Marketing Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of the few marketers who truly gets marketing.
John has helped us in all areas of marketing as our marketing manager.
John is an awesome marketing and marketing, distribution manager.
All of this comes together as he looks for ways to manage and market.
John is known as the marketing manager who just gets it done.
John is one of the best marketing managers, we have ever met.
John is one of those managers rarely seen in the market.
We worked on many marketing efforts that he either co-managed or managed on his own.
John knows marketing and especially video marketing.
He is very talented in anything he manages, but especially in the account management and marketing field.
He managed marketing and had some project management responsibilities as well.
John is an excellent marketing exec, as well manager, and project manager.
John is an exceptional marketing manager and always so the market from the cleints' perspective.
John is very experienced marketing manager, especially in the area of direct marketing.
He has a thorough knowledge of the marketing process and marketing management.
This is what makes him so different to others in the market.
John knows and does it all when it comes to marketing.
He is very easy to work with and knows what he's doing when it comes to marketing and management.
He is very passionate about marketing and that comes through in the campaigns he managed.
John is well-liked by affiliates and well-respected by other marketing managers.
John definitely knows what hiring managers are looking for in today's market.
I would recommend him to any who require the best in marketing and management.
John is not only an exceptional marketer; he is also an amazing manager.
John has been very successful at managing the various marketing activities.
He then went on to complement this with experience in marketing management.
John is one of the top performers out there in marketing and management.
I certainly would recommend him for any marketing management position.
His approach to marketing management is very thorough, but not closed.
John is an outstanding all-around marketer, and reputation manager.
John was my first mentor in circulation marketing and management.
He knows the requirements management market backwards and forwards.
He is the one who managed all promotions and marketing campaigns.
John manages one of the most creative companies on the market.
The results in the markets, he manages are always very positive.
He is very passionate about the field of marketing management.
John was our marketing manager and comes highly recommended.
John is an exceptional and professional marketing manager.
John manages one if the toughest markets in the country.
John is an authority on marketing strategy and management.
John is an excellent manager and marketing professional.
John managed all marketing initiatives for the agency.
John was very effective in his role as marketing manager.
John is the best senior architect and marketing manager.
John is an outstanding manager of marketing programs.
He has enabled me to go further as a marketing manager.
John is very talented in sales management and marketing.
John is instrumental in his role as marketing manager.
He also managed some marketing functions independently.
Outstanding expert in marketing and brand management.
John is an extremely talented marketer and manager.
He is an incredible manager and visionary marketer.
He knows what there is to be known about product management, strategies and marketing.
I wish I had someone like him in my branch who could manage my marketing.
Out of all marketing managers I know he is one of the best.
I wish all marketing managers where as detailed as John.
If it's about marketing and management, count on John.
He has handled different roles and excelled in each one - as presales manager, marketing manager.
John has assisted with event management, staff management, and marketing strategy.
John clearly understands the role of marketing and how to manage the data in that market.
Product management and product marketing just come to him so naturally.
One of him great achievements was placing all emerging markets under him management as lucrative markets almost from scratch.
John is our marketing team's first online marketing manager, and the impact he's had can't be overstated.
John always had the right answer when it came to understanding how to best market and manage our channels.
He knows very well how to manage distributors and has good knowledge in marketing.
He creates his own marketing efforts and manages them with little supervision.
We'd often strategize together on the needs of the multiple markets he managed.
John managed three markets, which in cable are one tough thing to do.
He is an asset to any company and an excellent marketing manager.
From his unique and successful national marketing campaigns to his "outside of the box" thinking has always made him one of the most exciting/successful marketing managers in the market
He brings a deep background in marketing, particularly direct marketing and agency management.
In this ever changing economy, he manages to keep up with the demands of this new market.
John effectively manages marketing campaigns across various platforms.
As his manager, he pushed him to explore different areas within marketing.
John's management of the process of innovation, particularly when it intersects with marketing, is just one example of his management ability.
He clearly managed beyond his own functions, frequently contributing to the overall market management process.
Especially his insights and experiences towards emerging markets and multi-subs regional market management.
Since then he has helped to manage it, and to advise him of marketing strategies.
Professionally speaking, he is truly a fantastic marketing manager.
Couple this with him deep expertise in tech and marketing and you've a potent combination of management and marketing ability.
John's background in list management and email marketing was key to much of the growth in our email marketing initiatives.
He absolutely excelled in his role as marketing manager, despite not having had previous experience in a marketing role.
John also vividly illustrated marketing theories using interesting examples from his marketing management practice.
He single handedly manages the marketing efforts of a company moving into three markets simultaneously.
His insight into the market was impressive, along with his network within the market.
First as marketing channel partner and then as his direct manager.
John is definitely and asset to our organization while also contributing to the profitability of the markets he managed.
It helps him to better understand the concept of offline marketing and how it differentiates from management.
John took an under-managed company and turned it around in an efficient and marketable firm.
John is one of a kind and really the best you can get as a marketing manager for your company.
John's insights on matters or management and marketing would be valuable to any enterprise.
John managed two of his marketing channels, and he excelled in every aspect of that role.
As marketing manager, he makes things happen even in a negative environment.
John a manager who was very result oriented and market focused.
He is not your run-of-the-mill, cookie cutter marketing manager.
He ended up managing the entire marketing company successfully.
The biz has been managing our our company marketing and we have seen a significant improvement.
He is a major market programmer, that means he can also manage management.
He is very creative and love to try new ideas as like many other marketing managers.
John has been our client marketing manager for nearly two years now.
He managed it to penetrate new markets and introduce new customers.
He managed all aspects of our go to market with our mobile app.
He drove the market share of our company up, to be the market leader in all the regions he managed.
John is a competent manager who knew the how to market condos and homes in the difficult our company market.
He demonstrated a consistent ability to manage numerous hiring managers in various locations and even different markets.
Through his marketing role he managed to maintain focus on the company with innovative marketing strategies.
John isn't just an exceptional manager, marketer, and colleague, he makes everyone around him better as well.
He really understands his market and manages his team very effectively.
The John company would be lucky to have him manage their marketing team.
He managed his team beautifully despite the challenging market.
John stepped in to manage the marketing team for us temporarily.
He has taught him so much about managing a team and marketing.
Over the years, he grew into managing several different areas within the marketing organization.
He demonstrated particular flair for marketing, stakeholder management, and entrepreneurship.
His knowledge and experience is above and beyond other marketing managers in his position.
He is an outstanding marketer, an amazing manager and the best mentor one could imagine.
John is an extremely passionate, enthusiastic and motivating manager and marketer.
John is a thoughtful and seasoned marketer that manages well in all directions.
But his mastery of marketing is trumped only by his mastery at managing people.
His ability to manage and follow through marketing campaigns was exceptional.
He taught him how to become a better presenter, manager, and email marketer.
Under his management the branch became one of the top market performers.
John's competence transcends that typical for modern marketing managers.
He knows how to set up, manage and grow efficient marketing campaigns.
John's approach to managing change is unique in the global market.
John has managed email marketing lists of several million members.
John is very well-appreciated at our company as marketing co-ordinator both by his peers and his manager.
His knowledge of marketing, market research and management is extensive and undeniable.
He will share with you on how to manage and the process from a marketing perspective
John knows everyone, is everywhere at once, and somehow manages to find time to help us all in the world of online marketing.
He collaborated with him in managing his marketing budget and was very receptive to his inputs.
His wise counsel was appreciated by managers in the market and throughout the company.
He breaks down your marketing strategies in manageable chunks so it isn't daunting.
John steered the company's marketing initiatives and managed to constantly deliver to the market concise and competitive messages.
As he moved into a marketing position, he was able to manage the company's marketing efforts effectively and efficiently.
Our company management and marketing enabled him to market a great service through his company Vantino.
His previous management experience had been invaluable in providing management with actionable insight into market segmentation and talent management.
Perfect as a marketing management role, him capacities in managing difficulties is always reassuring excellent results.
John manages his clients' marketing campaigns as if he is managing them for his own business.
As country manager, he is always listening to the market and him trading partners.
He has always demonstrated his experience and knowledge of the markets he manages.
He quickly was promoted and took over both marketing as well as client management.
Second, he always manages to keep a broad perspective, looking at what competitors and the market are doing, not just what's going on inside the company.
John is a focused marketing manager who knows exactly what result he wants and can clearly articulate his requirements.
He would be an asset to any organization looking to explore new markets and manage existing ones more effectively.
His understanding of website design/usability, budget/team/project management and marketing is very good.
John would be a great addition to any company can needs someone to manage their email marketing.
He understood to manage the company interest together with the "doable" in the local markets.
He also has a wealth of experience in marketing and management that was very helpful to him.
Effectively bringing his past experiences as a marketing manager and jumping in when needed.
John's marketing experience and management style will serve him well in any role he takes.