Marketing Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Without question, he would be the top of my list of marketing resources for complex marketing projects.
John provided e-marketing advice and a specific web marketing project.
He´s has extensive knowledge of the gaming market, on the project management side, marketing side and strategy too.
John has dealt with various projects all going on at the same time within him market and has executed these projects flawlessly.
I look forward to working together closely on future projects and seeing many of his projects come to market in spectacular fashion.
John definitely excelled at managing some of our more technical marketing projects.
I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in marketing management execution.
John is a smart and most capable editor and marketing project manager.
John provided outstanding marketing guidance to our department and my projects.
Although, solar panel market, subject of the project, was new to both us, he quickly became a market expert on the subject.
He has conceptualized, initiated, managed, and seen-through the deployment of marketing projects and tasks that have never been done before.
He was our end-to-end project manager on global cyber projects, in which he did fantastic jobs on.
John is a marketing professional that has a passion for the projects he manages and the marketing field itself.
I would strongly recommend him and his company for marketing, branding, and market strategy projects.
John's tremendous experience in marketing will really add value to any given project.
From marketing, to product management to strategy, he gives his all to any project.
I learned a tremendous amount about marketing and project management from him.
Not only does he manage so many different projects and markets, he has an uncanny ability to remember every detail and ensure nothing is missed under his management.
John is very thorough in his projects, thinks outside the box, and has much experience to guide him project management.
He was an excellent project manager, good attention to detail and very attentive to our projects.
John was excellent in managing project and making sure all details of a project were completed.
He has project management knowledge that provides him a difference in the market.
John is an exceptionally strong project manager, not only maintaining him projects on time and on budget, but also successfully managing the risks and issues that arise within the project.
John impressed all of us with his passion and initiative in all marketing projects for the organization.
I would strongly recommend him for any project notwithstanding the complexity of the market at hand.
In our company he is always the one to initiate and carry out new innovative marketing projects.
He is always very enthusiastic about every innovative project with solid marketing background.
He is innovative and orchestrated several projects to help the company grow into new markets.
He has been first to introduce several projects and marketing practices in our company.
John has a great attitude and will never let you down with a marketing project deadline.
He was our marketing expert that we relied on to get our projects completed on time.
John is super organized, flexible and helpful in getting our projects to market.
He was able to step into several marketing projects with very little direction.
He has great marketing ideas, and initiates innovative projects.
John could not of done better at multi-level marketing project.
John is an outstanding individual with a very deep understanding of project management and marketing practices.
He gave us a lot of good advice and he is really experienced in project management and marketing.
He knows how to scope, manage and get a marketing project completed on time and within budget.
He can manage any marketing project put in front of him and garner results.
His ability to put the pieces of a project together as well as managing several projects at one time is exemplary.
John is one of those rare project managers who combines tact and humor with the ability to keep projects on time.
John is a superb project manager and able to deliver projects on time and within the specification.
Him project management skills and collaboration on projects inspires others to reach full potential.
John brings steady project management through smooth and rocky times throughout a project.
At that time he has repeated proven himself as an excellent project manager and a leader of project managers.
I have been fortunate to have worked with him on projects during our marketing sessions.
His enthusiasm and knowledge of marketing has added value to several of our projects.
I can honestly say that it was my pleasure working with him on marketing projects.
I've worked with him on different projects and he is definitely a great marketer.
John provided the marketing and communications expertise on the project.
I would gladly work with him on any marketing projects in the future.
Him enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and overall ability in marketing and project management are second to none.
He manages large multiple marketing and communication projects and keeps them on track.
He was also responsible for managing offshore resources for this project and everything came to together for this project flawlessly.
He is an excellent project manager who makes sure that all resources available to him are utilised for the good of the project.
Clients liked the strategic viewpoint he brought to their projects as well as an organized project management style.
John was an exceptional project manager and valuable resource throughout multiple projects.
I have no doubt he can take on any project and succeed, whether it is in marketing or any other type of employment.
John is one of those rare people who could make even the most boring marketing projects seem cool.
Him the ability to juggle many projects through various marketing channels is invaluable.