Mechanical Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Mechanical Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As a designer, he presents himself as an objective design and very approachable about new concepts, solutions, designs.
He obviously knows everything there is to know about gameplay mechanics and genre specific design, but it goes further than that.
John did an outstanding mechanical design of our complex folding keyboard.
John would be a great asset to any mechanical design organization.
His ability to design, fabricate or repair anything mechanical is extraordinary.
He shows great promise in the electro-mechanical design world.
Him work designing infographic templates and the mechanics behind them was excellent.
John owned the mechanical design on one of the larger projects.
John does that by giving his designers the time & space to explore design solutions.
His designs can be clever and inspired, but he also knows how and when to employ tried-and-true mechanics for reliable results.
Happy to be connected with him and would not hesitate to recommend him as a mechanical piping designer.
He also designed the bulk of the circuitry for this device and did so meeting the extremely aggressive space constraints set by the mechanical design.
Many of his concepts are of his own design and some he has gained from experience.
John always had his strong opinion about about every design feature and provided different alternatives for design and implementation.
In addition to that him feedback on game design and mechanics were always insightful and valuable.
John designs and delivers decision making mechanisms in constantly changing environments.
He also has a good understanding and appreciation of game design mechanics.
He takes into consideration the game design and mechanics, and works with designers to make sure the spaces he works on are hitting the design goals.
John also went beyond to grasp the design and the implementation.
He is so passionate about his design work that he would do whatever it takes to come out with the best design for his client.
His grasp of the design process along with his enthusiasm is evident in the strength of his designs.
Strong design sensibilities help him explore and suggest solutions to sticky design problems.
His designs are mechanically sound, cost efficient, and delivered on time.
His knowledge of mechanical design is extensive and his work is thorough and timely.
His great knowledge in thermal design, mechanical design, and leadership in cooling our systems, is very impressive.
He brought all his mechanical design talents and accomplishments to life for employers.
He really considers the design problem from different angles and truly cares about creating great design.
His mechanical ability for layouts, sell sheets, design concepts and overall objectives are second to none.
He completes his designs methodically and rapidly, tackling the most complex mechanisms with great aplomb.
His knowledge of mechanics and design really saved the project.
It's why his solutions are complete, thorough, and elegantly well designed.
John goes well beyond this to truly find design problems and solutions.
John - listens to his needs and they design solutions that make him money.
John can think out of the box for solutions around design problems.
He understands how to create and communicate design mechanics which eliminates the back and forth of miscommunication.
This not only shows his excellent component design abilities, but also his efficiency in implementing that design.
But on many occasions, he has been insightful about mechanical design as well as the implementation of software.
John also provided recommendations for more performant design alternatives in areas where our initial designs did not scale.
When it came to game design he was invaluable, with keen insight on story, mechanics and pliability