Media Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Media Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a very serious consultant, but is also really able to be very pragmatic regarding new media approaches.
John has been instrumental in my successful transition from traditional media to new media.
He consulted us on all of our media buys and helped make suggestions to ensure we got always got the most possible value for our spend.
I really enjoy working with him and highly recommend him as an all-around media consultant.
John is a highly capable media-and-entertainment consulting partner.
This is what makes him an outstanding facilitator and consultant.
I have hired him several times as a consultant to do media work.
John is always looking to the future and embraces new media opportunities.
You may be surprised by the new media opportunities he can uncover.
His extensive knowledge of media and publishing make him an entirely trusted consultant.
John provided insightful and honest feedback as a media consultant for my clients.
John also got me lots of exposure in the media via his contacts, both in print media and on television.
He gives organizations the best chance for success in the media.
He was kind enough to provide a thorough consultation to make sure he could laser-target media for my company.
John had us all engaged and always took us forward in a consultative way.
He was very influential in several successful consulting engagements.
He was subsequently sought out to another consultant engagements.
Digital media was almost non-existent and he quickly saw that print media distribution was stagnant.
What makes him rare is that he also gets the value of and opportunity for 'traditional media' in that space.
John was so proactive in finding media opportunities for us that we actually couldn't keep up with him.
John would be more than an asset to any media company, he would become their star.
I recommend him to any organisation wanting to make the most of media opportunities.
He has the vision to see opportunity in more than just the usual traditional media.
John is extremely results driven and understands the value of new media, particularly its interaction and interdependencies with traditional media.
John is a very capable media consultant that is driven to results and detail-oriented.
During our consultation, he provided tangible steps to get his story heard through the media
John is a pro, not just another media consultant, he's an idea guru.
He is a fantastic media consultant and a media interview coach
His consulting has been one of the best decisions we've made in our digital media platform.
His understanding of our platform and other media streams made him a standout consultant.
This gives greater authority and credibility to his strategic media consultancy.
He consulted with him on other matters in social media with great results.
His willingness to explore new ideas, new media and new directions is what anyone would want in a consultant.
He is a very competent and efficient social media consultant.
He also mentored a lot of junior consultants in the media group.
His knowledge of new media has been invaluable to us as a consultancy and to our clients.
We highly recommend him if you're looking for a learned social media consultant.
His work ethic and savvy media sense makes him one of the most sought after media consultants to work with.
John's commitment to excellence is what sets him apart from consultants who offer their expertise in this particular social media.
He seems particularly adept at using multiple media at the same time, yet always seems to have time for an ad-hoc consultation too.
He is the agency's go-to guy for any innovative media ideas, and always built on and improved anything he was consulted on.
He would prove an outstanding social media consultant for any company that wanted to take it to the next level.
John knows his stuff and would be an ideal consultant for any company trying to win in the social media space.
As an experienced social media consultant, he knows the ins-and-outs of each site like they were his own.
He excels in social media consulting as well as conference call and webcast facilitation.
His expertise as a consultant would be greatly valued by media professionals.