketing, of sales and marketing.
John really knows his stuff when it comes to marketing.
He is one of the best marketing minds in today's market.
He knows his market and provides the very best service.
He was well liked by all in the marketing department.
I just can't say enough about his marketing insights.
Global marketing and operational marketing expertise.
He is who you go to for marketing that gets results.
These are sure to be one of my best marketing tools.
John is an expert at what he does in marketing.
When it comes to marketing no one does it better.
John was one of my better marketing instructors.
Very useful for any of us doing video marketing.
He knows the market like no other agent/broker.
John is the best they come in search marketing.
John is one of the best thinkers in this market.
He is clear, very passionate about marketing.
He is an individual to look for in the market.
He knows how to help others market themselves.
He is very knowledgeable and knows his market.
He is definitely well deserved in the market.
I'd hire him while he is still in the market.
Truly one of the best in the marketing field.
John is everything you want in a marketer.
John is very knowledgeable about marketing.
He knows everything about online marketing.
John took marketing to the next level.
I never have to worry about my marketing.
He does marketing in everything he does.
His marketing talents are known and respected by our industry.
Digital marketing is his passion and that's what makes him so knowledgeable in the industry.
John is an amazing marketer and knows the hotel industry inside out and back the front.
He is extremely well engaged within the industry and knows the market inside out.
He has an abundance of knowledge of many different markets and industries.
His knowledge of marketing in several industries is phenomenal.
This seems to suit his career well in the marketing industry.
We need people like this to breath fresh air into the marketing industry - he is the future of this industry and comes well recommended.
He always impresses him with both industry trend news and the marketing direction of a particular industry.
Besides that, he also seizes good understanding of recruitment market, especially in industrial industries
His experiences and intelligence in the online marketing industry are matched by very few in this market space.
His insights into market industry and coupled with very good sense of humor make him a perfect marketer.
Under his direction and guidance the marketing department was one of the best in the industry.
John someone with industry expertise who is passionate about what he does, and solving the marketing questions.
He is an industry pioneer and has totally kept up with all the trends in marketing through the years.
John is an exceptional marketer, he is always tuned into our industry and understands the trends.
John's strong contributions also come from his broad perspective of the market and industry.
Add him never ending enthusiasm, and you have a marketing recipe for success in any industry.
Moreover, his marketing experience comfortably spans several industry classifications.
His passion for this industry, his company, and his fellow marketers is unmatchable.
His broad expertise allows him to adapt easily to different industries and markets.
John not only knows his specific industry but also marketing in a larger context.
He knows some of the industry biggest venture capitalists and market makers
His vast experience spans both the commercial and industrial markets.
His broad experience and market awareness are unique to our industry.
John and mgecom are standouts in the performance marketing industry.
He knows his industry and his family-oriented entertainment market.
In the industry of marketing, he is a force to be reckoned with.
He often gave him great market insight and industry contacts.
He understands the industry market trends and formulates the right go to market strategy to capitalize on these opportunities.
John quickly improved their marketing to the point where it was recognized by both customers and industry organizations as among the best in the industry.
John's strong marketing background combined with his depth of industry knowledge makes him an exceptional marketeer.
John has been in the market research industry for many years.
Our company influencer in the Hispanic market advertising industry.
John knows the market very well and sometimes (mainly in exhibitions and conferences) it seems like he knows all the people in the industry.
His sense of where the digital marketing industry is going, and how it is going to get there, is truly first class.
John's leadership and his understanding of markets as they change has kept him at the top of the industry.
He is an expert not just on marketing, but all of the factors that are driving the industry today.
Based on his contributions, the bar of excellence for marketing has been raised in the industry.
His knowledge of many different industries and marketing expertise are second to none.
John is definitely a mentor in the cable industry, as well as the world of marketing.
His marketing and industry insights and experience are valued by all the members.
His market knowledge was exceptional and he has many industry contacts.
He effectively led our industry go-to-market efforts with partners.
John's approach to marketing changed what was being done not just within our company, but across the Foodservice industry.
John is truly a our company man in the marketing and interactive industry.
John provides the best all-around marketing and booking tool for anyone in the speaking industry.
John knows the industry and provides us with excellent advice on where the market is heading and what improvements we can make to serve the industry better.
Then, he researched our industry and the markets where we compete.
He knew the market and especially the industry very well, which was of very high importance at that time.
He has some of the best insights into the industry that is cutting edge for online marketing.
John is at the forefront of exhibition marketing for the life sciences industry.
John also encourages learning and curiosity about marketing tactics and our industry.
He always keeps up to date with the latest industry standards in online marketing.
Not only is he aware of the ever-evolving world of marketing, but he is looking at market trends for different industries and is never behind the times for what each business's specific needs are and will be in the future.
He understands the hotels's defined competitive market and is aware of current/future market conditions and industry changes and fluctuations.
John is a professional marketer who understands this industry and was always focused on getting a return on marketing.
The marketing campaigns he spearheaded were some of the best in the gaming industry.
Always very respectful to him industry partners and knowledgeable about marketing.
John's knowledge in the aviation industry and market is impeccable.
Especially for the our company industries, he really came up with some creative marketing solutions.
John's passion and creative take on complex marketing challenges truly sets him apart from the marketing industry's status quo.
His command of the market, ability to assess individuals and most importantly, get the right one for your needs is amongst the best in the industry.
He really did his homework about our company and our industry and came up with sensible, economical ways to boost our marketing.
When it comes to marketing, he seems to always be on the innovative edge and his passion for the industry shines like the sun.
John's ability to make an impact within an industry to help the market, and his customers/prospects as a whole is unmatched.
He makes sure to stay at the very forefront of the industry at all times and has an enviable reputation in the market.
He knows the market and which organizations to establish strategic partnerships better than anyone in the industry.
John also has a lot of contacts in the industry, so he is best placed to take ideas to market and make them fly.
He is a maven in all things marketing - making sure he is in the know when it comes to the latest industry trends.
Because of his understanding of the market and the industry he can be relied upon to provide excellent results.
John's exceptional background and experience are evident in the way he attacks new industries and markets.
He just wants to get you results, not confuse you with fancy words and industry jargon like other marketers.
John has a great understanding of what was needed for the industry and what markets the company should go into.
John's brilliant concepts and innovative ideas about marketing have become standards within the industry.
He was, and continues to be, someone who knows the performance and the search marketing industry inside out.
He has always provided thoughtful, clear guidance and has helped him grow within the marketing industry.
His hospitality/industrial/driving industry expertise is excellent as his understanding market trends.
He welcomed him into the world of marketing & had unknowingly encouraged his interest for the industry.
He is a very bright lady that knows the email marketing industry inside and out and he gets results.
It is wonderful to see how his company has grown and have become a respected marketer in the industry.
He also successfully raised the relevance and profile of industry marketing within the organization.
He still has a lot to give to the marketing industry of this country and this is just the beginning.
He adapts quickly, and is not limited in him effectiveness to any specific markets or industries.
It is an absolute pleasure dealing with him in our marketing discussions and industry roundtables.
He will continue to be a very successful marketing genius for any industry anywhere in the world.
He truly understands the industry and has a wealth of experience in the new and emerging markets.
He has a wealth of experience in internet marketing and is extremely well known in the industry.
John's marketing expertise and positive attitude would be an asset in any situation or industry.
John is recognized as of one of the top in the internet marketing industry and rightly so.