Marketing Operations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Operations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

This is because he operates as an extension of your marketing team.
His skills in marketing and managing operations are exceptional.
He has been instrumental in organizing our marketing opportunities across multiple companies and in streamlining our marketing operations.
He is a thought leader in marketing operations and marketing automation.
I would recommend him to any company looking to significantly enhance their marketing operations.
John's understanding of the complex market in which we operate has helped me immensely.
I've observed him achieve significant results in operations and most recently, marketing.
His understanding of our culture, operating rhythm and the market were second to none.
John was open to our ideas and clearly understand the market he is operating in.
He has a thorough understanding of the metrics that affect marketing operations.
John is a very sophisticated operator in strategy and marketing.
This is especially critical in the market segment he operates in.
He is an excellent program manager who constantly seeks to enhance the operational framework for global marketing operations.
John would be an asset to any organisation looking to build a marketing and a marketing operations organisation.
John was also responsible for managing several people in the operation.
He has deep knowledge over all the marketing operations and brand management.
John's one of the top operators in the organic search marketing sphere.
He is an invaluable asset to any operation in the tactical market.
John is a very talented marketer who possesses both strategic and operational marketing expertise.
He, as a solution driven marketeer, knows what the market needs and what is hot.
If you are looking for anyone for your marketing operations - he is your next "best" resource.
John has an intimate knowledge of the marketplaces in which he operates.
He is an expert in communications and all marketing operations.
He always had the pulse of the markets in which we were involved, as well as on the our internal operations.
John gets marketing from an operational viewpoint, but also, very much, has an eye for creativity.
No one in the market has him combination of creative and operations chops.
John skillfully led various marketing and operating initiatives among these partners.
John is a skillful marketing manager who really understands his clients and the markets they operate in.
John operated well with considerable detail in managing several of our marketing programs.
He has become an encryption and key management, content expert in addition to managing marketing operations.
He is the backbone of operations for our outbound marketing team.
His mastery of all aspects of marketing operations and digital marketing is enviable, and he knows how to get stuff done.
John was a leading marketer and was one of the first to operate, evangelize and invent direct marketing.
John has an intrinsic understanding of the marketing needs and operations of rapidly growing companies.
His ability to operate at the intersection of music and marketing is exceptional.
He is very bright, has great market insight coupled with operational expertise.
His expertise of marketing as well as running a smooth operation is evident.
I could not recommend any marketing operations leader more than him.
John is marketing manager you can always rely on to get the job done.
John is both an excellent strategist and operational manager.
John and the team he manages are extremely competent and aware of the market they operate in.
He absorbed and learned the new and complex market, we were operating in very quickly.
He is vastly experienced, well connected and knows the markets, he operates in well.
John operates with a detailed understanding of his addressable market.
He understands the markets, he operates within and is competitive and professional.
He is operating within a market where professionalism is not common.
John is an exceptional marketing talent, operating at the very top of his craft.
His understanding of the future demands in entrepreneurship and operations management has surpassed the normal market standards.
While under his management, he entrusted me with considerable autonomy and responsibility for the day to day marketing operations.
He understands how marketers think, he understands how back-end operations need to work, he gets other disciplines.
He gains very quickly knowledge of the markets where he is operating which is one of his succesfactors.
He was involved in various phases of the relationship, including operations and marketing.
John is that rare combination of a creative marketeer with a clearly effective operational manager.
He is a major market programmer, that means he can also manage management.
John has built a strong marketing team and runs a powerful marketing-operation.
It seems he's constantly learning about marketing trends and news to keep him global marketing operations running successfully.
John has been a great addition to my marketing operations team.
John has a really deep understanding of marketing operations, which enables him to create a well oiled marketing machine.
John knows exactly how to figure out the dynamics of an opportunity and the wider picture of the market he is operating in.
I would always recommend him to any future company with new operations or existing presence in any worldwide markets.