Media Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Media Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John not only is clearly adept as a new media executive, he is a mensch.
John did all of our media training for our company executives.
John delivered a media training course for some of our executive and non-executive teams.
Him understanding, and more importantly, execution of digital media, traditional media, and social media strategy are very rare.
John came up with a great media campaign for him and executed it to perfection.
John is a great example of what an executive in interactive media should be.
John is a true media visionary that would push him to ensure success on every media campaign he executed.
John provides great insight to companies and executives about what the media really think.
He accomplished all of this white making sure the media coverage was executed without flaw.
John and all media communications, we've undertaken have been seamless and well executed.
John should be at the top of any executive search list of top executive talent in digital media.
His execution of ideas which are interchangeable over a wide area of different media.
John is a knowledgeable & a well-connected media executive with vast experience across both traditional and new media sectors.
Not only this, but he also understands how to translate this to tactical execution.
John not only succeeds, he is the rare media executive who actually innovates and pushes the boundaries of what is possible across all channels.
John has new ideas on how to create awareness through social media and he always executes very quickly.
John executed on the opportunities to consistently deliver measurable results and media attention.
He's encouraging of new ideas, thoughtfully crafted in execution, and a champion for new media.
His execution in his social media endeavors is enviable and equally impressive.
John would be a tremendous executive level asset to any consumer media company.
John has broken the mold of the stalwart traditional media executive in that he truly embraces and sells new media with passion alongside his traditional offerings.
John provided our executives the training and confidence to be successful in any media environment.
Externally, he is very well trusted by the executives of his customers.
John knows how to build and execute winning strategies that allow you to differentiate yourself in the media.
John has worked with him on social media strategy and execution.
His experience with media strategy and execution puts him at the forefront of new upcoming digital media plays.
He brought in his agency to help execute a digital media strategy and media plan.
He's a dedicated innovator who's always looking for new ways to implement media, and to execute.
He understands the media and advertising in terms of impact, execution and tone.
Every promotion, event, and media vehicle that he executes he gets results.
He enjoys the art of negotiation as well as learning about new media executions.
As an executive he is always available throughout the integration and after.
John is truly amazing at executive presentations and messaging.
He can help clients looking to execute social media campaigns seamlessly with out-of-the box ideas and on-point execution.
He partners with executives to craft and tell stories that inspire employees, media, and consumers.
It has been a true pleasure to see him adapt and execute in an ever changing media environment.
He understands the value of an integrated media plan and knows how to execute it.
John is a very insightful media executive and has been a great mentor to him.
It is a pleasure to work with him as a colleague and media executive.
He defines what it takes to be a successful digital media executive.
He does an excellent job of preparing executives for the various rigors of media interviews.
You could always be sure that any job given to him would be done in time and perfectly executed.
He can then take that strategy and execute it flawlessly and reliably.
He listens to what you want and executes the job without fail.
He always asks the right questions and constantly pushes for more functionality, more value and more results out of every media execution.
He helped with our paid media on both strategy and execution to contribute to one of the best years we had at the agency.
He led the media strategy and execution and we collaborated very closely for the bulk of the year.
Also, he has been setting up and executing advertising campaigns in national and ethnic media.
He executed his presentation well and kept people interested.
He's someone you'll quickly come to rely on not just for his execution, but also for his tactical judgment.
He truly has the ability to listen, translate and execute above and beyond expectations.
One can be rest assured that he would execute his role without any intervention.
He's an executive that uses facts to assess opportunities and make decisions.
John built trust through him commitment, follow-through and execution.
John one of the rare visionaries who can execute "vision" into results.
He also has an executive presence that instills trust and confidence.
While at our company he's improved the environment and our ability to execute.
John played a pivotal role in executing our very first social media initiative.
His strength is in strategizing and executing results-driven media plans.
John's well constructed and executed media plan was central to this.