Marketing Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Marketing Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If he's representative of the future of marketing, we're in good hands.
He represented the company and the marketing department impeccably.
John represents the best of what a marketing partner has to offer.
He always represents his company well and has its best interests at heart in what he does from marketing to hiring.
John stands apart in his commitment to understanding the companies and markets he represents.
This is clearly represented by his plethora of contacts and unrivaled reputation in the market.
He represented our company well and helped us launch in several key new markets.
He is therefore an asset to any marketing team and to the organisation he represents.
He understands marketing deeply and has proven abilities on how to represent a company and their products to the appropriate market or markets they are targeting.
He represented, negotiated and marketed his talents to get him the best deals.
Creating this was of extreme importance to him for marketing and to represent the face of his company.
John showed great understanding of the market and solution that he represented.
His knowledge of the market and of the people he represents is excellent.
He really understands the market and is always on the lookout for items that would be advantageous to the company he is representing.
He is an accomplished marketer and salesperson, always with the best interests in mind of the organization he is representing.
He doesn't just solve your marketing problems he challenges you to probe deep into who or what you truly represent.
He always has represented his company well, understanding fully the market and our organisation's needs.
Ask him about his additional marketing services if you want to best represent your venue.
John represents an open minded, high experienced marketing expert.
He represents all that a marketing professional should, and more.
He made the case for marketing and represented his team with aplomb.
He knows exactly what is happening in the market and gives him "all" when representing a customer.
John represents the voice of marketing very effectively and is always focused on the customer.
He is always updated on relevant trends in the market that are related to the product/services he represents.
John is very knowledgeable in regards to the media market he represents.
All what the brand represents nowadays would not have been possible without his marketing expertise and commitment.
He represents the next wave of marketing experts who will set the pace for how people market their business.
John is a passionate, marketing-oriented leader who is visionary about the markets and customer needs he represents.
John is knowledgeable of the clients he represents and the markets they are in.
He is much more than his professional credentials represent.
John represented our company not only at our customers but at marketing events.
He dramatically improved the marketing materials that represented the department.
He represents his clients impeccably and that is not always the case in today's market.
Jo-Anne represented him in the local market and he did this with the utmost professionalism.
John represents the forward thinking and results-driven performance marketer.
He knows his market like the back of his hand and is excellent at representing both buyers and sellers.
John represented one of the brightest, savviest & insightful marketing minds on our team.
John's company represents the leading edge in authenticity market
John laid the foundation for all of what our company's marketing team represents today.
Always prepared and will do all that is necessary to represent his clients.
We have always found him to be forthright and dependable in everything he does, as well as representing the best technical advice in the market.
John represents the ideal employee for any advanced digital marketing position.
He has a proven track record of success in the markets, he represented at our company.
He understands the vertical markets, he represents and follows his projects through to conclusion.
We are fortunate to have him on board representing our project at the sponsorship market.
John is a very strategic marketeer, who is very passionate about the brands he represents.
John thoroughly represents his talent pool and knows the nuances of their expertise to best market them to us.
He knows how to represent and enable the partner community and provides value to any marketing initiative.
Hire him anytime you need someone to represent your company well in all areas.
He truly believes in his candidates and the department they represent.
We are quite happy that he represents our department and college.
John always represented our company in the best light and did what was best for our company.
John represented the strategy and interests of the global stakeholders of the consumer marketing website.
He has excellent capability to explain the product he is representing to market.
John is: our company in marketing strategy and marketing programs.
His understanding of the online marketing, mobile marketing and general marketing environments should be saluted.
He has excellent marketing suggestions and knows how to maximize the marketing support he gets.
He understands the questions to ask, and is not shy about getting the required answers from several contacts, to ensure they are representative of his market.
They represented our company well in the market and found a large number of qualified candidates quickly.
John markets and represents his company in a highly professional manner.
He's the best kind of marketer - one who respects and integrates market information.
He is always willing to help in any way he could and went above and beyond to support his marketing efforts.
He always had our back and supported us in our marketing efforts.
He represented a variety of our high-tech clients in his local market.
John is very open and detailed about the opportunities that he represents.
John represented both parties well and was always professional.
John is a great to know marketing expert and an asset to any organization or team he represents.
He always came up with the best marketing programs that always got results.
John always has great ideas on how to represent the brand, and also extract best value from the marketing budget.
He cares about his colleagues, the marketing function and the brand he represents.
He knows his market sector very well and has excellent relationships with both his clients and the candidates he represents.
John's organization is lucky to have him representing them to their clients.
Through his example, company representatives were better equipped to adapt to changing conversations and markets vs. only being able to deliver a marketing message.