Media Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Media Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He made himself available to help out in just about every capacity within the company that needed assistance with media.
He will guide and assist you in the many different pieces that these media offer.
He's also extremely willing to assist with media enquiries and opportunities.
John assisted him with the introduction of different digital media.
With his assistance, we had excellent coverage in the media, more than we had ever achieved previously.
If you need any assistance with social media, especially our company, he is your one stop.
John provided our company with invaluable advice and assistance with media relations.
He knows his media well and knows how to get the best results for his company.
He provides guidance about so much more than just getting media exposure.
His assistance with his social media activities has been very valuable.
Recently, he reached out to him to assist him in a few things to do with our company and social media.
John is very well liked by his colleagues, peers and the media.
John also got him lots of exposure in the media via him contacts, both in print media and on television.
John assisted and led in introducing gamification onto our media property.
John has assisted our company on several occasions in the area of social media.
John' was very willing to teach others about his expertise and assist them in leveraging online media.
John and have found him to be one of the visionaries of online media.
He is committed to learning new things, especially new media.
John's knowledge in all aspects of media has been invaluable in assisting him with his client's media plans.
He certainly understands new and old media and the opportunities for transition.
He's always looking for innovation, and his eye for new media is unparalleled.
He did all that, despite being responsible for multiple media categories.
From the start he has been one of the best media reps we have ever had.
He is adept at using both traditional and new media channels.
Without him, his media company would be dangling in the wind.
John convinced him on campus about the power of numbers and media planning and got him over to the media
This has been extremely useful in assisting his understanding of how social media can be used effectively in the workplace.
John assisted him greatly with increasing not only his own, but our company's presence through social media.
With his assistance we have reached some very impressive results in regards to our social media endeavors.
He spontaneously offered to assist us in reaching out to the media, which can be a daunting task.
John assisted our company with the set-up and launch of several social media profiles.
John assisted with taking photographs for a new social media and website platform.
A media expert, he offers creative incite to media challenges.
John came up with some great media strategies and then went on and negotiated even more amazing media deals.
John is one of the most extraordinary media relations experts.
John has an enthusiasm for media relations that is infectious.
During his tenure, he assisted with media monitoring and clipping on a daily basis.
John assisted us in helping to build our social media presence.
Always honing his craft & learning everything he can about new media.