Media Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Media Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands both traditional media and new media in depth.
If you need someone to help you get into the media he's the go-to guy.
He knows everything you need to know and do in media selling.
Being from the media background, he has good contacts with the media agencies.
He understands media, media planning/strategy and the consumer mindset.
John is a media guru and media snob, in the best possible way.
John not only knows the media biz - and everyone in it - up, down and every which way.
John knows what the media wants, what it needs and the best way to deal journalists.
It is always interesting to see what will come up with in whatever media he chooses.
John knows what the media needs because he's been on the other side of the fence.
He knows media in and out and is always looking out for the next big thing.
His enthusiasm for using new media always keeps him ahead of competitors.
John always goes out of his way to get the best result for our media buy.
John knows how to use various forms of media to our company advantage.
John is one of the most unlikely media bosses in the country.
John is well respected by his colleagues as well as the media.
We wouldn't have got the media attention we have without him.
Needless to say, he is also very experienced in our company media.
His passion for all media has given him insights into when to leverage the right media at our company for the right outcome.
Working with him on our media plan, he has gone above and beyond making recommendations and media buys.
His results have been excellent both in the paper media as well as electronic media.
That makes him an amazing networked and social media director.
He's also one of the few in the space who can say that he's been through every internet media transition.
John knows what he's doing, understands media, is clued in, and can see beyond the immediate issues.
John is always ahead of the curve - he knows exactly what's now and what's next in social media.
With all his years in the media, he understands who we are looking for and makes the connection.
He's been ahead of the curve in new media and where that is going and how to leverage it.
To say his understanding of new and emerging media is thorough would be an understatement.
Within no time he knows everything about new media and is willing to share his expertise.
He always had enough time and attention to help us get the most out of our media spend.
Whatever he is involved, whatever media, is sure to be first class and groundbreaking.
John he is, across multiple media, and he's passionate about becoming even more so
In all of his years in the media, he is one of the very few that really stand out.
If you're looking to push your company across media, he will get their attention.
His passion for media was evident in everything he did and this was infectious.
He understands the media's needs and knows how to deliver against those needs.
John knows the media, he has all the contacts necessary and he has a gift.
He knows the media, he know journalists and he knows how to target an audience.
His networking with the media also came very useful during the launch phase.
Additionally, he is constantly being quoted in the media for his expertise.
His understanding of the various aspects of this new media is impressive.
He really knows what he is talking about when it comes to social media.
John's passion for and understanding of new media are truly outstanding.
John's can-do attitude, along with his media insights will take him far.
He knows exactly what stories media outlets want and at our company.
He knows how to use and make the best out of his social media outlets.
His media background is vast he always knows the right thing to do.
His understanding and foresight with new media is quite exceptional.
You may be surprised by the new media opportunities he can uncover.
His ability to see what needs to be done for a media is well known.
He's tapped into what the new media and the internet is all about.
If you are looking for help with social media- then he's your guy.
His expertise is essential to him during most matters of new media.
And most importantly, he knows how to get desired media coverage.
John is the queen of streaming media and really knows his stuff.
He cooperated with him regarding the media requests excellently.
John is extremely media savvy and knows how to get things done.
John's dedication to media in all of its forms is astounding.
John is incredibly bright, and fluent in all things new media.
John knows new/interactive media in a way that few others do.
For him this wasn't just about social media, it was much more.
John certainly knows his onions on all things 'social media'.
His passion for new media and all things our company is unmatched.
Our company media is definitely the subject of expertise of John.
His clients love him and even the most jaded media director will make time for him.
He understands the media very well, he's scored many media big hits, and he is grace under pressure.
John's expertise in traditional media gave him a greater understanding of all media.
John can get anyone to not only understand social media but enjoy social media.
He understands media and social media intimately yet isn't lost in the hype.
He knew the right media contacts and helped him get spots on our company and other relevant media.
John is an exceptional design director for any media platform.
He gets it - if you need any sort of media copy, he's your guy.
Whether they were printed or media exposure, he made it happen.
As his media director, he was a great mentor and communicator.
His knowledge of traditional media and new media makes him extremely valuable to our organization.
His expertise in media - specific digital media - makes him an asset to any organization.
John really thinks of media and media strategy in a way that's atypical and very refreshing.
He knows how to motivate people around him and he's well respected by the media.